Luke Chapter 22

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Judas Agree To Sell Jesus

1. Now, di Festival of Bread wit no
Yeast—wey dem dey call Passover don dey

2. and di chief priests plus
di teachers of di law dey fyne chance to gbab Jesus, but dem dey fear di pipo.

3. Satan con enta Judas, wey dem dey call
Iscariot—wey be one of di twelve disciples.

4. And Judas go meet di chief priests and di officers of di worship-place guard, he con tell dem how he go take betray Jesus.

5. Dia belle sweet dem, and dem agree to
give am moni.

6. Judas gree, and he con dey fyne chance
to carry Jesus give dem—wen pipo no plenty around.

Di Last Night-food

7. Di day of di Unleavened Bread con reach
wey dem suppose sacrifice di Passover lamb.

8. Jesus send Peter and John sey, “Make
una go arrange place for us to chop di

9. Dem con ask am sey, “Where you wan
make we go arrange?”

10. So he ansa dem sey, “As una dey enta di city, one man wey dey carry container of
water go meet una. Follow am go di house
wey he go enta,

11. and make una tell di owner of di house
sey, ‘Di teacher dey ask: where di visitors
room, where I go fit chop di Passover wit my disciples?

12. He go show una one big room wey dey
up, wey dem don already set di chair, plus
table. Make una arrange am for there.”

13. Dem komot, con see as tins be—just as
Jesus tell dem, so dem arrange di Passover.

14. Wen time reach, Jesus and hin disciples sidon for table.

15. Naso he tell dem sey, “My body dey
scratch me to chop dis Passover wit una
before my suffer go start.

16. I dey tell una sey, I no go chop dis food
again—until e come to pass for Baba-God

17. Afta he carry di cup, he give tanks, con
tok sey, “Take am—make una share am
among unasef.

18. I dey tell una sey, I no go drink di fruit of
di vine—until Baba-God kingdom don

19. And he carry bread, he give tanks, he cut am, con give dem. He con tok sey, “Dis na my body wey I dey give una; do dis tin to
remember me.”

20. Naso he do sef, afta di evening-food, he carry di cup con tok sey, “Dis cup na di new agreement inside my blood—wey I pour as sacrifice for una.

21. But di hand of di pesin wey go betray
me—dey wit my hand for table.

22. Man-pikin must die as dem don write
am, but yawa for dat man wey go betray am.”

23. Dem con dey ask question among
demsef—who go fit do dis kain tin among

24. Dem start to dey argue among demsef
about who be di greatest pesin among dem.

25. Naso Jesus tell dem sey, “Di kings of di
world dey use pawa for dia pipo, and dem tok sey di pipo wey dey use pawa among
dem—care about di pipo.”

26. But una no suppose be like dat. Instead, di pesin wey great pass among una suppose behave like di youngest pesin, and di pesin wey be leader among una—suppose dey serve di pipo.

27. Who great pass? Na pesin wey dey for
table, abi na di pesin wey dey serve? No be di pesin wey dey for table? But I live among
una like pesin wey dey serve.

28. Na una dey wit me tru all my palava.

29. I don put kingdom for una hand, just as
my Papa take put am for my hand,

30. so dat una fit chop and drink for my
table—inside my kingdom, and sidon for
king-chair, to judge di twelve tribes of Israel.

Jesus Predict Sey Peter Go Deny Am

31. “Simon, Simon, Satan don ask me sey he wan sift una like wheat.

32. But Simon, I don pray for you, so dat
your faith no go fail. And wen you don turn
back face me, ginger your brodas.”

33. But he ansa, “Oga, I ready to follow you
enta prison, and to die.”

34. But Jesus ansa am, “I dey tell you Peter, before di cock go crow, you go deny sey you know me—three times.”

35. Naso Jesus ask dem, “Wen I send una
wit-out purse, bag or pam, una lack anytin?” Dem con ansa am, “Notin!”

36. Naso he tell dem sey, “But now una get
purse, carry am, and carry bag sef; and if una no get sword, sell your cloth make you buy one.

