John Chapter 1

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Di Word Turn To Human Being

1. From di starting nahin di word don dey,
and di word dey wit Baba-God, and di Word
na Baba-God.

2. He dey wit Baba-God from di starting.

3. Tru am nahin Baba-God make everitin;
notin for dey if to sey no be am.

4. Na inside am life dey, and dat life nahin
be di light of men.

5. Di light dey shine for inside darkness,
but darkness no fit understand am [or over-pawa am].

6. One man wey Baba-God send from
heaven—con show; hin name na John.

7. He show as witness to tok about di light,
so dat tru am—all men go believe.

8. No be him be di light; he show-face just
to confam di light.

9. Di pure light wey dey give everi man
light dey come di world.

10. He bin dey inside di world, and even
though nahin make di world, di world no
gree know am.

11. He come meet those pipo wey be hin
own, but hin own

12. But everi-pesin wey receive am, he
give dem pawa to turn to Baba-God
pikin—even to those pipo wey believe hin

13. No be pikin wey dem born tru papa and
mama, or human reasoning, or by man pawa, but na pikin wey Baba-God born.

14. Di word turn to human being, con dey
live among us. We don see hin levels, di
levels of di One and Only, wey come from di Fada—wey brekete wit grace plus truth.

15. John confam Am as he tok sey, “Dis na di pesin wey I dey tok about—sey, ‘Di pesin
wey dey come afta me, get levels pass me,
becos he don dey before me.’ ”

16. From di grace wey yanfu-yanfu, we don
receive blessings upon blessings.

17. Baba-God give us di law tru Moses;
grace plus truth come tru Jesus Christ.

18. No-pesin don ever see Baba-God before. Jesus, di One and Only Son—wey dey wit di Fada—don make pipo know Baba-God.

John Di Baptist Tok Sey He No Be Di

19. Dis na wetin John tok—wen di Jews
send priests and Levites from Jerusalem
—con ask am who he be.

20. He no keep quiet, but he tok hin mind,
“No be me be di Christ.”

21. Dem con ask am, “Who you con be? You be Elijah?”
He sey, “I no be am.” Dem still ask, “You be
prophet?” He con ansa dem, “No.”

22. Las-las dem con tok sey, “So who you
be? Ansa us so dat we go know wetin we go tell di pipo wey send us. Tell us about

23. John ansa dem wit di words of prophet
Isaiah, “Na me be di voice of di pesin wey
dey halla for inside desert, ‘Clear road for di Oga.’ ”

24. Now some Pharisee wey dem send,

25. con ask am sey, “So why you dey baptize pipo if you no be di Christ, or Elijah, or di Prophet?”

26. John ansa dem, “I dey baptize wit water, but pesin dey among una wey una no know.

27. He go come afta me, I no get levels reach to komot hin pam from hin leg.

28. All dis tins happun for Bethany, for di
oda side of di Jordan, where John dey baptize pipo.

Jesus Na Sacrifice Of Baba-God

29. Di next day, John see Jesus dey come
meet am, he con tok sey, “See, di Lamb of
Baba-God, wey dey carry di sins of di world

30. Nahin I mean wen I tok sey, ‘One man
dey come afta me, wey pass me, becos he
don dey before me.’

31. Me sef no know am, but wetin make me dey baptize wit water be sey—make Israel know am.”

32. John con tok sey: “I see di Spirit dey
come down from heaven as dove, con land
put for hin body.

33. I for no know am except sey di pesin wey send me to baptize wit water tell me sey, ‘Di man wey you see di Spirit come down—con land for hin body, nahin go baptize pipo wit di Holy Spirit.

34. I don see, and tok sey—na dis be Baba-God Son.”

Jesus First Disciples

35. Di next day, John dey for there again wit two of hin disciples.

36. Wen he see Jesus dey waka pass, he con tok sey, “See, di lamb of Baba-God!”

37. Wen di two disciples hear am dey tok dis tin, dem follow Jesus.

38. Wen Jesus turn back, con see sey dem
dey follow am, naso he ask dem, “Wetin una want?” Dem tok sey, “Rabbi”(wey mean
teacher), where you dey stay?”

39. He ansa dem, “Come see.” So dem
follow am, dem see where he dey stay, con
spend dat day wit am. Na around four o’clock for afternoon.

40. Andrew, wey be Simon Peter broda na
one of di two pipo wey hear wetin John tok, con follow Jesus.

41. Di first tin wey Andrew do na to fyne hin broda Simon con tell am sey, “We don see di Messiah” (wey be di Christ).

42. He carry am come meet Jesus. Jesus look am, con tok sey, “You be Simon, John broda. You go be Cephas”(wey mean Peter, wen dem translate am).

Jesus Call Philip And Nathaniel

43. Di next day Jesus decide to komot go
Galilee. As he see Philip, he tell am sey,
“Follow me.”

44. Like Andrew and Peter, Philip come
from di town of Bethsaida.

45. Philip see Nathaniel con tell am sey, “We don see di pesin wey Moses tok about for di law, and wey di prophets sef write
about—Jesus of Nazareth, Joseph pikin.”

46. Naso Nathaniel ask, “Nazareth! Any
beta tin fit come from there so?”
Philip con tok sey, “Come see.”

47. Wen Jesus see Nathaniel dey come, he
tell am sey, “Dis one na true Israelite, wey
notin be fake about am.”

48. Naso Nathaniel ask am sey, “How you
take know me?” Jesus ansa am, “I see you
wen you dey for under di fig tree before
Philip call you.”

49. Nathaniel con tok sey, “Teacher, na you
be Baba-God pikin; na you be King of

50. So Jesus tell am sey, “You believe becos I tell you sey, I see you for di fig tree. You go see ogbonge tins wey pass dis one.”

51. Jesus con tok sey, “I dey tell you di truth, you go see heaven open, and di angels of Baba-God go dey go upandan on Man-pikin.”


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