Luke Chapter 21

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Di Offering Of Di Widow

1. As Jesus look up, he see di rich pipo dey
put dia gift for di offering box—for inside di

2. He still see one widow dey put two small
copper coins.

3. He con tok sey, “I dey tell una di truth, dis
poor widow don give pass all di odas.

4. All those pipo give tashere from di
plenty tins wey dem get; but from inside her poverty nahin she take give everitin wey she get.”

Sign Sey Time Don Dey Reach

5. Some of di disciples dey tok about how dem take build di worship-place wit fine-fine stones, and wit gift wey pipo give to Baba-God. But Jesus tok sey,

6. “As for wetin una dey see for here so,
time dey come wen no single stone go dey on top of each oda; all of dem go scata for

7. Dem con ask am sey, “Teacher, wen dis
tins go happun? And wetin go be di sign sey dem go soon happun?”

8. He ansa dem sey: “Make una watch well-well so dat dem no go play una wayo. Plenty pipo go come wit my name, con dey claim sey, ‘Na me be am,’ and, ‘Time don reach finish.’ No follow dem.

9. Wen you hear sey dem don dey fight war
and revolution, make una mind no cut. Dis
tins must happun first, but di end no go just come like dat.”

10. He con tell dem sey: “Nation go dey
against nation, and kingdom go change-am-for kingdom.

11. Serious earthquake go happun, hungry
and diseases go brekete for plenty place, and tins wey suppose make man fear—go
happun, plus ogbonge miracle sign from

12. “But before all dis tins happun, dem go
show una pepper. Dem go carry una go worship-places and prisons, dem go carry una go meet kings plus govnors, all na becos of my name.

13. Dis tins go happun so dat una go use di
opportunity tok about me.

  1. No worry as you go take ansa dia
  2. I go give you words of wisdom wey none of una enemies go fit fashi, or counter!
  3. Even una mama and papa, bros, family-pipo and padi—go betray una. And dem go kill some of una becos of me.
  4. All men go hate una becos of me.
  5. But even one single of your hair no go
  6. If you stand gidigbam, you go gain life
  7. “Wen una see sey plenty army don dey round Jerusalem, una go know sey time don reach for una suffer-head.
  8. Make those pipo wey dey for Judea run go di mountains, make those pipo wey dey for city run komot, and make those pipo wey
    dey village—no enta di city.
  9. Dis na di time of punishment wey go
    confam everitin wey dem don prophesy.
  10. For those days, e go bad well-well for
    women wey get belle, and for women wey dey give pikin breast! Ogbonge kasala go dey for di land, and Baba-God go vex for dis pipo.
  11. Dem go kill dem wit sword, and dem go carry dem as prisoners—go all di nations. World-pipo go march Jerusalem for ground, until di time of world- pipo reach.
  12. “And signs go dey for di sun, moon, plus stars. For earth, kasala and gbege go dey among di nations as dem go surprise for di
    big-river plus di waves wey dey raise and shout.
  13. Pipo mind go cut wen dem see wetin dey happun for di world, even di pawas of heaven go shake.
  14. Na dat time dem go see Man-pikin dey come from cloud wit ogbonge pawa and plenty levels.
  15. Wen dis tins start to dey happun, stand up make una carry una head face up, becos una salvation don dey reach.”
  16. He con explain to dem: “Look di fig tree or any oda tree.
  17. Wen dia leaves start to dey grow, una fit see for unasef—to know sey hot season don dey reach.
  18. Naso e be sef, wen una see all dis tins dey happun, una go know sey Baba-God kingdom don dey near.
  19. “I dey tell una di truth, dis generation no go pass before all dis tins go happun.
  20. Heaven and earth go pass go, but my words no go ever pass go.
  1. “Make una dey careful—so dat at any
    time, una do go dull unasef wit flexing, mezebu, worry-worry about life, and before you know—dat day go just reach.
  2. E go come upon all di pipo wey dey stay for di whole earth.
  3. Always dey watch and pray, so dat you go fit escape all dis bad tins wey wan happun, and so dat you go fit stand for front of Man-pikin.”
  4. Everi day, Jesus dey teach for di
    worship-place and everi evening, he komot go spend di night on top of one hill wey dem
    dey call Mount of Olives,
  5. and for early mor-mor all di pipo come meet am for di worship-place—to listen to am.


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