37. Time don reach wey di prophecy about
me go come to pass: ‘Dem count am among jaguda pipo.’ Yes everitin wey di prophets tok about me go come to pass.”

38. Di disciples con tok sey, “See Oga, see
two swords.” He con ansa dem, “Dat one dey enuff.”

Jesus Pray On Top Of Mount Of Olives

39. Jesus komot go di Mount of Olives as he dey always do, and hin disciple follow am.

40. As dem reach di place, he con tell dem
sey, “Pray so dat you no go fall for temptation.”

41. He waka go front small, he kneeldown,
con dey pray.

42. “Papa, if na your will, carry dis cup
komot from me; but no be by my will, but na by your will.”

43. Angel from heaven show-face to am, con ginger am.

44. As he dey feel pain for hin heart, he pray well-well—sote hin sweat wey dey drop for ground, be like blood.

45. Wen he stand up from di prayer, con go
back go meet hin disciples, he see sey dem dey sleep, dem don taya from di suffer-suffer.

46. So he ask dem sey, “Why una dey sleep? Stand up make una pray—so dat una no go fall inside temptation.”

Dem Gbab Jesus

47. As he dey tok, plenty- pipo gada come,
and na di man wey dem dey call Judas wey
be one of di twelve disciples carry dem
come. He waka meet Jesus to kiss am,

48. but Jesus ask am, “Judas, you dey betray Man-pikin wit kiss?”

49. Wen Jesus followers see wetin wan
happun, dem tok sey, “Oga, make we fight
dem wit awa sword?”

50. Naso one of di disciples hit di servant of di high priest—con cut hin right ear komot.

51. But Jesus ansa am sey, “Stop am!” He
touch di man ear, con heal am.

52. So Jesus tell di chief priests, di captain of di worship-place guard, plus di senior-men wey don come for am, sey, “Shwoo, I be tiff—dis one wey una don con meet me wit swords and sticks?

53. I dey wit una everi day for di worship-place, and una no fit touch me. But na una
time be dis—wen darkness don dey on-board.”

Peter Deny Jesus

54. As dem hollam, dem carry am go di high priest house. Peter dey follow dem for back.

55. Wen dem set faya for di middle of di
hall—and dem sidon togeda, Peter sidon wit dem.

56. One house-girl see Peter dey sidon near di faya. She look am well-well—con tok sey, “Dis man na one of Jesus followers!”

57. But Peter deny am. He tok sey, “Madam, I no know am before.”

58. Small time anoda pesin see am, con tok sey, “Yousef be one of dem.”
Peter ansa am sey, “Nnaa, I no be one of

59. Afta about one hour, anoda pesin con
still tok sey, “True-true dis guy bin dey wit
am, he come from Galilee.”

60. Peter ansa am, “Bros, I no know wetin
you dey tok!” Cock con crow as he just dey

61. Jesus turn, con look Peter straight. Naso Peter remember Jesus words: “Before di cock crow, you go deny me three times.”

62. Naso he go outside, con dey cry

Di Guards Dey Yab Jesus

63. Di men wey dey guard Jesus start to dey yab am, and dey beat am.

64. Dem use sometin cover hin eyes, con ask am sey, “Oya prophesy! Who nack you?”

65. And dem insult am well- well.

Jesus Wit Pilate And Herod

66. Wen day break, di council of di senior-men of di pipo, di chief priests, plus di teachers of di law gada togeda, and dem put Jesus for dia front.

67. Dem con tok sey, “If na you be di Christ, oya tell us.” So Jesus ansa dem, “If I tell una, una no go believe me,

68. and if I ask una question una no go ansa.

69. But from now on, Man- pikin go sidon
for di right hand of Baba-God—wit pawa.”

70. All of dem con ask am sey, “Abi you dey claim to be Baba-God pikin?”
He ansa dem, “Una dey correct if una tok

71. Naso dem tok sey, “Why we need any
more witness? We don hear am from hin own mouth.”


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