John Chapter 2

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Jesus Turn Water To Wine

1. Di next day, one wedding dey happun for Cana for Galilee. Jesus mama dey there,

2. and dem inivite Jesus best drink until now.” plus hin disciple come di marriage sef.

3. Wen di drink finish, Jesus mama con tell am sey, “Dem no get drink again.”

4. Jesus con ansa her, “Madam, why you dey involve me for dis mata? My time neva reach.”

5. Hin mama con tell di servants sey, “Do anytin wey he tell una.”

6. Six stone pots of water dey near dem, di type wey Jews dey use for washing dia body from tins wey make dem no pure, na about twenty to thirty gallon dey full one of dem.

7. Jesus con tell di servants sey, “Full di drums wit water,” so dem full di drum reach mouth.”

8. He con tell dem sey, “Now make una carry some go give di chairman of di party.” Naso dem do wetin he tok.

9. Di chairman of di party taste di water wey don turn to wine. He no understand where dem bring am come from, but di servant wey fetch di water—know. He con call di man wey wan marry—go one corner,

10. con tok sey, “Everi- pesin go first bring beta drink come out, and bring di cheap drink come outside las-las, afta di pipo wey dem invite for di party don high well-well; but you keep di

11. Na dis be di first miracle wey Jesus perform for Cana for Galilee. He show hin levels, and hin disciples con put dia faith for am.

Jesus Clear Di Worship-place

12. Afta dis, Jesus go Capernaum wit hin mama plus hin brodas, and hin disciples. Dem stay there for some days.

13. Wen time don almost reach for di Jews Passover, Jesus go Jerusalem.

14. For inside di worship-place, he see some men wey dey sell malu, sheep, plus doves—and some odas wey sidon for table dey change moni.

15. So he use rope take make koboko, con pursue all of dem komot from di worship-place area, both sheep plus malu; he scata di coins of di pipo wey dey change moni, con throway dia table.

16. Naso he tell all those pipo wey dey sell birds sey, “Komot from here! Make una no turn my Papa house to market!”

17. Hin disciples con remember sey dem write am sey: “Di love of my Papa house go take over me.”

  1. Naso di Jews ask am, “Which miracle
    sign you fit show us—to confam di pawa wey you take dey do all di tins?”
  2. Jesus ansa dem, “Scata di worship-place, I go build am, and raise am up under three days.”
  3. Di Jews con ansa am, “Na forty six year dem take build dis worship-place, and you wan build am under three days?”
  4. But di worship-place wey he dey tok
    about na hin body.
  5. Afta he raise up from di dead, hin
    disciple con remember wetin he bin tok.Naso dem believe di Holy-book—plus di words wey Jesus don tok.
  6. As he dey inside Jerusalem for di
    Passover Celebration, many pipo see di miracle sign wey he dey do, con believe hin name.
  7. But Jesus no carry hinsef put for dia
    hand, he know as all men be.
  8. He no need pesin to tell am as pipo be. He know wetin pipo carry for mind.


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