Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Luke Chapter 23

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Dem Carry Jesus Go Meet Pilate

1. Di plenty pipo wey gada, con stand up,
dem carry Jesus go meet Pilate.

2. Naso dem start to dey blow lie for hin
head sey, “We don notice sey dis man dey
dabaru awa nation. He tok sey make dem no dey pay tax to Caesar, and he claim to be di Christ, and King.”

3. So Pilate ask Jesus, “Na you be di king of di Jews?” Jesus con ansa am, “As you tok am, naso e just be.”

4. Pilate con tell di chief priests, plus di
plenty pipo wey gada—sey, “I no see any
bad tin wey dis man don do.”

5. But dem no gree, dem tok sey, “He dey
ginger di pipo for all di area—for Judea, wit
wetin he dey teach. He first start from
Galilee—reach here.”

6. As Pilate hear am, Pilate ask if di man na from Galilee.

7. Wen he notice sey Jesus dey under Herod area-of-pawa, he send am go meet Herod wey dey for Jerusalem dat time.

8. Wen Herod see Jesus, hin belle sweet am well-well, becos e don tey wey he wan see Jesus. He don hear plenty tins about Jesus, and he hope to see Jesus perform some miracles.

9. He ask Jesus plenty questions, but Jesus no ansa am.

10. Di chief priests, plus di teachers of di law dey stand for there—dem blow plenty lie for hin head.

11. Naso Herod and hin sojas con dey yab am, and dem use am play.Dem wear am fine cloth, con sey make he go back go meet Pilate.

12. Dat day, Herod and Pilate turn to
padi—dem be enemies before.

13. Pilate call all di chief priests
togeda, plus di rulers and di pipo,

14. he con tell dem sey, “Una carry dis man
come meet me, like pesin wey dey corrupt di pipo. I don observe am for una front, and I no see any bad tin among all di tins wey una tok sey he don do.

15. Even Herod sef no see anytin bad wey di man do, he don send am back—to come meet us; as una dey see, he neva do anytin wey reach make una kill am.

16. So I go punish am, and I go release am.”

17. Based-on tradition, Pilate must release
one prisoner for dem—for di Festival.

18. All of dem con start to dey shout wit one voice sey, “Carry dis man komot! Release Barabbas for us!”

19. (Barabbas bin dey for prison becos he
wan overthrow di govment for di city, and
becos he kill pesin).

20. Pilate wan release Jesus, so he con beg dem again.

21. But dem kontinu to dey shout, “Nail am
for cross! Nail am for cross!”

22. Naso he tell dem di third time sey:
“Why? Which crime dis man commit? I don
see sey he neva do any bad tin wey reach to kill am. So I go sey make dem just punish am, and I go release am.”

23. But dem con dey raise dia voice, dem
kontinu to dey shout sey make dem nail am for cross, and dia shout con cover everi-where.

24. Naso Pilate decide to give dem wetin
dem want.

25. He release di man wey dem ask for—di
man wey wan overthrow govment, and wey
kill pipo, so he carry Jesus give dem as dem want.

As Dem Take Kill Jesus

26. As dem dey carry Jesus komot, dem hold Simon from Cyrene as he dey come from di kontri-side, naso dem use gra-gra make am carry di cross follow Jesus.

27. Plenty pipo follow am, plus women wey
dey cry and dia eyes don full wit water.

28. Jesus turn, con tell dem sey, “Daughters of Jerusalem, make una no cry for me; cry for unasef, and for una pikin.

29. Time go reach wen una go tok sey,
‘Blessings for di women wey no get pikin, di belle wey neva born pikin and di breast wey neva feed pikin!’

30. Dat time “ ‘Dem go tell di mountain sey,
“Fall on top of us!” Dem go tell di hills sey,
“Cover us!” ‘

31. If men dey do dis kain tin wen tree still
green, wetin go happun wen di tree con dry?”

32. Dem carry two oda criminals wey dem
wan kill sef—follow am.

33. Wen dem reach one place wey dem dey call Skull, na for there dem nail Jesus for cross wit di criminals—one dey for hin right, and di oda one dey for di left.

34. Jesus con tok sey, “Papa forgive dem,
becos dem no know wetin dem dey do.” And di sojas roll dice to share hin cloth.

35. Di pipo stand dey look, and di rulers
even yab am. Dem tok sey, “He save oda
pipo; make he save hinsef if nahin be di
Christ—di pesin wey Baba-God choose.

36. Di sojas sef con dey yab am. Dem give
am sawa drink,

37. con tok sey, “If na you be di king of di
Jews, save yoursef.”

38. Dem write for on top of di cross wit
Greek, Latin and Hebrew, sey: DIS NA DI

39. One of di criminals wey dem hang near
am—con dey insult am: “No be you be di
Christ? Save yoursef make you save us sef!”

40. But di oda criminal change-am-for am,
“You no dey fear Baba-God, no be all of us
dem condemn togeda?

41. Dem punish us becos of wetin we do. But dis man neva do any bad tin.”

42. He con tok sey, “Jesus, remember me
wen you enta your kingdom.”

43. Jesus ansa am, “I dey tell you di truth,
today you go dey wit me for heaven.”

As Jesus Take Die

44. Time dey around di sixth hour, di full
land con dark until three o’clock,

45. di sun stop to dey shine. And di curtain
for di worship-place tear into two.

46. Jesus con shout wit loud voice sey,
“Papa, na inside your hand I put my spirit.”
Wen he don tok finish, he breath hin last

47. Di soja wey see wetin happun, praise
Baba-God, con tok sey, “True-true, dis man
na good man.”

48. Wen all di plenty luku- luku pipo wey
gada—see wetin happun, dem con dey shake dia head as dem dey waka komot.

49. But all those pipo wey know am, plus di women wey bin dey follow am from
Galilee—stand far-far dey watch wetin dey happun.

Jesus Burial

50. E get one man wey dem dey call Joseph, wey be member of di council, na good man wey get clean heart,

51. he no gree wit dia decision, and wit wetin dem do Jesus. He come from one of Judea town of Arimathea, and he bin dey wait for Baba-God kingdom.

52. He go meet Pilate con ask am for Jesus body.

53. Naso he carry di body, he use linen take
wrap hin body, con put am for grave inside
rock, wey dem neva bury any-pesin before.

54. Na di Preparation Day, and Sabbath wan just start.

55. Di women wey follow Jesus come from
Galilee—follow Joseph, dem see di grave
and how dem take bury Jesus.

56. Dem con go house—to arrange spices
and perfumes. But dem rest on di Sabbath to obey di commandment.


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