Luke Chapter 17

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Always Forgive

1. Jesus tell hin disciples sey: “Tins wey
dey make pipo dey commit sin must come,
but yawa for dat pesin wey go carry am

2. E go beta sey dem throway am inside
water—wit heavy stone wey dem go tie for
hin neck, dan make he make any one of dis
small pikin commit sin.

3. So make una watch unasef. “If your
broda commit sin, change-am-for am, and if he repent, forgive am.

4. If he offend you seven times in one day,
and he come back come meet you seven
times, con tok sey, ‘I repent,’ forgive am.”

5. Di apostle con tell Jesus sey, “Show us
how to add-join awa faith—make awa faith for plenty!”

6. Naso he ansa dem, “If you get faith wey
small like mustard seed, you fit tell dis tree
sey, ‘Komot from ground—make you go
enta water,’ and e go obey you.

7. “If one of una get servant wey dey work
for farm, and wey dey take care of di goats.
Wen di servant come back, you go tell am
sey, ‘Come here, con sidon chop’?

8. Instead go tok sey, ‘Prepare my night-food, serve me—make I chop and drink; afta dat, you sef go chop and drink’?

9. Abi he go tank di servant—becos he do
wetin he tell am to do? Lai-lai.

10. Naso e be for una sef, wen una don do
everitin wey dem tell una to do, una go tok
sey, we be
servant wey no get level; na awa work we
don do so.’ ”

Jesus Heal Ten Pipo Wey Get Leprosy

11. Now, as Jesus dey go Jerusalem, he
travel for di border between Samaria and

12. As he enta inside di village, ten men wey get leprosy come meet am. Dem stand far-far,

13. con dey halla wit loud voice, “Oga ,
Jesus, sorry-for us!”

14. Wen Jesus see dem, he tok sey, “Make
una go show unasef to di priest.” And naso
dia body heal as dem dey go.

15. As one of dem see sey he don heal, he
come back, con dey praise Baba-God wit
loud voice.

16. He throway hinsef for Jesus front, con
dey tank am—and he be Samaritan.

17. Naso Jesus ask am sey, “No be ten of una I heal? Where di oda nine?

18. So none of dem fit come back to praise
Baba-God—except you wey be foreigner?”

19. Jesus tell am sey, “Stand up make you
dey go your way; your faith don make you

Baba-God Kingdom Dey Come

20. One day, wen di Pharisees ask am wen
Baba-God kingdom go come, Jesus ansa
dem sey, “Baba-God kingdom no dey come
wit observing,

21. or make pipo tok sey, ‘See am for here,’ or ‘See am for there,’ becos Baba-God kingdom dey inside you.”

22. Naso he tell hin disciples sey, “Time dey come- wen una go wish sey una fit just dey wit Man-pikin for only one single day, but una no go see am.

23. Men go tell una sey, ‘Na there he dey!’ or ‘See am for here!’ Make una no run follow dem.

24. For hin days, Man-pikin go be like
lightning wey dey flash, and wey dey show
light from one side of di sky to di oda side.

25. But he must first suffer plenty tins, and
dis generation go bone am.

26. “Just as e be for Noah days, naso e go be for di days of Man-pikin.

27. Pipo dey chop, dey drink, dey marry, and dem dey give dem for marriage, until di day wey Noah enta one big boat wey Baba-God tell am to build (Ark). Naso di flood con scata all of dem.

28. “Naso e be sef for di days of Lot. Pipo
dey chop, dey drink, dey buy and sell, dem
dey plant, and dey build.

29. But di day wey Lot komot from Sodom,
faya come down from heaven like rain—con scata all of dem.

30. “Naso e go be sef for di days wen Man-pikin go show.

31. For dat day, make no- pesin wey dey for
roof of hin house, go down go carry hin
properties. And make no-pesin wey dey for
farm, go back to carry anytin from hin house.

32. Remember Lot wife!

33. Any-pesin wey try to keep hin life-go
lose am, and any- pesin wey lose hin
life—go save am.

34. I dey tell una sey for dat night, two pipo
go dey sleep for one bed; one go go, and di
oda one go still dey.

35. Two women go dey grind togeda; one go move komot- and di oda one go still dey.”

36. Two men go dey for farm; one go move
komot—and di oda one go still dey.

37. Dem con ask am, “For where Oga?”
He con ansa dem, “Where deadbody
dey—na for there eagles dey gada put.”


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