Matthew Chapter 24

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Signs Sey Di World Don Dey End

1. Jesus komot from di worship-place con
dey waka dey go—hin disciples con call am
sey make he see di fine building.

2. He con tok sey, “Una dey see all dis tins
so? I dey tell una di truth sey, no single stone go fit stay on top anoda stone; all di stones go scata for ground finish.”

3. As Jesus sidon for di Mount of Olives, di
disciple go meet am for corner con ask am
sey, “Tell us wen all dis tins go happun, and
wetin go be di sign sey you dey come, and di sign of di end of dis world?”

4. Jesus ansa dem: “Shine your eyes make
any-pesin no scam una.

5. Plenty pipo go show witmy name, con
tok sey, ‘Na me be di Chirst,’ and dem go
scam plenty pipo.

6. Una go hear about wars and gist about
wars, but make sure sey una mind no cut. All dis tins must happun but di end neva still reach.

7. Nations go change-am-for nations, and
kingdoms go change-am-for kingdoms.
Hungry go dey, and earthquake go dey for plenty places.

8. All dis one na di starting of pains.

9. “Dem go carry una go show una pepper,
con kill una, and all nations go hate una
becos of me.

10. Dat time, many pipo go run komot from
di faith, con betray and even hate demsef,

11. and plenty fake prophets go show, con
play plenty pipo wayo.

12. Becos of how wickedness go burku
reach, plenty pipo no go dey show love

13. But pesin wey stand gidigbam reach di
end—nahin Baba-God go save.

14. And dem go preach dis good news about Baba-God kingdom for di whole world, so dat everi nation go hear am, na dat time di end go reach.

15. “So wen una see di ‘Tufikwa of scata-scata,’ dey stand for di holy place, wey
prophet Daniel tok about—make di reader

16. dat time make everi- pesin wey dey for
Judea run go di mountain.

17. Make no pesin wey climb on top hin
house go down go take anytin komot from di house.

18. Make no-pesin wey dey for farm go back house to collect hin cloth.

19. Those days no go good at all for woman wey get belle, and woman wey her pikin dey suck breast!

20. Pray sey your flight no dey for cold
season or for Sabbath.

21. Dat time serious suffer- suffer go dey,
wey pass di ones wey pipo don see since di starting of dis world reach now—and no
suffer go ever reach like dat again.

22. If to sey Baba-God no minus from di
numba of those days, no-pesin for fit survive am, but becos of di chosen ones, those days no go plenty again.

23. Dat time if any-pesin tell una sey, ‘Look,
see di Christ for here!’ or ‘See am for there!’
make una no believe am.

24. Fake christs and fake prophets go show-face, con doogbonge signs, plus miracles, to scam even di chosen ones—if e dey possible.

25. See, I don already tell una down.

26. “So if any-pesin tell una sey, ‘He dey for
there, he dey for desert,’ make una no go; or, ‘He dey here, for inside di inner rooms,’ make you no believe am.

27. As lightning wey dey come from di east, and pipo wey dey west go see am, naso Man-pikin go take show.

  1. Any place wey animal deadbody dey, na
    for there vultures dey gada.
  2. “Afta di palava of those days, di sun go
    con dark and di moon no go shine again; di
    stars go fall komot from di sky, and di pawas
    of di heavens go shake.
  3. “Na dat time di sign of Man-pikin go
    show for sky. And all di nations wey dey for
    di earth go start to dey cry, dem go see Man￾pikin dey come from di cloud—for sky, wit
    pawa plus heavy levels.
  4. And he go send hin angels wit loud
    trumpet wey dey halla, and dem go gada di
    chosen ones from all over di world—from di
    end of di earth reach heaven.
  5. “Now make una learn dis lesson from fig
    tree: as e
    branches and leaves just start to dey come
    out, you go know sey hot season don dey
  6. Evensef, wen you see all dis tins, make
    una know sey di time don dey reach, time
    dey for door.
  7. I dey tell una di truth, dis generation no
    go pass until all dis tins happun.
  8. Heaven and earth go pass komot, but my
    words no go ever pass komot.
    No-pesin Know Di Day And Di Hour
  9. “No-pesin know di day or di hour, even
    di angels for heaven no know, even Man￾pikin sef no know, but only di Fada nahin
  10. As e happun for di days of Noah, naso e
    go be wen Man- pikin go show.
  11. Di days before di flood happun, pipo dey
    chop, dem dey drink, dem dey marry and
    dem dey give pipo for marriage, until di day
    wey Noah enta di ark;
  12. and dem no know wetin go happun until
    di flood con carry all of dem go. Naso e go be
    wen Man-pikin go show.
  13. Two men go dey for farm; one go move
    go—leave di oda one.
  14. Two women go dey grind sometin; one
    go move go—leave di oda one.
  15. “So make una dey watch becos una no
    know di day wey di Oga go come.
  16. But make una understand dis: If di owner
    of house know di time wey tiff go show, he
    for watch, so dat dem for no break enta hin
  17. So you must ready, becos Man-pikin go show for hour wey una no expect am.
  18. “Who con be di faithful and wise servant, wey hin oga don put in charge of di servants for di house, to give dem di food for di right time?
  19. E go good for dat servant—as hin oga go happy, wen he come meet di servant dey do wetin he tell am to do.
  20. I dey tell una di truth, dat oga go make am dey in charge of everitin for di house.
  21. But if to sey dat servant wicked, con tell hinsef sey, ‘My oga no go come back now,’
  22. he con start to dey beat hin fellow servants, con dey chop and drink wit ogogoro-men.
  23. Di oga of di servant go land for day wey he no expect am, and for hour wey he no know.
  24. He go cut am to pieces con put am for where fake-pipo dey, where dem go dey cry and dey bite dia teeth wit pain.


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