Matthew Chapter 27

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Judas Hang Hinsef

1. Early mor-mor, all di chief priests plus di
senior-men con decide sey dem must kill

2. Dem tie am, con carry am go meet Pilate, wey be di govnor.

3. Wen Judas wey betray am see sey dem
don condemn Jesus, he con dey feel bad for wetin he don do. Naso he go give di senior-men p l us di chief priests—back di thirty silver coins wey dem give am. He tok sey, “I don commit sin, I don betray innocent blood.”

4. So dem con tok sey, “Wetin dat one con
mean to us? Na
your head you go use carry am.”

5. So Judas throway di moni for inside di
worship-place, con komot. Naso he go hang hinsef.

6. Di chief priests carry di moni con tok sey, “We no suppose carry dis moni keep, becos na blood moni.”

7. So dem decide to use di moni take buy di potter’s field, where dem go dey bury

8. Nahin make dem dey call dat place, “
Field of Blood”—up till today.

9. Dis one confam wetin Jeremiah di
prophet tok: “Dem take di thirty silver coins, di price wey di pipo of Israel put for hin head,

10. and dem use am buy di Potter’s field
[place where dem dey bury strangers plus
poor pipo], as di Oga command me.”

Jesus For Front of Pilate

11. So Jesus stand for di govnor front, and di govnor ask am sey, “Na you be di king of di Jews?”
Naso Jesus tok sey, “You don tok am.”

12. Wen di chief priests plus di senior-men
dey put mata for hin head, he no ansa dem.

13. Pilate con ask am sey, “You no dey hear wetin dem dey tok about you?”

14. But Jesus no tok anytin, he no even ansa one single tin wey dem tok sey he do—di govnor con surprise.

15. Now, na di tradition for di Festival for di
govnor to free one prisoner wey di pipo

16. Dat time, dem get one bad prisoner wey dem dey call Barabbas.

17. So wen di pipo don gada, Pilate ask dem, “Which one una wan make I free for una; Barabbas or Jesus wey una dey call Christ?”

18. He know sey na becos dem dey jealous
Jesus nahin make dem bring Jesus come
meet am.

19. As Pilate sidon for di judge chair, hin
wife con send message go meet am; “Make you no get anytin to do wit dat innocent man, I don dream one bad dream today about dis mata.”

20. But di chief priests and di senior-men
beg di plenty pipo make dem ask for
Barabbas, and make dem kill Jesus.

21. So di govnor ask, “Which of di two una
wan make I release for una?” Dem halla,

22. Pilate con ask dem sey, “So wetin I go do wit Jesus wey una call di Christ?” Dem halla, “Nail am for cross!”

23. Naso Pilate ask dem sey, “Why? Which
bad tin he do?” But dem con dey halla more-more, “Nail am for cross!”

24. Wen Pilate see sey he no fit change dia
mind for di mata, and di plenty pipo don dey vex—dey scata everi-where, he carry water wash hin hand for front of di plenty pipo. He con tok sey, “I dey innocent for dis man blood, na una head go carry am!”

25. All di pipo con ansa, “Make di blood dey for awa head and awa pikin head!”

26. So he free Barabbas for dem. Naso dem flog Jesus, con carry am go hang for cross.

Di Soja Dey Yab Jesus

27. So di govnor sojas carry Jesus go dia
headquaters, con gada all di sojas round am.

28. Dem hang two robbers for cross wit am. One dey for hin right, and one dey for hin left.

29. dem use shuku-shuku take make crown put for hin head. Dem put staff for hin right hand, con kneel down for hin front dey use am laff. Dem tok sey, “Tuale King of Jews!”

30. Dem spit for hin body, con carry di staff
take nack hin head plenty times.

31. Afta dem don yab am finish, dem komot di cloth, dem wear am hin own cloth back. Dem con carry am komot—go nail am for cross.

