Luke Chapter 12

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Warning Against Fake-life

1. Plenty plenty pipo gada, sote dem con
dey march demsef, Jesus first start to tok wit hin disciples sey: “Make una shine una eyes for di yeast of di Pharisee, wey be fake-life.

2. E no get anytin wey dem hide—wey no
go show for outside. Or anytin wey dem
code—wey no go come out.

3. Wetin una don tok for dark—dem go
hear am for day, and di small-small yarnings wey una don tok for ears and for inside room—dem go tok am for roof.

4. “I dey tell una, my padi, no let fear catch
una for those pipo wey fit kill di body, and
afta dat—dem no fit do anytin.

5. But I go show una who to fear: Fear pesin wey afta he kill di body, get pawa to throway you inside hell. Yes, I dey tell una, fear am.

6. Abi no be two coins dem dey sell five birds? But Baba-God no dey fashi anyone of dem.

7. True-true, all di hair wey dey for your
head get numba. No dey fear; you get value
pass plenty birds.

8. “I dey tell you sey, any- pesin wey tok
about me—for front of men, Man-pikin go
tok about am sef—for front of Baba-God

9. But any-pesin wey fashi me for front of
men, me sef go deny am—for front of Baba-God angels.

10. Baba-God go forgive any-pesin wey
bad-mouth Man- pikin, but Baba-God no go
forgive any-pesin wey bad-mouth di Holy

11. “Wen dem carry you go di worship-place, go meet rulers and govment-pipo,
make una no worry about how una go defend unasef, or wetin una go tok.

12. Di Holy Spirit go teach you wetin you go tok dat time.”

Di Parable Of Di Rich Mugu

13. One pesin among di plenty pipo con tok am sey, “Teacher tell my broda sey make he share awa papa properties wit me.”

14. Jesus ansa di man, “Guy, who make me
judge, or peace- maker for dis una mata?”

15. Jesus con tell dem sey, “Shine your eyes, make una guard unasef against all kain longatrot; No be di plenty properties wey man get nahin be hin life.”

16. Naso he tell dem dis parable: “One rich
man harvest plenty fruits from hin farm.

17. He con reason wit hinsef sey, ‘Wetin I go do? I no get place wey I go keep my food.’

18. So he tok sey, ‘Na wetin I go do be dis. I
go scata my store, con build anoda big one, and na there I go keep all my food and

19. And I go tell myself sey, “You get plenty
good tins wey you don save for plenty years. Take life jeje; chop, drink and flex.”

20. But Baba-God tell am sey, ‘You be
mugu! Dis very night your life go komot
from you. So who go con get di tins wey you don arrange for yoursef?’

21. “Naso e go be for any- pesin wey keep
tins for hinsef, but wey no dey rich for Baba-God mata.”

No Worry

22. Jesus con tell hin disciple sey: “So I dey tell una, make una no worry about una life, wetin you go chop; or about your body, and wetin you go wear.

23. Life pass food, and di body pass clothes.

24. Reason di birds: Dem no dey plant or
harvest, dem no get store—to keep dia food; but Baba-God dey feed dem. And you get value pass birds!

25. Which of una fit use worry take add one single hour join hin life?

26. Since una no fit do dis small tin wit
worry-worry, why una con dey worry about
di rest?

27. “Reason how flowers take dey grow.
Dem no dey hustle, or make dia cloth. But,
even Solomon wit all hin levels—no baffup
reach any one of dis flowers.

28. If naso Baba-God take dey dress up di
grass wey dey for field—wey go dey here
today, and tomorrow dem don put am for
faya, he must surely care about you. Chai,
see as una faith small reach!

29. And no dey reason wetin you go chop or drink; no worry about am.

30. World-pipo dey run follow all dat kain
tins, and your Papa know sey you need dem.

31. But first fyne Baba-God kingdom, and
all dis tins go be jara.

32. No let fear catch una, my small
followers, e dey sweet una Papa for
belle—to give una hin kingdom.

33. Sell your properties, and give poor pipo.
Arrange purse for yoursef wey no go fit
spoil—beta- beta-tins for heaven—wey no
go fit finish, where no tiff fit come near am,
and no insect fit spoil am.

34. Any-where your investment dey, na for
there your heart sef go dey.

Shine Your Eyes

35. “Dress up, dey ready for service, and
make your lamp dey burn,

36. and make una be like pipo wey dey wait
for dia oga to come back from wedding
party, so dat wen he come, con knock, dem
go sharply open door for dia oga.

37. Blessings for those servants wey dia oga meet dem dey watch—wen he come back. I dey tell una di truth, he go dress up,
con tok sey make dem sidon for table to
chop, and he go serve dem.

38. E go dey good for those servant wey dia oga meet dem ready, even if he come around two o’clock for morning, or wen morning don dey reach finish.

39. But understand dis tin: If di owner of di
house know di time wey tiff go come, he for no let dem burst hin house.

40. Naso you sef must ready, becos Man-pikin go come for hour wey una no expect

41. Peter con ask am, “Oga you dey tell us
dis parable, abi na everi-pesin you dey tell?”

42. So Jesus ansa am, “Faithful servant wey get- sense—na di one wey hin oga fit put in charge of hin oda servants—to give dem food for di right time.

43. E go dey good for dat servant sey hin oga meet am dey do hin work—wen he come back.

44. I dey tell una di truth, he go put am in
charge of everitin wey he get.

45. But if di servant con tell hinsef sey, ‘My
oga don dey tey,’ and he con start to dey beat di oda servants, con dey chop and drink.

46. Di oga go come for di day wey di servant no dey expect am, and for hour wey he no know. Hin oga go cut am to pieces—con pursue am komot.

47. “Servant wey know hin oga mind—and no ready to do wetin hin oga want—go chop serious punishment.

48. But di servant wey no know hin oga mind, con do wrong tin-go chop only small
punishment. Any-pesin wey dem give plenty tins, dem go expect plenty tins from am sef; and any-pesin wey dem put in charge of plenty tins, dem go expect even more from am.

No Be Peace But Na Scata-scata

49. “I don come bring faya for earth, and
how I wish sey e don already start to dey

50. But I get baptism of suffer-head wey I
wan do, and wahala brekete for my mind–until I don do am.

51. Abi una tink sey I come to bring peace
for earth? Lai-lai, I dey tell una sey, na scata-scata I carry come.

52. From now on, five pipo go dey fight
demsef inside one family, three against two, and two against three.

53. Dem go dey fight demsef, papa go dey
against hin son-and pikin go change-am-for hin papa, mama go dey against her daughter and daughter go change-am-for mama, and moda- in-law go dey against daughter- in-law.”

To Sabi Understand Wetin Time Be

54. He con tell di plenty pipo sey: “Wen una
see clouds dey rise for west, una go sharply tok sey, ‘Rain go fall,’ and rain go true- true fall.

55. And wen di breeze from south dey blow, una go tok sey, ‘E go hot,’ and naso e go be.

56. Fake-pipo! Una sabi interpret how di
earth and di sky be. How e con be sey una no sabi interpret wetin time dey tok now?

57. “Why una no judge for unasef-wetin dey right?

58. As you and your enemy dey go court, try well-well make una settle for road, or he go drag you go meet di judge, di judge go carry you give di ekelebe, and di ekelebe go
throway you for prison.

59. I dey tell you sey, you no go komot for
there—until you don pay di last moni


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