Luke Chapter 6

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Oga Of Di Sabbath

1. One Sabbath day, Jesus con dey waka
pass one farm, and hin disciples start to dey pluck some fruit, dem rub am for dia hand, con chop am.

2. Some of di Pharisees con ask, “Why una
dey do wetin no dey right for Sabbath day?”

3. Naso Jesus ansa dem, “Una neva read
wetin David do wen him and hin padi dey

4. He enta inside Baba-God house, he carry
di holy bread, he chop wetin only di priest
suppose chop—based-on di law.
And he still give hin padi make dem chop.

5. Jesus con tell dem sey, “Man-pikin na di
Oga of Sabbath.”

6. Anoda Sabbath day, Jesus enta inside di
worship-place, con dey teach, and one man
wey hin hand paralyze—dey for there.

7. Di Pharisees plus di teachers of di law
dey fyne mata wey dem go put for Jesus
head, so dem con dey watch am well￾well—to see if he go heal pesin on Sabbath

8. But Jesus know wetin dem dey tink, he
con tell di man wey hin hand paralyze sey,
“Get up, make you stand for front of everi-pesin.” So he stand up for there.

9. Jesus con tell dem sey, “I dey ask una,
which one dey right for Sabbath: to do good, or to do evil, to save life or to spoil am?”

10. He look round all of dem, con tell di man sey, “Stretch your hand come out.” Naso di man stretch hin hand come out, and hin hand con dey alright.

11. But di Pharisees plus di teachers of di
law con dey para, dey tok wit demsef wetin
dem go do Jesus.

Di Twelve Disciple

12. One of those days, Jesus komot go di
mountain go pray, and
he spend di night dey pray to Baba-God.

13. Wen morning reach, he call hin disciples near body, con choose twelve of dem—wey he select as apostle. Na dia names be dis:

14. Simon (wey he call Peter), hin broda
Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew,

15. Matthew, Thomas, James wey be son of Alphaeus, Simon wey dem dey call over-sabi,

16. Judas son of James, and Judas Iscariot, wey betray am.

Blessings Plus Curses

17. And he come down wit dem, con stand
for one place wey level. Plenty of hin
disciples dey for there, plus plenty pipo from all over Judea, from Jerusalem, and from di coast of Tyre plus Sidon,

18. come to hear am so dat he go heal dia
diseases. Those pipo wey evil spirit dey
worry, receive dia healing,

19. all di pipo con dey try to touch am, becos pawa wey dey heal all of dem—dey komot from hin body.

20. As he look hin disciples, naso he tok sey: “Blessings for una wey poor, Baba-God
kingdom belong to una.

21. Blessings for una wey dey hungry now, una go belleful. Blessings for una wey dey cry now, una go soon laff.

22. Blessings for una—wen men hate una,
wen dem fashi and insult una, con reject una name as evil, becos of Man-pikin.

23. “Make una happy, and make una jump
wit joy becos of dat; una don get ogbonge
blessings for heaven. Naso dia papa-papa-papa treat di prophets any-how.

24. “But yawa for una wey get-moni, becos
una don already dey chop-life.

25. Yawa for una wey don chop belleful
now, hungry go still catch una. Yawa for una wey dey laff now, una go cry, and water go komot from una eyes.

26. Yawa for una—wen all men dey tok beta tins about una, naso dia papa do di fake prophets.

Love Una Enemies

27. “But I dey tell una wey dey hear me so:
Love your enemies, do good to pipo wey
hate you,

28. Bless those pipo wey curse you, pray for those pipo wey do you anyhow.

29. If pesin slap you for one cheek, turn di
oda one for am. If pesin carry your cloth, no stop am make e carry your wrapper join.

30. Give any-pesin wey ask you sometin,
and if any-pesin take wetin belong to you, no ask am back.

31. Do oda pipo—di way you wan make
dem do you sef.

32. “If you love those pipo wey love you,
wetin you gain? Even sinners love those pipo wey love dem.

33. And if you do good to only those pipo
wey do good to you, wetin you gain? Even
sinner sef dey do like dat.

34. And if you borrow only those pipo wey
you expect to pay back, wetin you gain?
Even sinners dey borrow sinners, and dem
dey expect dia full moni back.

35. But love your enemies, do good to dem,
and borrow dem—make you no expect to get anytin back. Den your blessings go burku, and you go be sons of di Most High, becos he kind to both ungrateful, and badbelle pipo.

36. Dey sorry-for pesin, just as una papa dey sorry-for pipo sef.

To Judge Odas

37. “No judge, and dem no go judge you. No condemn, and dem no go condemn you sef. Forgive odas and Baba-God go forgive you sef.

38. Give, and you go receive. Wit beta
measurement, wey dem press go down, wey dem shake togeda, and wey dey pour
throway—nahin go pour for your lap. Di
amount wey you give, nahin dem go use
measure for you back.”

39. He still tell dem dis parable: “Abi blind
man fit show blind man road? Abi di two of
dem no go fall for inside gota?

40. Student no fit be hin teacher oga, but
any-pesin wey dem train well—go be like
hin teacher.

41. “Why you dey look di small sawdust
wey dey for your broda eye, and you no gree see di plank wey dey for your own eye?

42. How you go tell your broda sey, ‘Bros,
make I komot di small sawdust wey dey for your eye,’ wen you sef no gree see di plank wey dey for your own eye? Una fake-pipo, first komot di plank wey dey for your
eye—so dat you go fit see road to komot di
small sawdust from your broda eye.

Tree And E Fruit

43. “No beta tree dey produce bad fruit, or
make bad tree produce beta fruit.

44. Na by e fruit dem take dey know di tree.
Pipo no dey pick fruit or grapes from shuku-shuku tree.

45. Good man dey bring good tins from di
good tins wey dey inside hin heart, and evil
man dey bring out evil tins—from di evil tins wey dey for hin heart. Pesin mouth dey tok only from di plenty tins wey dey flow from hin heart.

Di Wise And Mumu Builders

46. “Why una dey call me ‘Oga, Oga,’ and
una no gree do wetin I dey tok?

47. I go show una wetin pesin wey come
meet me, con hear my word, and practice
dem—go be like.

48. He go be like man wey dey build hin
house, he dig go down-down, con put hin
foundation on top of rock. Wen flood show,
heavy water nack di house, but e no fit shake am, becos dem build am well-well.

49. But pesin wey hear my words, and he no practice am, be like man wey build hin house for sand-sand—wit no foundation. Di
minute wey flood nack di house, e kpafuka,
con scata finish.”


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