Matthew Chapter 25

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Di Parable Of Di Ten Virgins

1. “Naso di kingdom of heaven go be like
ten virgins—wey carry dia lamp go meet di
man wey wan marry.

2. Five of dem na mumu and di oda

3. Di mumu ones carry dia lamps but dem
forget to carry ororo follow-body.

4. Di wise ones carry ororo for bottle
follow di lamp.

5. Di man wey wan marry waste time well-well, so sleep con catch all of dem.

6. For night pesin con halla: ‘Una husband
don show! Make una come meet am!’

7. “All di virgins wake up, con arrange dia

8. Di mumu ones con tell di wise ones sey,
‘Give us small ororo; awa lamp don dey off.’

9. Dem con tok sey, “ ‘No, e fit no reach us
con reach una sef. Instead, make una go
outside to those pipo wey dey sell
ororo—make una go buy for unasef.’

10. “But as dem komot go moni do. buy
ororo, di man wey wan marry dem con land. Naso di virgins wey ready, follow am enta di wedding party. And dem close di door.

11. “Later, those oda virgins show. Dem con dey beg sey, ‘Oga! Oga!’ Open di door for us!’

12. “Naso he ansa dem sey, ‘I dey tell una di truth, I no know una.’

13. “So make una dey watch, becos una no
know di day or di hour.”

Di Parable Of Di Moni

14. “Again, e go be like one man wey wan
travel, he call all hin servants, con carry hin
moni give dem .

15. He give one of dem five bags of moni, he give anoda one two bags, he con give one of dem one bag, he give all of dem based-on dia level. Naso he komot.

16. Di man wey collect five bags of moni
sharply go use hin moni do business, naso he double di moni.

17. Di pesin wey collect two bags of
moni—double hin moni sef.

18. But di pesin wey collect one bag of moni, go dig am put for ground.

19. “Afta e tey small, dia oga come back, he con tell dem sey make dem tok wetin dem use di

20. Di man wey collect five bags of moni
con bring di extra five bags of moni wey he
make, naso he tok sey, ‘Oga you give me five bags of moni. See, I don make extra five bags.’

21. “Hin oga con tok sey, ‘Well done, good
and faithful servant! You don dey faithful wit small amount; I go put you in charge of
plenty tins. Come make we celebrate

22. “Di man wey dem give two bags come,
con tok sey, ‘Oga, you give me two bags of
moni; see, I don make two extra bags of

23. Naso hin oga tok sey, ‘Well done beta and faithful servant! You don dey faithful wit small tins; I go put you in charge of plenty tins. Come make we celebrate togeda!’

24. “Naso di man wey collect one bag of
moni come, he con tok sey, ‘Oga, I know sey you be ogbologbo, you dey reap for where you no sow put, and you dey harvest for where you no plant put.

25. So, fear catch me, naso I go bury your
moni for ground. See, collect your moni.’

26. “Hin oga con tell am sey, ‘You wicked
and lazy servant! So you know sey I dey
harvest for where I no plant put, and I dey
reap for where I no sow?

27. At-all-at-all, you for go put di moni for
bank so dat as I come back, I for get small

28. “ ‘Collect di moni from am, carry am
give di pesin wey get ten bags of moni.

29. Any-pesin wey get, go get more and he
go get brekete. But pesin wey no get shi-shi, dem go collect even di small tin wey he get.

30. Dem go con throway dat useless servant for outside—inside darkness, where men go dey cry, and dem go dey bite dia teeth wit pain.’

Di Sheep And Di Goats

  1. “Wen Man-pikin go land wit all hin
    levels, wit all di angels wey follow am come, he go sidon for hin king-chair of hin levels.
  2. All di nations go gada for hin front, and he go separate di pipo one afta di oda, as shepherd take dey separate sheep from goats.
  3. He go put di sheep for hin right, and di
    goats for hin left.
  4. “Naso di king go tell pipo for hin right
    sey, ‘Come, all of una wey my Papa don bless; make una claim di kingdom wey don set for una since di starting of di world.
  5. Hungry bin dey catch me, and una give me sometin to chop, water bin dey hungry me, and una give me water drink, I be jjc, and
    una carry me go una house.
  6. I need clothes and una give me clothes, I bin dey sick and una take care of me, I bin dey for prison and una come visit me.’
  7. “Di good pipo go ansa am sey, ‘Oga, wen we see you dey hungry—con give you food, or wey you wan drink water and we con give you water drink?
  8. Wen we see you as jjc [stranger], wey we con carry you go house, or wen you need clothes wey we con give you baffup?
  9. Wen we see you sick or for inside prison, and we come visit you?’
  10. “Di King go ansa, ‘I dey tell una di truth, anytin wey una do for even di smallest one of my brodas and sistas, una don do am for me.’
  11. “Naso he go tell di pipo for hin left, sey, ‘Make una komot from my side, curse dey for una head, to enta faya wey dem don keep for devil, plus hin angels.
  12. Hungry bin dey catch me and una no give me sometin to chop, water bin dey hungry me and una no give me water to drink.
  13. I be jjc [stranger] and una no fitcarry me go una house, I bin need clothes and una no fit give me clothes to wear, I bin sick for prison and una no take care of me.’
  14. “Dem sef go ansa am, ‘Oga wen we see you dey hungry, or wan drink water, or as jjc, or wen you need clothes, or dey sick, or for inside prison and we no epp you?’
  15. “He go tell dem sey, ‘I dey tell una di
    truth, anytin wey una no do for di smallest of dis pipo, una no do am for me sef.’
  16. “Dem go con waka komot go entapunishment forever, but di good man go get life forever.”


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