Luke Chapter 13

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Repent Or Kpeme

1. Now dem tell Jesus about some pipo from Galilee, wey Pilate kill—as dem dey give sacrifice for di worship-place.

2. Jesus con ansa dem, “Abi una tink sey
dis pipo from Galilee dey commit sin pass
those oda pipo from Galilee—becos dem
suffer like dis?

3. I dey tell una, lai-lai! But unless una
repent, all of una sef go kpeme.

4. Abi una tink sey those eighteen pipo wey
kpeme wen di tall-house for Siloam fall on
top dem—bad pass all di oda pipo wey dey
stay for Jerusalem?

5. I dey tell una, lai-lai! But unless una
repent—unasef go kpeme.”

6. He con tell dem dis parable: “E get one
man wey plant fruit tree for hin farm, and he con go fyne fruit for there, but he no see any fruit.

7. Naso he tell di guy wey dey take care of
di farm sey, ‘For three years now, I don dey
come fyne fruit for dis fruit tree, and I neva
see anytin. Cut am put for ground! Why e go dey waste di soil?’

8. “Di guy con ansa am sey, ‘Oga, make you
leave am for one more year, and I go dig
round, con put manure.

9. If e produce fruit next year, fine! If not,
we go cut am for ground!’ ”

Di Cripple Woman Heal On Sabbath

10. On Sabbath day, Jesus dey teach for
inside one of di worship-place,

11. And one woman wey bad-spirit don turn to cripple for eighteen year, dey for there. Her body don bend, and she no fit straight her body at all.

12. Wen Jesus see her, he call her come front, con tell her sey, “Woman you don free from your sickness.”

13. Naso he touch her body, and kia-kia, she straight her body. She con start to dey praise Baba-God.

14. Di ruler of di worship-place con dey vex
becos Jesus don heal pesin on Sabbath day, so dem tell di pipo sey, “Six days nahin dey to hustle. So make una come make dem heal una for di six days, no be for di Sabbath day.”

15. So Jesus ansa am, “Fake-pipo! All of una no dey loose una donkey or malu from e cage, con carry am go drink water on
Sabbath day?

16. Abi make dis woman wey be Abraham
daughter, wey Satan don tie down for
eighteen years, no free from wetin dey tie her down on Sabbath day?”

17. Wen he tok dis tins, shame con dey catch all di pipo wey dey against am, but body con dey sweet all di pipo—for di ogbonge tins wey Jesus do.

Di Parable Of Di Mustard Seed Plus Di

18. Jesus con ask, “Wetin I go use take
compare Baba-God kingdom? Wetin e be

19. E be like mustard seed wey one man go plant for hin garden. E grow, con turn to tree, and birds wey dey fly for sky—con dey
perch for e branch.”

20. He ask again, “Wetin I go use take
compare Baba-God kingdom?

21. E be like di yeast wey one woman use
take make bread. Even though she put only
three measures of flour, ie make di whole
container of flour wey she mix—to rise.”

Di Small Door

22. Jesus waka pass di cities plus villages, he dey teach as he dey go Jerusalem.

23. Pesin con ask am, “Oga, na only some
pipo go dey saved?” He con tell dem sey,

24. “Try well-well make you enta tru di
small door. I dey tell una—becos plenty pipo go try to enta, but dem no go fit.

25. Once di owner of di house stand up—con lock di door, una go stand for outside, con dey knock—dey beg, ‘Oga, biko open di
door for us. “But he go ansa, ‘I no know you, or where you come from.’

26. “Naso una go tok sey, ‘We follow you
chop and drink, and you teach for awa

27. “But he go ansa, ‘I no know una or where una come from. Komot from my side all of una wey dey do evil tin!’

28. “Una go dey cry for there, con dey bite
una teeth wit pain—wen una see Abraham,
Isaac plus Jacob, plus all di prophets–for
Baba-God kingdom, but dem go pursue una komot.

29. Pipo go come from east, plus west, and
north, plus south, and dem go sidon for
Baba-God kingdom.

30. True-true, some pipo wey be last—go be first, and di first—go con be di last.”

Jesus Feel Sad For Jerusalem

31. Dat very day, Pharisees come meet
Jesus, con tell am sey, “Komot from dis
place. Herod wan kill you.”

32. He con ansa dem, “Go tell dat fox sey, ‘I
go pursue your bad-spirits komot, con heal pipo today and tomorrow, and for di third
day I go don finish my plan.’

33. But I must travel today and tomorrow,
and di following day—surely no prophet fit
die outside Jerusalem!

34. “Chai, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, una wey
dey kill di prophets, con stone those pipo
wey Baba-God send to una, e don tey wey I
wan gada una pikin togeda, as fawo take dey gada her pikin under her feather, but una no gree!

35. See, una house don empty finish. I dey
tell una sey, una no go see me again until una tok sey, ‘Blessings for di pesin wey come wit di name of Baba-God.’ ”


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