Luke Chapter 19

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Zacchaeus Di Tax Collector

1. Jesus enta Jericho, con dey pass dey go.

2. E get one man wey dey for there, wey
dem dey call Zacchaeus; he be di chief tax
collector, and he get-moni well- well.

3. He wan see who Jesus be, but as he be
short man, he no fit see Jesus—becos of di
plenty pipo wey gada.

4. So he run go front, con climb one tree to
see Jesus, as Jesus dey waka pass dat road.

5. Wen Jesus reach where Zacchaeus dey,
he look up, con tell am sey, “Zacchaeus,
come down now-now-now. I must stay for
your house today.”

6. So he sharply come down, con use
happiness welcome am.

7. All di pipo see wetin happun, con dey
complain sey, “He wan go visit sinner.”

8. But Zacchaeus stand up, con tell Jesus
sey, “See, Oga! For here and right now, I give half of everitin wey I get to poor pipo, and if I don do any-pesin ojoro, I go pay back four times of di moni.”

9. Jesus con tell am sey, “Today salvation
don enta dis house, becos dis man sef na
Abraham pikin.

10. Man-pikin come to fyne, and to save
pipo wey don lose.”

Di Parable Of Di Ten Minas

11. As dem dey listen to am, he con tell dem one parable, becos he dey near Jerusalem and di pipo tink sey Baba-God kingdom go show-face at once.

12. Naso he tok sey: “One prince travel go
one kingdom wey far well-well, so dat dem
go crown am as king for there, and he go
come back.

13. So he call ten of hin servants, con share ten minas among dem. He tell dem sey, ‘Use dis moni take hustle until I come back.’

14. “But hin followers hate am, dem send
message go meet am sey, ‘We no want dis
man as awa king.’

15. “Las-las, dem crown am as king, so he
come back house. He call hin servants wey
he give moni, so dat he go know wetin dem
don gain from di moni.

16. “Di first one come, con tok sey, ‘Oga, ten more minas don add-join your minas.’

17. Di oga con tok sey, ‘Well done, my beta
servant! Becos I fit trust you wit very small
tin, you go control ten cities as your pay.’

18. Di second one con enta, he tok sey, “Oga, I don make times five of di moni wey you give me.’

19. “Hin king con tok sey, ‘Well done
(sannu), I go make you control five cities.’

20. “But di third servant enta, con tok sey,
‘Oga, see your moni; I hide am for

21. I dey fear you—becos you be hard man.
You dey collect from where you no invest,
and you dey harvest wetin you no plant.’

22. “Hin oga con ansa am sey, ‘I go use your own words take judge you, you dis wicked servant! You know sey I be hard man abi—I dey collect from where I no invest anytin put, and I dey harvest wetin I no plant?

23. Why you no put my moni for bank so dat wen I come back, I for collect am wit interest?’

24. “He con tell those pipo wey dey stand for there sey, ‘Collect dis moni from am—give di pesin wey get ten minas!’

25. “Dem con tok sey, ‘Oga, he already get
ten minas!’

26. “Naso dia oga con tok sey, ‘I dey tell una sey, any-pesin wey use wetin he get
well—go get more, but as for those pipo wey no use wetin dem get—dem go lose even di small tin wey dem get.

27. And for those my enemies wey no wan
make I be dia king—carry dem come
here—kill dem for my front.’

Jesus Enta Like King

28. Afta Jesus tok finish, he move go

29. As he dey reach Bethphage and Bethany, for one hill wey dem dey call di Mount of Olives, he send two of hin disciples, he tell dem sey,

30. “Go di village wey dey una front, as una
enta, una go see one donkey wey dem tie for there, wey no-pesin don ever ride before. Loose am, and make una carry am come here.

31. If any-pesin ask una, ‘Why una dey loose am?’ tell am sey, ‘Na di Oga need am.’ ”

32. Those disciples wey Jesus send go
there—con see sey naso e just be—as Jesus tell dem.

33. As dem dey loose di donkey, di owner
con ask, “Why una dey loose di donkey?”

34. Dem ansa am sey, “Na di Oga need am.”

35. Dem carry di donkey come meet Jesus,
dem put dia clothes on top of di donkey, and Jesus sidon put.

36. As he dey go, pipo con dey put dia
clothes for road.

37. Wen he reach near di place where di road lead go di Mount of Olives, di full crowd of disciples con start to dey happy—dey praise Baba-God wit loud voice, and for all di miracles wey dem don see:

38. “Blessings for di king wey dey come wit
Baba-God name!” “Make peace dey for
heaven and glory in di highest!”

39. Some of di Pharisees wey dey among di plenty-pipo con tell Jesus sey, “Teacher, tell your disciples make dem stop to dey hail you!”

40. He con ansa, “I dey tell una sey, if dem
keep quiet, di stones go raise dia voice.”

41. As he dey reach Jerusalem, con see di
city, he cry for di city,

42. he tok sey, “How I wish sey una fit
follow di way of peace- but now una eyes no fit see am.

43. Time dey come wen una enemies go
build wall against una, con round una, con
dey push una from everi corner.

44. Dem go nack una and una pikin for
ground. Dem go scata everi-where, becos una no know-wen Baba-God come meet una.”

Jesus For Inside Di Worship-place

45. Naso he enta di worship-place, con start to dey pursue those pipo wey dey sell

46. He tell dem sey, “Dem write am sey, ‘My
house go be di house of prayer,’ but una don turn am to joint of robber.’ ”

47. Everi day he dey teach for di worship-place. But di chief priests, di teachers of di
law, plus di leaders among di pipo—dey try
to kill am,

48. but dem no know wetin dem go do, becos all di pipo dey listen to hin words.


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