Luke Chapter 10

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Jesus Send Di Seventy-two Komot

1. Afta dis, naso Jesus choose seventy-two odas, con send dem two by two—make dem dey go for front—to everi town, and place wey he go soon enta.

2. He tell dem sey, “Di harvest burku, but workers no plenty. Ask di Oga of di harvest
to send workers enta hin harvest.

3. Go! I dey send una komot like lamb
among wolves.

4. No carry purse, or bag, or pam; and no
greet any-pesin for road.

5. “Wen you enta any house, first tok sey,
‘Peace be to dis house.’

6. If na man of peace dey stay for there,
your peace go rest on am; if not, your peace go come back to you.

7. Stay for dat house, chop and drink anytin
wey dem give you, where man dey work
nahin dey chop. No move around from house to house.

8. Wen una enta any town, and dem
welcome una, chop wetin dem serve una.

9. Heal pipo wey dey sick for there, con tell
dem sey, ‘Baba-God kingdom dey near una.’

10. But wen you enta any heaven town, and dem no welcome you, enta di streets, con tok sey,
11. ‘We go shake even di dust of una
town—komot from awa leg—against una.
But make una dey sure of dis: Baba-God
kingdom dey near una.’

12. I dey tell una sey Sodom condition go
beta pass dat town—on dat day.

13. Wahala for una, Korazin! Kasala for una, Bethsaida! If to sey dem perform di miracles wey dem perform for una side—for Tyre and Sidon, dem for sidon tey-tey, wear sackcloth, con rub ashes for dia body—to show sey dem don repent.

14. Wetin go happun to una go pass wetin
Tyre plus Sidon go face on dat day of

15. And una—Capernaum, wey una levels
high reach heaven—una go go down to hell.

16. “Any-pesin wey listen to una—dey
listen to me; but any- pesin wey fashi
me—dey fashi di pesin wey send me.”

17. Dis eventy-two disciples come back wit
happiness, con tok sey, “Oga, even di bad-spirit obey us—tru your name.”

18. Naso he ansa dem, “I see Satan fall like
lightning from heaven.

19. I don give una pawa to march snake,
plus scorpion, and to climb on top all di
pawas of di enemy; and notin go fit wound

20. But, make una no just happy sey di
spirit obey una, but happy sey Baba-God
don write una names for heaven.”

Jesus Prayer Of Tanks-giving

21. Dat time, Jesus happy inside di Spirit,
con tok sey, “I praise you, Papa, Oga of
heaven plus earth, becos you don hide dis
tins from wise pipo, and from pipo wey go
school, con carry am show small small pikin. Yes, Papa, dis one good for your eyes.

22. “My Papa don put everi- everi for my
hand, and no-pesin know who di Son be,
except di Fada, and no-pesin know who di
Papa be except di Son, and those pipo wey di Son choose to show to am.”

23. Wen dem dey alone, he con tell hin
disciples, “Blessings for di eyes wey dey see wetin una dey see so.

24. I dey tell una sey plenty prophets plus
kings for like to see wetin una dey see
so—but dem no see am, and to hear wetin
una dey hear so, but dem no fit hear am.”

Di Parable Of Di Good Samaritan

25. E get one time wey one man wey sabi di law con stand up to test Jesus. So he ask Jesus sey, “Teacher, wetin I must do to get everlasting life?”

26. So Jesus ansa am, “Wetin dem write for di law? Wetin you understand wen you read am?”

27. He con ansa: “ ‘Love Baba-God your
Oga—wit all your heart, wit all your soul,
wit all your pawa, and wit all your mind,’
and, ‘Love your neighbour as you take love
yoursef.’ ”

28. Jesus con ansa am, “Your ansa correct,
do dis tins and you go live.”

29. But he wan show sey he dey right—so he ask Jesus sey, “And who be my neighbour?”

30. Naso Jesus ansa am: “One man dey
komot from Jerusalem go Jericho, naso
robbers attack am. Dem naked am, dem beat am, con leave am as he wan die.

31. One priest dey pass di same road, and
wen he see di man, naso he pass di oda side.

32. One Levite sef dey pass, wen he reach di place, con see am, he pass di oda side.

33. But one Samaritan dey travel pass, and
wen he reach where di man dey; con see di
man, he sorry-for am.

34. He go meet am, con tie hin wound, he use ororo, plus ogogoro take clean hin wound. He carry di man for hin own donkey, he carry am go one room, con take care of am.

35. Di next day, he carry two silver coins, he give di pesin wey dey manage di room, con tok sey, ‘Take care of am, wen I come back, I

go give you moni join—for any extra tin wey
you buy.’

36. “Which of dis three pipo you tink sey be
di neighbour of di man wey robbers attack?”

37. Di man wey sabi di law con ansa am, “Na di pesin wey sorry-for di man.” Jesus con tell am sey, “Go, make you do di same tin.”

For Martha Plus Mary House

38. As Jesus and hin discples dey go for
road, dem reach one village wey one woman wey dem dey call Martha host am for her house.

39. She get one sista wey dem dey call Mary, she sidon near Jesus leg, con dey listen to wetin he dey tok,

40. But di food wey Martha dey arrange con make her no see chance to dey wit Jesus. She come meet am, con ask am sey, “Oga, you no reason sey my sista don leave only me to do all di work? Tell her make she come epp me!”

41. So Jesus ansa her sey, “Martha, Martha, you dey worry and you dey wahala yoursef for plenty tins,

42. but na only one tin you need. Mary don
choose beta tin, and e no go fit komot from


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