Luke Chapter 7

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Di Faith Of Di Officer

1. Wen Jesus don tok all dis tins finish
make dem hear, he enta Capernaum.

2. For there, one officer servant—wey hin
oga like well- well bin dey sick, and he even
wan die.

3. Di officer hear about Jesus, con send
some senior-men of di Jews go meet am,
make dem ask am to come heal hin servant.

4. Wen dem meet Jesus, dem beg am well-well, “E good make you do dis tin for dis

5. becos he love awa nation, and he don
even build awa worship-place.”

6. So Jesus follow dem go. As he don dey

reach di house, di officer send hin padi to tell Jesus sey: “Oga, no worry yoursef, I no get levels reach make you enta my house.

7. Nahin make I no reason sey I get levels
reach to come meet you. But just tok di word, and my servant go heal.

8. Me sef be man wey dey under pawa, wit
sojas under me. I go tell dis one sey, ‘Go,’ and he go go; and I go tell anoda one sey, ‘Zo [come],’ and he go come. I dey tell my
servant, ‘Do dis,’ and he go do am.”

9. Wen Jesus hear am, he surprise for am,
so he turn face di plenty pipo wey dey follow am, he con tok sey, “I dey tell una sey, I neva see dis kain big faith even for Israel.”

10. Naso di men wey dem send—go back to di house, con see sey di servant don well.

Jesus Raise One Widow Pikin Back To

11. E no too tey, Jesus komot go one town
wey dem dey call Nain, and hin disciples
plus plenty plenty pipo follow am.

12. As he con dey reach di gate of di town,
some pipo dey carry one deadbody—na di
only son of hin mama, and she be widow. And plenty plenty pipo for di town dey wither.

13. Wen Jesus see her, he sorry-for her, he
con tok sey, “No dey cry.”

14. Naso he go touch di coffin, and those
pipo wey dey carry di coffin—stand for one
place. He con tok sey, “Young man, I sey
make you get up!”

15. Di dead man sidon—con start to dey tok, so Jesus give am back to hin mama.

16. All of dem surprise, con dey praise
Baba-God. Dem tok sey, “Ogbonge prophet
don land among us. Baba-God don come to epp hin pipo.”

17. Dis gist about Jesus spread everi-where for Judea, plus di kontri wey dey around.

Jesus And John Di Baptist

18. John disciples tell John about all dis tins. He call two of dem,

19. con send dem go meet Jesus to ask am sey, “Na you be di pesin wey suppose show, or make we expect anoda pesin?”

20. Wen di men come meet Jesus, dem tok
sey, “John di Baptist send us to ask you sey, ‘Na you be di pesin wey suppose show, or make we expect anoda pesin?’ ”

21. Dat time, Jesus cure plenty pipo wey get disease, sickness, evil spirit, and he heal plenty blind pipo.

22. So he ansa di messengers, “Go back go tell John wetin una don see, and hear: Blind pipo dey see, pipo wey no fit waka don dey waka, pipo wey get leprosy don heal, deaf pipo don dey hear, dead pipo don rise up, and we dey preach di truth to poor pipo.

23. Blessings for di man wey no lose hope on me.”

24. Afta John messenger komot, naso Jesus start to dey gist wit di plenty pipo about John: “Wetin una go desert go see? Plant wey breeze dey blow anyhow?

25. If not, wetin una con go see? Man wey
baffup wit fine cloth? No, those pipo wey
dey wear expensive clothes, and wey sey,
‘He get bad-spirit.’ dey do expensive
tins—dey for palace.

26. But wetin una go see? Prophet? Yes, I
dey tell una sey he even get level pass

27. Dis na di pesin wey dem write about sey: “ ‘I go send my messenger go for your front, wey go clear road for you.’

28. I dey tell una sey, among those pipo wey women born, no- pesin great pass John; but pesin wey be di smallest for Baba-God kingdom go great pass John.

29. All di pipo, even di tax collectors—wen
dem hear Jesus words, dem gree sey Baba-God way na correct way, becos John don bin baptize dem.

30. But di Pharisees and pipo wey sabi di law fashi Baba-God plan for demsef, becos dem no gree make John baptize dem.)

31. “So, wetin I fit use compare di pipo of dis generation? Wetin dem be like?

32. Dem be like small pikin wey sidon for
market, con dey halla demsef:
“ ‘We play flute for una, and una no gree
dance; we sing sad song, and una no gree

33. John di Baptist show, he no chop bread or drink, and una tok

34. Man-pikin show, he dey chop and drink, and una tok sey, ‘He be longatrot and shayo-master [drunkard], tax collectors and sinners padi.’

35. But wisdom dey show sey she
correct—by di life of di pipo wey wise.”

Di Woman Wey Anoint Jesus

36. Now one of di Pharisees invite Jesus to con chop evening- food wit am, so he go di Pharisee house, con sidon wit dem for table.

37. Wen one woman wey be sinner for dat
town hear sey Jesus dey chop for di Pharisee house, she carry bottle of perfume,

38. and as she stand for Jesus back—for near hin leg, con dey cry, she start to dey wet hin leg wit water from her eyes. She use her hair rub am, she kiss hin legs, con pour perfume on dem.

39. Wen di Pharisee wey invite Jesus—see
wetin happun, he con dey tok wit hinsef sey, “If dis man na prophet, he go know who dey touch am so, and di kain woman wey she be—sey she be sinner.”

40. Jesus ansa am, “Simon, I get sometin to tell you.” He con tok sey, “Gist me teacher.”

41. “Two women owe pesin moni. One owe
am five hundred denarii, and di oda woman
dey owe fifty.

42. None of dem get di moni to pay back, so he cancel di moni wey di two of dem dey owe am. Now which of di women go love am pass?”

43. Simon con ansa am, “Na di one wey dey owe am plenty moni.” Naso Jesus tok sey, “You don tok well.”

44. So he turn—face di woman, con tell
Simon sey, “You dey see dis woman so? I
enta your house. You no give me water to
wash my leg but she wet my leg wit her tears, con use her hair dey rub my legs.

45. You no greet me wit kiss, but dis woman neva stop to dey kiss my legs since I enta.

46. You no pour ororo for my head, but she
don pour perfume for my legs.

47. So, I dey tell you sey, I don forgive her
plenty sins—she sabi love well-well. But
any-pesin wey dem forgive small go love

48. Naso Jesus tell her sey, “I don forgive
your sins.”

49. So di oda visitors start to dey tok among demsef, “Who be dis pesin wey even dey forgive pesin sin?”

50. Jesus con tell di woman sey, “Your faith
don save you; dey go in peace.”


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