Luke Chapter 24

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As Jesus Take Rise Up From Di

1. For di first day of di week, very early in
di morning, di women carry di spices wey
dem don arrange—go di grave side.

2. Dem con see sey di stone don roll komot
from di grave,

3. but wen dem enta inside, dem no see Oga Jesus body.

4. As dem dey reason di mata, naso two
men wey dia cloth dey shine like lightning
con stand for dia side.

5. So di women bow down face ground wit
fear, but di men con tell dem sey, “Why una
dey fyne pesin wey dey alive—among di

6. He no dey for here; he don raise up!
Remember wetin he bin tell una wen he still dey wit una for Galilee:

7. Dem must carry Man- pikin put for
world-pipo hand, dem go nail am for cross,
and on di third day—he go raise up again.’ ”

8. Dem con remember hin words.

9. Wen dem come back from di grave side,
dem gist di eleven disciples, and di rest of dem.

10. Na Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary
wey be James mama, plus some oda
women—nahin tell di disciples dis tins.

11. But dem no gree believe
di women, becos e be like sey wetin dem dey tok no make-sense.

12. Peter stand up con run go di grave side. As he bend enta, he see only di small linen cloth for ground, he komot, con go reason wetin don happun.

For Di Road To Emmaus

13. For dat same day two of dem dey go one village wey dem dey call Emmaus wey be about eleven miles from Jerusalem.

14. Dem dey gist wit each oda about everitin wey don happun.

15. As dem dey tok and dey gist di mata wit demsef, naso Jesus hinsef just show-face, con dey waka wit dem;

16. but dem no first know sey na Jesus be

17. He con ask dem, “Wetin una dey tok as
una dey waka dey go so, wey una dey feel

18. One of dem wey dem dey call Cleopas
ask am sey, “Abi you be jjc for Jerusalem
wey you no know wetin don happun for here dis days?”

19. Naso he ask dem sey, “Wetin happun?”
Dem con ansa am sey, “Na about Jesus of
Nazareth, he be prophet wey hin words and
hin works get pawa for Baba-God front, plus all di pipo.

20. Di chief priests, plus awa rulers make
dem sentence am to death, and dem nail am for cross;

21. but we get hope sey nahin go save Israel. Na three days ago all dis tins happun.

22. And some of awa women make us
surprise. Dem go di grave early dis morning,

23. but dem no see hin body. Dem con tell us sey dem see angel for vision wey tok sey Jesus dey alive.

24. Naso some of awa padi go di grave, con see sey wetin di women tok na true, dem no see Jesus for there.”

25. He con tell dem sey, “See as una mumu
reach, and see as una heart dey do sme-sme to believe everitin wey di prophets don tok!

26. Abi Christ no suppose suffer all dis tins
con enta inside hin glory?”

27. And starting wit Moses plus all di
prophets, he explain to dem wetin dem tok
for di Holy- books about hinsef.

28. As dem dey reach di village wey dem
dey go, Jesus con do as if he still dey go front small.

29. But dem beg am sey, “Stay wit us,
evening don dey reach; di day don dey dark.” Naso he enta di house, con stay wit dem.

30. Wen he dey for table wit dem, he carry
bread, he give tanks, he cut am, con start to dey give dem.

31. So dia eyes con open, dem con notice
am, and naso he just vanish from dia side.

32. Dem con dey ask demsef sey, “Abi awa
heart no bin dey burn inside us as he dey
follow us tok for road, and as he open di
Holy-books for us?”

33. Naso dem stand up, con sharp-sharp go Jerusalem. Dem see di eleven disciples, and those pipo wey dey wit dem for there. All of dem gada togeda.

34. Dem tok sey, “Na true! Awa Oga don
raise up, and he don show-face to Simon.”

35. Naso di two of dem tell dem wetin bin
happun for road, and how dem take know sey na Jesus—wen he cut di bread.

Jesus Show-face To Hin Disciples

36. As dem still dey tok di mata, Jesus hinsef con stand wit dem, naso he tell dem sey, “Make peace dey wit una.”

37. Dem surprise and fear catch dem becos dem tink sey dem dey see ghost.

38. He tell dem sey, “Why una heart dey do
gbim-gbim, and why una dey get two-mind?

39. See my hand and my leg. Na me be dis!
Touch me make una see; ghost no dey get
body plus bones—as una see sey I get.”

40. Wen he don tok dis tins finish, he con
show dem hin hand and hin leg.

41. And as dem no still believe am becos of happiness and surprise, he con ask dem sey,

42. “Una no get anytin for here wey pesin fit chop?”

43. Dem give am cooked fish, plus honeycomb, and he collect am, con chop am for dia front.

44. Naso he tell dem sey, “Dis na wetin I tell una wen I still bin dey wit una: everitin wey dem write about me for di law of Moses, and di Prophets plus di Psalms—must come to pass.

45. So he open dia mind so dat dem go fit

understand di Holy- books.

46. He tell dem sey, “Dis na wetin dem write: Christ go suffer, con raise up from di dead on di third day,

47. wit hin name, dem go preach sey make

pipo repent—plus forgiveness of sins to all

di nations, starting from Jerusalem.

48. Una be witness of all dis tinshand go up, con bless dem.

49. I go send una wetin di Fada don promise una, but make una stay for di city of Jerusalem—until una wear di pawa from up-up.”

As He Take Move Go Up

50. Wen he carry dem komot go Bethany, he carry hin

51. As he dey bless dem, he komot from dem—con move go up to heaven.

52. Dem con dey worship am, and dem go back to Jerusalem wit serious happiness.

53. And dem dey for di worship-place everi

time, dey praise Baba-God.


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