Matthew Chapter 28

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Jesus Raise Up From Di Dead

1. Afta di Sabbath, for morning of di first
day of di week, Mary Magdalene and di oda Mary go look di grave.

2. Big earthquake con dey happun, Baba-God angel come down from heaven, and he waka go di grave side, he roll di stone
komot—con sidon on top.

3. He dey shine like lightning, and hin cloth
white like snow.

4. Di guards con dey fear am—sote dem
con dey shake like men wey wan kpeme.

5. Di angel con tell di women sey, “Make
una no fear, I know sey una dey fyne Jesus
wey dem nail for cross.

6. He no dey for here; he don raise up as he
bin tok. Make una con see di place where
dem bury am put.

7. Make una sharp-sharp go tell hin
disciples: He don raise up from di dead, and he don dey go Galilee. Na for there una go see am. I don tell una be dat.”

8. So di women quick-quick komot from di grave, fear still dey catch dem as dem dey happy go tell hin disciples.

9. Naso Jesus just show for where dem dey, con tok sey, “I throway salute.” Dem come meet am, dem hold hin leg—con dey

worship am.

10. Naso Jesus tell dem sey, “Make una

mind no dey cut. Go tell my brodas sey make dem go Galilee; na for there dem go see me.”

Wetin Di Guards Tok

11. As di women dey go, some of di gaurds

waka go di city go report di mata to di chief priests—everitin wey happun.

12. Wen di chief priests plus di senior-men

do meeting, con plan, naso dem give di sojas egunje, con tell dem sey, “Make una tok sey,

13. ‘Nahin disciples steal hin body for night as we dey sleep.’

14. If di mata reach di govnor side, we know wetin we go tell am so dat una no go enta wahala.’

15. So di sojas collect di moni, con do wetin dem tell dem to do. And up till today, dis tori don spread among di Jews.

Di Great Work

  1. Naso di eleven disciples go Galilee, to di mountain wey Jesus tell dem to go.
  2. Wen dem see am, dem worship am; but some of dem con dey get two-mind.
  3. Jesus come meet dem, con tok sey, “All pawa for heaven plus earth don dey my hand.
  4. So make una go teach everi nation, con baptize dem in di name of di Fada, and di Son, plus di Holy Spirit,
  5. and make una teach dem to obey everitin wey I don command una. And I go dey wit una kamkpe till wen time finish.”


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