Luke Chapter 15

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Di Parable Of Di Sheep Wey Lost

1. Now all of dem—di tax collectors plus
sinners, gada round Jesus—to hear hin

2. But di Pharisees and di teachers of di law con dey tok small-small sey, “Dis man na sinners padi, and he dey follow dem chop.”

3. Jesus con tell dem dis parable:

4. “If to sey one of una get hundred sheep,
and one of dem one man wey get two sons. lose. He no go leave di ninety-nine for di open field—con go fyne di sheep wey lose until he see am?

5. And wen he see am, he go carry am for
hin shoulder wit happiness,

6. and he go go house. Naso he go call hin
padi and hin neighbours togeda—con tok
sey, ‘Make una celebrate wit me’; I don see
my sheep wey lose.”

7. I dey tell una di truth sey, naso flexing sef go dey for heaven—wen one sinner repent, pass di ninety-nine good pipo wey no need to repent.

Di Parable Of Di Coin Wey Lose

8. “Or if to sey one woman get ten silver coins, and she con lose one. Abi she no go
light lamp, sweep di house, con fyne everi-where well-well until she see am?

9. And wen she see am, she go call her padi and neighbours togeda, con tok sey,
‘Celebrate wit me; I don see my coin wey
lose before.’

10. I dey tell una sey naso celebration sef go dey for front of Baba-God angels for one sinner wey repent.”

Di Parable Of Di Pikin Wey Lose

11. Jesus kontinu: “E get

12. Di small one tell dia papa sey, ‘Papa, give me my share of di properties.’ So hin papa share di properties for dem.

13. “Afta some days, di small boy gada
everitin togeda, con travel go one far kontri,
and na for there he flex di moni wit hin
jaguda life.

14. Afta he don spend everitin finish, serious hunger con dey for dat full kontri, naso hungry catch am.

15. So he go hustle wit one man from dat
kontri, wey send am go hin farm to feed pigs.

16. Hunger catch am sote he wan follow di
pigs chop sef, but no-pesin give am anytin.

17. “Wen he con get-sense, he reason am sey, ‘Plenty of my papa workers dey chop belleful, and see me—hungry wan kill me for here!

18. I go waka go back to my papa, con tell
am sey: Papa, I don sin against heaven, and against you.

19. Dem no suppose call me your pikin;
employ me as one of your workers.’

20. Naso he stand up go meet hin papa.
“But as he still dey far-far dey come, hin
papa see am, con sorryfor am; he run go meet hin pikin, he hug am, con kiss am.

21. “Di boy con tok sey, ‘Papa, I don sin
against heaven, and against you. Dem no
suppose call me your pikin again.’

22. “But hin papa tell hin servants sey, ‘Fast-fast, carry di best cloth come—make you wear am for hin body. Put ring for hin finger, and sandals for hin leg.

23. Carry orobo malu come, kill am. Make
we throw party, make we jolly.

24. Dis my pikin bin die and now he don
come back to life again; he bin lose, but now we don see am.’ So dem start to dey

25. “Hin senior pikin bin dey for farm. Wen
he reach near house, he hear music plus

  1. So he call one of di servant, con ask am wetin dey happun.
  2. He con ansa am, ‘Your broda don come back, and your papa don kill ororbor malu becos he come back wit-out wound, and he dey alright.’
  3. “Di senior broda con dey vex, and he no gree go inside house. So hin papa go outside go beg am.
  4. But he ansa hin papa, ‘See! All dis years I dey do boy- boy for you, and I neva disobey wetin you tell me to do. But you neva even give me one small goat—make I throw party wit my padi.
  5. But wen dis your pikin wey don flex your property wit ashawo—come house, you kill orobo malu for am!’
  6. “Hin papa con tok sey, ‘My pikin, you
    always dey wit me, and na you get everitin wey I get.
  7. But we suppose celebrate and jolly,
    becos your broda wey bin die—don come back to life; he bin lose, but now we don see am.’”


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