Luke Chapter 20

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Dem Ask Jesus About Hin Pawa

1. One day as Jesus dey teach di pipo for di worship-place, and dey preach di good news, di chief priests plus di teachers of di law, togeda wit di senior-men come meet am.

2. Dem tok sey, “Guy, tell us which pawa you dey use do all dis tins. Who give you dis pawa?”

3. Naso he ansa dem, “I go ask una one
question sef.

4. Make una tell me about John
baptism—na from heaven, abi na from

5. Dem reason di mata wit demsef con tok
sey, “If we tok sey, ‘na from heaven,’ he go
ask us sey, ‘Why una no believe am?’

6. But if we tok sey, ‘Na from men,’ all di
pipo go stone us, becos dem believe sey John na prophet.”

7. So dem ansa am, “We no know where e
come from.”

8. Jesus con tell dem sey, “Me sef no go tell una which pawa I dey use do all dis tins.”

Di Parable Of Di Tenants

9. He still tell di pipo dis parable: “One man
plant grape- farm, he rent am give some
farmers, con travel go far-far.

10. Wen harvest time reach, he send hin
servant go meet di tenants, to collect hin
share of di harvest. But di tenants beat di
servant, con tok sey make he dey go wit

11. He send anoda servant, but dem beat dat one sef, dem do am anyhow, con tok sey make he dey go wit notin.

12. He still send di third servant, and dem
wound am, con pursue am komot.

13. “Naso di owner of di grape-farm tok sey, ‘Wetin I go do now? I go send my son wey I love; maybe dem go respect am.’

14. “But wen di tenants see hin pikin, dem reason di mata. Dem tok sey, ‘Dis na hin
pikin. Make we kill am so dat we go be di
owners of di land.’

15. So dem throway am komot from di
grape-farm, con kill am. “Wetin di owner of di grape-farm go con do dem?

16. He go kill those tenants, con give di
grape-farm to oda pipo.” Wen di pipo hear
am, dem tok sey, “Tufiakwa! E no go ever

17. Jesus look dem straight, con ask dem sey, “So wetin be di meaning of wetin dem write: “ ‘Di stone wey di builders fashi—don turn to di foundation stone’?

18. Everi-pesin wey fall on top dat stone go
break to pieces, but any-pesin wey di stone
fall on top—di stone go grind am to powder.

19. Di teachers of di law plus di chief priests, con dey fyne chance to arrest am sharp-sharp, becos dem know sey he tok dis parable against dem. But dem con dey fear di pipo.

Paying Tax To Caesar

20. Dem con dey watch am well-well. Dem
send spies wey pretend like sey dem dey tok true. Dem hope sey dem fit catch Jesus wit sometin wey he go tok, so dat dem go fit carry am go give di govnor.

21. So dem dey ask am question:
“Teacher we know sey you dey teach and tok correct tin, you no dey show partiality, but you dey teach about Baba-God way—based-on di truth.

22. E dey right for us to pay tax to Caesar or not?”

23. Jesus notice sey dem dey whyne am, so he tell dem sey,

24. “Show me one denarius. Which pesin
image plus writing dey on top of am?”

25. Dem con tok sey, “Na Caesar.” Naso he
tell dem sey, “So give wetin belong to
Caesar—to Caesar, and give wetin belong to Baba-God—to Baba-God.”

26. Dem no fit hollam-for- work wit wetin
he tok for front of di pipo. Dem surprise for
hin ansa—so dem con keep quiet.

Gist About Di Dead Wey Go Raise Again

27. Some of di Sadducees, wey tok sey pipo no go raise up again from dead, come meet Jesus wit question.

28. Dem tok sey, “Teacher, Moses write for
us sey if pesin broda die leave hin wife—wit no pikin, di pesin must marry hin broda wife, con born pikin for hin broda.

29. Now e get seven brodas. Di first one
marry one woman, con die wit no pikin.

30. Di second broda marry di woman, but
hinsef die.

31. Di third one sef con marry her, and naso di seven of dem die—wit no pikin.

32. Las-las di woman sef con die.

33. Who go be her husband, wen pipo go
raise up again from di dead, since di seven of dem marry her?”

34. Jesus ansa dem sey, “Di pipo of dis world dey marry, and dem dey give pipo hand for marriage.

35. Those pipo wey get levels reach to raise up from di dead, and live for di new
generation—no go marry, and dem no go
give dem out for marriage.

36. And dem no go ever die again; dem go be like di angels. Dem be Baba-God pikin, dem be di pikin wey live again.

37. But about whether pipo go live
again—even Moses confam am, wen he
write about am for di tori of di burning bush. He call Baba-God, ‘Di God of Abraham, Isaac and di God of Jacob.’ Dis one na afta Abraham don die tey-tey.

38. So Baba-God na di God of di living, no
be di God of di dead, becos all of dem dey
alive to am.”

39. Some of di teachers of di law con ansa
am, “You don tok well teacher!”

40. And none of dem get liver to ask am any more questions again.

Which Pesin Son Be Di Christ

41. Jesus con tell dem sey, “How e be sey
dem tok sey Christ na David son?

42. David hinsef tok for di Book of Psalm:
“ ‘Di Oga tell my Oga sey: “Sidon for my
right hand

43. until I turn your enemies to stool for
under your leg.” ‘

44. David dey call am ‘Oga.’ How he con
take be David pikin?”

45. As all di pipo dey listen, Jesus con tell
hin disciples sey,

46. “Make una dey careful wit di teachers of di law. Dem like to waka upandan—wit cloth wey long reach ground, and dem like make pipo dey greet dem for market, dem like to sidon for di most important chair for church, and dem like to sidon for high table for party.

47. Dem dey chop everitin wey dey for widow house finish, and dem like to dey pray long prayer to show demsef. Baba-God go punish those kain men well- well.”


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