As Dem Take Hang Jesus For Cross

32. As dem dey komot, dem meet one man
from Cyrene wey hin name na Simon, naso
dem use gragra make am carry di cross.

33. Dem reach one place wey dem dey call
Golgotha (wey mean Di Place of Skull).

34. Na for there dem give Jesus wine wey
dem mix wit one kain bitter tin; he no gree
drink am as he taste am.

35. Wen dem nail am for cross, dem roll dice to share hin cloth—to confam wetin one prophet tok, “Dem share my dress among demsef, and dem roll dice to divide my cloth.”

36. Naso dem sidon dey watch am.

37. On top of hin head dem write, DIS NA

38. Dem hang two two robbers for cross wit am. One dey for hin right, and one dey for hin left.

39. Pipo wey dey pass con dey insult
am—dey shake dia head.

40. Dem tok sey, “See pesin wey wan scata
di worship-place con build am back in three days, save yoursef! If you be Baba-God Pikin, come down from di cross!”

41. Naso di chief priests, di teachers of di
law, plus di senior- men dey yab am.

42. Dem tok sey, “He save oda pipo but he no fit save hinsef! If nahin be di King of Israel, make he come down now from di cross, and we go believe am.

43. He trust Baba-God. Make Baba-God
free am now if e want, he dey make-mouth
sey, “Na me be Baba-God pikin”

44. Even di robbers wey dem hang for cross wit am dey insult am sef.

As Jesus Take Die

45. Darkness con cover di whole
land—from afternoon, reach three o’clock.

46. Around three o’clock, Jesus con halla,
“Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?”—wey mean
sey, “My God, my God, why you con fashi

47. Wen some of di pipo wey stand for there hear as he halla, dem con tok sey, “He dey call Elijah.”

48. Naso one of dem sharply go carry
sponge. He soak am wit drink wey don sawa, he put am for stick, con give Jesus make he drink.

49. Di rest of dem con tok sey, “Make una
leave am first. Make we see if Elijah go come save am.”

50. And wen he cry again wit loud voice, he
con kpeme.

51. Dat minute, di curtain wey dey inside di
worship-place tear into two—from up go
down. Di earth con dey shake, and rocks dey tear.

52. Grave break open, and di body of many
holy-pipo wey don kpeme before-before
raise up to life.

53. Dem come out from di grave and afta
Jesus raise up, dem enta di holy city con
show-face to plenty pipo.

54. Wen di sojas wey dey guard am and
those pipo wey dey wit am—see sey di earth dey shake, and everitin wey happun, fear catch dem, and dem halla, “True-true he be Baba-God Son.”

55. Plenty women dey for there, wey dey
look from far-far. Dem bin follow Jesus from Galilee to give am anytin wey he want.

56. Among dem wey follow come na, Mary
Magdalene, Mary wey be James and John
mama, and di mama of Zebedee pikin.
Jesus Burial

57. As evening con dey reach, one rich man from Arimathea wey dem dey call Joseph wey don already turn to Jesus disciple—con show.

58. He go meet Pilate, con ask for Jesus
body, so Pilate sey make dem give am.

59. Joseph carry di body wrap put for inside fine linen cloth,

60. naso he put di body for inside hin own

new grave wey he build inside rock. He roll

one big stone for front of di grave, con


61. Mary Magdalene plus di oda Mary sidon for there—opposite of di grave.

Di Guard Wey Dey For Di Grave

62. Di next day, di day afta Preparation Day,

di chief priests plus di Pharisees go meet


63. Dem con tok sey, “Oga, we remember

sey wen he bin dey alive dis wayo-man tok

sey, ‘I go raise up again afta three day.’

64. So give order make dem go guard di

grave for three days. Unless hin disciples go steal hin body, con tell pipo sey he don raise

up from di dead. If he scam us like dis, e go

bad pass di way he first scam us.”

65. So Pilate tok sey, “Carry one guard,

make una go guard di grave well-well.”

Naso dem go guard di grave, dem put

seal for di stone, con keep one guard for



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