Luke Chapter 11

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Jesus Teach About Prayers

1. One day, Jesus dey pray for one place.
Wen he finish, one of hin disciple con tell am sey, “Oga, teach us how to pray, just as John take teach hin disciples.”

2. So Jesus tell dem sey, “Wen una wan
pray, sey: ‘Awa Papa wey dey for heaven, we hail your name wey dey holy, make your kingdom come. Make your plan show for earth—as e dey for heaven.

3. Give us wetin we go chop everi day.

4. Forgive us awa sins, as we sef dey
forgive everi-pesin wey sin against us. No
carry us go meet temptation, but save us
from evil.’

Ask, Fyne, Knock

5. He con tell dem one tori, “If to sey one of
una get one padi, and you go meet am for
midnight, con tok sey, ‘Aboki, biko epp me
wit three bread,

6. becos one of my padi travel come see
me, and I no get anytin to give am chop.’

7. “Naso di one wey dey inside go ansa am sey, ‘No disturb me joor. Di door don already lock, and my pikin dey wit me for bed. I no fit stand up to give you anytin.’

8. I dey tell una sey, he no go stand up to
give am di bread becos na hin padi; but becos he kontinu to dey knock, he go stand up to give am wetin he want.

9. “So I dey tell una: Ask—and you go get
wetin you ask for; fyne—and you go see
wetin you dey fyne; knock—and di door go
open for you.

10. everi-pesin wey ask—go receive; pesin
wey fyne—go see wetin e dey fyne; and
pesin wey knock—di door go open for am.

11. “Which of una wey be papa, if your pikin ask for fish, you go con give am snake instead?

12. Or if e ask for egg, you go con give am

13. If una wey be evil pipo sabi give beta gift to una pikin, how much more una Papa wey dey for heaven—go give di Holy Spirit to those pipo wey ask am!”

Jesus Plus Evil Spirit

14. One day, Jesus dey pursue one bad-spirit komot from one man wey no fit tok. Wen di bad-spirit komot, di man wey no fit
tok—con dey tok, and di plenty pipo

15. But some of dem tok sey, “He dey pursue di bad-spirit wit di pawa of di prince of demon.”

16. Odas con test am—as dem dey ask am
for sign from heaven.

17. Jesus know wetin dem dey tink, he con
tell dem sey: “Any kingdom wey dey fight
esef go dabaru, and house wey dey fight esef go fall.

18. If Satan dey fight hinsef, how hin
kingdom go take stand? I dey tok dis one
becos una tok sey I dey drive bad-spirit
komot wit di pawa of di prince of demon.

19. Now if I drive bad-spirit komot wit di
pawa of di prince of demon, which pawa una sons dey use drive dem komot? So na dem go judge una.

20. But if I drive bad-spirit komot wit Baba-God pawa, den Baba-God kingdom don
come meet una.

21. “Wen strong man wey dey fully
armed—guard hin own house, hin property
go dey safe.

22. But wen pesin wey strong pass
am—attack am, con over-pawa am, he go carry hin weapon wey di man trust, con
collect di man property.

23. “Pesin wey no dey wit me—dey against
me, and pesin wey no dey work wit me—dey work against me.

24. “Wen evil spirit komot from pesin body,
e go go empty place, con dey fyne where to
rest, and if e no see any place to rest.E go con tok sey, ‘I go go back to di house wey I komot from.’

25. So wen e come, e go see sey dem sweep di place clean, and everi-where dey okay.

26. Naso e go con go carry seven spirits wey bad pass am, and dem go stay for there. And di man condition las-las—go bad pass as e be before-before.”

27. As Jesus dey tok dis tins, one woman
among di plenty-pipo con halla, “Blessings
for di mama wey born you, con give you
breast suck.”

28. Naso Jesus ansa, “Instead, blessings for those pipo wey hear Baba-God word, con obey am.”

Di Sign Of Jonah

29. As di pipo wey gada dey plenty more-more, Jesus con tok sey, “Dis na wicked
generation. Dem dey ask for miracle sign,
but dem no go see any sign. Except di sign of Jonah.

30. As Jonah be sign to di pipo of Nineveh,
naso Man-pikin sef go be sign for dis

31. Di Queen of di south go stand up for
judgement day—against di men of dis
generation, con condemn dem; she come
from end of di earth to listen to Solomon
wisdom, and now pesin wey great pass
Solomon dey for here.

32. Di men of Nineveh go stand up on
judgement day—to change-am-for di men of dis generation, con condemn dem; Nineveh repent as dem hear Jonah preaching, and now pesin wey great pass Jonah dey for here.

Di Lamp Of Di Body

33. “No-pesin go light lamp con put am for
place wey dem no go see am, or for under
basket. Instead, he go put am for e stand, so dat those pipo wey enta di house go see di light.

34. Your eye na di lamp of your body. Wen
your eye good, your whole body go brekete
wit light. But wen your eye na evil, your body go burku wit darkness.

35. Make sure sey di light wey dey inside
you—no be darkness.

36. So if your whole body brekete wit light,
and no part of am dark, e go shine fully, like sey di light of lamp dey shine for your body.”

Six Yawa

37. Wen Jesus don tok finish, one Pharisee
invite am make he con chop wit am; so he go, con sidon for table.

38. But di Pharisee surprise, as he notice sey Jesus no first wash hin hand before he start to dey chop, based-on tradition.

39. Naso Jesus tell am sey, “Una Pharisees
dey clean di outside of cup and plate, but
longatrot brekete inside una, plus badbelle.

40. Mumu pipo! Abi di pesin wey make
outside, no be him still make inside?

41. So clean di inside—by giving to poor
pipo, and everitin go clean for you.

42. Yawa for una Pharisees, becos una dey
give Baba-God tithe of mint and rue, plus
everi small herbs wey una get, but una fashi justice plus Baba-God love. Una for do dis tins—and no still fashi di oda tins.

43. “Yawa for una Pharisees, becos una love di high table for worship-place, plus hailings for marketplace.

44. “Kasala for una, becos una be like graves wey dem no mark, wey men no know—con dey waka pass am.”

45. One of di men wey sabi di law con ansa
am, “Teacher, you dey insult us sef as you
dey tok dis tin so.”

46. Naso Jesus ansa am, “Yawa for una wey sabi di law, becos una dey carry load give pipo—load wey dem no fit carry, to press dem for ground. And una sef no fit move one single finger to epp dem.

47. “Yawa for una, becos una build graves
for di prophets, and na una forefadas nahin
kill dem.

48. So una don confam sey una like wetin
una forefadas do; dem kill di prophets, and
una build dia graves.

49. Becos of dis, Baba-God for hin wisdom
con tok sey, ‘I go send dem prophets and
apostles, dem go kill some of dem, and dem go show some of dem pepper.’

50. So I go hold dis generation for di blood
of all di prophets wey dem don shed since di starting of dis world,

51. from di blood of Abel to di blood of
Zechariah, wey dem kill for di middle of di
altar and di holy-place. Yes, I dey tell una, I go hold dis generation for all of dem.

52. “Yawa for una wey sabi di law, becos una don carry dis key of knowledge. Una sef no gree enta, and una dey block those pipo wey wan enta inside.”

53. As Jesus dey komot from there, naso di Pharisees plus di teacher of di law seriously start to dey change-am-for Jesus—dem con dey ask am plenty question,

54. dem wan hollam-for- work wit sometin
wey he go tok.


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