Luke Chapter 14

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Jesus For One Pharisee House

1. One Sabbath day, wen Jesus go chop for
one Pharisee house wey get levels, dem con dey watch am well-well.

2. E get one man wey stand for dia front for there—wey hin body swell up.

3. So Jesus ask di Pharisee, plus di pipo
wey sabi di law sey, “E dey right to heal on
Sabbath day or not?”

4. But dem no gree tok. So as he hold di
man, he heal am, con tok sey—make he dey go.

5. Naso he ask dem, “If one of una get
pikin, or malu—wey fall inside hole on
Sabbath day, you no go drag am
come out sharp-sharp?”

6. Dem no gree tok anytin.

7. Wen he notice how di pipo wey dem
invite take dey sidon for dia position for di
table, he con tell dem one parable:

8. “Wen pesin invite you go wedding, no go
sidon for high table, becos dem fit don invite pesin wey get levels pass you.

9. If naso e be, di pesin wey invite both of
una go con tell you sey, ‘Abeg give dis man
your chair.’ Dem go con give you ordinary
chair wey go fall your hand.

10. But wen dem invite you, sidon for di
chair wey small pass, so dat wen di pesin
wey invite you show, he go tell you sey,
“Padi, come sidon for high table.’ Naso you
go take get levels for where all di pipo wey
dem invite dey.

11. Any-pesin wey dey feel big go fall hin
hand, and any-pesin wey humble hinsef go get promotion.”

12. Jesus con tell di pesin wey invite am sey, “Wen you wan do party, no invite your padi, your brodas, or family pipo, or your
neighbours wey be bigman; if you do like
dat, dem go invite you back, so dem don pay you back.

13. But wen you wan do party, invite poor
pipo, cripple, pipo wey no fit waka, blind

14. and you go get alubarika. Even though
dem no fit pay you back, you go get your
blessings—wen di good pipo go raise up
from di dead.”

Di Parable Of Di Big Party

15. Wen one of those pipo wey dey for table wit am—hear am, he con tell Jesus sey, “Blessings for di man wey dey chop for di party for Baba-God kingdom.”

16. Naso Jesus ansa am sey: “E get one man wey dey arrange one big party, he con invite plenty pipo.

17. Wen time don reach for di party, he send hin servant make dem go tell di pipo wey he invite sey, ‘Come, everitin don ready.’

18. “But dem start to dey give excuse. Di
first one tok sey, ‘I just buy one land, and I
wan go see am. Abeg excuse me.’

19. “Anoda one tok sey, ‘I just buy five yokes of oxen, and I wan go test dem. Biko excuse me.’

20. “Anoda one still tok sey, ‘I just marry, so
I no fit come.’

21. “Di servant come back con tell hin oga
wetin happun. Naso di owner of di house
para, con tell hin servant sey, “Sharply enta
street and di sharp-corners of di city, make
una bring di poor pipo, di cripple, di blind
pipo, plus pipo wey no fit waka.’

22. “ ‘So di servant tok sey, “Oga, I don do
wetin you tell me to do, but space still dey.’

23. “Di oga con tell hin servant sey, ‘Go
street and di kontri road, direct dem come
here—so dat my house go full.

24. I dey tell una sey, no single one of those men wey I bin invite go flex my party.’ ”
Wetin E Cost To Be Disciple

25. Plenty plenty-pipo dey travel follow
Jesus, and as he turn face dem—he tok sey:

26. “If any-pesin dey come meet me, and he no hate hin papa and hin mama, hin wife, plus pikin, hin brodas and hin sistas—yes, even hin own life—he no fit be my disciple.

  1. Any-pesin wey no fit carry hin
    cross—con follow me, no fit be my disciple.
  2. “If to sey one of una wan build tall-house. He no go first sidon calculate how much he go need—to see if he get enuff moni to finish am?
  3. If he lay di foundation and he no fit finish am, everi-pesin wey see am go laff am,
  4. sey, ‘Dis guy start to build, and he no fit finish wetin he start.’
  5. “Or if to sey king wan go fight war
    against anoda king. He no go first sidon reason whether he go use ten thousand men take fight di king wey wan fight am wit twenty thousand men?
  6. If he no fit, he go send message as di oda king still dey for road dey come, and he go ask for agreement of peace.
  7. Naso e be sef, any of una wey no fit
    sacrifice everitin wey he get—no fit be my disciple.
  8. “Salt good, but if e lose e flavour, how e go fit be salt again?
  9. Eno go even good for sand-sand or animal shit wey dem gada, but pipo go just throway am. Any-pesin wey get ears, make e hear.”


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