Luke Chapter 16

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Di Parable Of Di Mago-mago

1. Jesus gist hin disciples: “E get one
bigman—pipo dey tok sey hin manager dey
flex [and waste] di man moni anyhow.

2. So di bigman call hin manager
enta—con ask am sey, ‘Wetin I dey hear
about you? Show me di account of wetin you dey manage, becos you no go fit be my
manager again.’

3. “Di manager con tell hinsef sey, ‘Wetin I
go do now? My oga go sack me. I no get
pawa to go hustle from ground, and shame
dey catch me to beg.

4. I know wetin I go do, so dat wen I lose
my job for here, I go get plenty padi wey go
welcome me for dia house.’

5. “Naso he call all di pipo wey dey owe hin
oga moni. He ask di first one, ‘How much
you dey owe my oga?’

6. “He ansa am, ‘Eight hundred kegs of
olive oil,’ “Di manager con tell am sey, ‘Take your bill, sidon sharp-sharp change am to four hundred.’

7. “He ask di second one, ‘How much you
dey owe?’ “He con tok sey, ‘One thousand
bushel of wheat.’ “He tell am sey, ‘Take your bill make you change am to eight hundred.’

8. Di oga con hail di bad manager becos he
be sharp guy. World-pipo get sense pass di
children of light for dia own way.

9. Learn sometin: use your moni take epp
your padi, so dat wen di moni no dey again,
you go get room for di house wey dey last

10. “Any-pesin wey dem fit trust wit small
tin—dem fit trust am wit plenty tins sef, and any-pesin wey no dey tok truth for small mata—no go tok truth for big mata sef.

11. So if dem no fit trust you to handle di
moni of dis world, who go fit trust you wit
real riches?

12. And if dem no fit trust you wit pesin
property, who go give you property wey be
your own?

13. “No servant fit serve two oga. He go hate one, con love di oda one, or he go give one hin time, con fashi di oda one. You no fit serve Baba-God and moni togeda.”

14. Di Pharisee wey like moni—hear all dis
tins, con dey yab Jesus.

15. Naso he tell dem sey, “Na una dey do like sey—una be beta pipo for men eyes, but Baba-God know una heart. Wetin man dey value well-well nahin Baba-God hate.

More Teachings

16. “Dem tok about di law and di message of di prophets until John. Since dat time, dem dey preach di good news of Baba-God
kingdom, and everi-pesin wan get am by all

17. E easy pass make heaven and earth pass go, dan for di smallest writing to komot from di law.

18. For example: “Any-pesin wey pursue
hin wife komot, con marry anoda woman,
don commit adultery, and any-pesin wey
marry woman wey don komot from husband house—don commit adultery.

Di Bigman Plus Lazarus

19. “E get one bigman wey dress up wit
purple and designer cloth, and he dey live
bigman life everi day.

20. E get one beggar wey dey for hin
gate—wey dem dey call Lazarus, hin body
full wit wound.

21. And he dey try to chop wetin fall from di bigman table. Even di dogs con dey lick hin wound.

  1. “Time con reach wen di beggar die, and di angels carry am go Abraham side. Di rich man sef die, and dem bury am.
  2. For hell, where dem dey show am
    pepper, di bigman look up, con see Abraham far-far wit Lazarus for hin side.
  3. So he halla am, ‘Papa Abraham, sorry-for me, send Lazarus make he shuuk hin finger inside water, and make he put am for my tongue, becos suffer dey catch me for dis faya.’
  4. “But Abraham ansa am sey, ‘Pikin,
    remember sey wen you bin dey alive, you receive your beta tins, as Lazarus receive hin bad tins, but now Lazarus dey flex for here, and you dey for suffer-head.
  5. And apart from all dis tins, deep space separate us—so dat any-pesin wey wan komot from here go there—no go fit, and no-pesin fit come from there come meet us for here.’
  6. “He con tok sey, ‘So I dey beg you papa Abraham, send Lazarus go my papa house,
  7. I get five brodas. Make he warn dem, so dat demsef no go come dis place of suffer-head.
  8. “Abraham ansa am sey, ‘Dem get Moses and di Prophets; make dem listen to dem.’
  9. “Di rich man con tok sey, ‘No, papa
    Abraham, if pesin from di dead go meet dem, dem go repent.’
  10. “Naso Abraham tell am sey, ‘If dem no
    gree listen to Moses and di Prophets, notin go fit change dem even if pesin raise from di dead.’ ”


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