Luke Chapter 8

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Di Parable Of Di Farmer

1. Afta dis, Jesus travel upandan from one
town to anoda, dey preach di truth about
Baba-God kingdom. Di twelve disciples dey
wit am,

2. plus some women sef—wey he bin cure
from evil spirit, plus diseases: Mary (wey
dem dey call Magdalene) wey he pursue
seven evil spirit from her body;

3. Joanna, Cuza wife, di manager of Herod
full house; Susanna; and many odas. Di
women dey support am—wit dia own moni.

4. As plenty pipo gada, and pipo dey come
meet Jesus from town to town, he con tell
dem dis parable:

5. “One farmer komot—go plant hin seeds.
As he dey throw di seeds for ground, some
fall for road side; pipo con march dem, and di birds wey dey fly for air chop dem.

6. Some fall for where stone dey, and wen
dem grow small, dem die—becos water no

7. Oda seeds fall for shuku-shuku side, di
shuku-shuku follow am grow, con shuuk di

8. Some oda seeds fall for beta soil. Dem
grow, con produce fruit—times hundred of
wetin dem plant.” Wen he tok dis one finish, he halla, “Pesin wey get ears to hear, make e listen, con understand.”

9. So hin disciples con ask am wetin di
parable mean.

10. He ansa dem sey, “Baba-God don give
una di knowledge of di secret of Baba-God
kingdom, but I dey tok parables to odas, so
dat, “ ‘Even though dem dey look, dem no fit see; even though dem dey hear, dem no go fit understand.’

11. “Dis na di meaning of di parable: Di
seeds na Baba-God word.

12. Di seeds wey fall for road-side—na di
ones wey hear di word, but naso devil con
carry di word komot from dia heart, so dat
dem no go believe—and get salvation.

13. Di seeds wey fall around stone, na di
pipo wey receive di word wit happiness wen dem hear am, but dem no get root. Dem believe small, but wen time reach for
test—dem fall komot.

14. Di seeds wey fall for shuku-shuku, na
those pipo wey hear di word, but as dem dey go for road, worry-worry about life, moni, plus flexing—con press dia neck, and dem no con mature.

15. But di seeds wey fall for beta soil, na
those pipo wey get good heart, and clean
heart—wey hear di word, wey hollam tight,
and wey use patience take produce friut.

Di Lamp For E Stand

16. “No-pesin go light candle, con cover am wit container, or put am under bed. Instead, he go put am for e stand, so dat those pipo wey enta—go see di light.

17. E no get wetin dem hide- wey no go
come out, and notin wey dey coded—wey
pipo no go know, or wey no go come out.

18. So make you dey use jeje reason how
you dey listen. Any-pesin wey hear my
word—go understand more, but those pipo
wey no hear my word, even di small tin wey
dem tink sey dem know—go komot from

Jesus Mama And Brodas

19. Now, Jesus mama and hin brodas come see am, but dem no con fit near am becos of di plenty pipo wey gada.

20. Pesin con tell Jesus sey, “Your mama and brodas dey stand for outside, dem wan see you.”

21. Naso he ansa dem, “My mama and
brodas na those pipo wey dey hear Baba-God word, and wey practice dem.”
Jesus Make Di Strong-breeze Cool Down

22. One day, Jesus tell hin disciples sey,
“Make we komot go di oda side of di river.”
So dem enta inside boat—con dey go.

23. Sleep catch Jesus as dem dey move dia boat dey go. Strong- breeze con start to dey blow for di water, sote water con cover di boat, and bad tin fit happun to dem.

24. So di disciples go wake Jesus, dem con tok sey, “Oga, Oga, water wan carry us oh!” He stand up, con tell di strong-breeze, plus di water wey dey para—make dem stop; di strong-breeze kpanji, and everi-where con sengemenge.

25. He ask hin disciples sey, “Where una
faith?” Wit fear and surprise, dem con dey
ask demsef sey, “Who be dis? He dey
command even strong-breeze, and water,
and dem obey am.”

Jesaus Heal One Man Wey Get Bad-spirit

26. Dem move dia boat go di area of
Gerasenes wey dey di oda side of di river of Galilee.

27. Wen Jesus komot from di boat, one man wey get bad- spirits for di town come meet am. E don tey wey dis man wear cloth, or stay for inside house, but he dey stay for di graves inside rock.

28. Wen he see Jesus, he start to dey halla, he con kneel down for Jesus front, he dey shout on top of hin voice, ‘Wetin you want from me, Jesus—Son of di Most High God? I dey beg you, no show me pepper!”

29. Jesus command di evil spirit make e
komot from di man. Many times di bad-spirit don hollam, and even though dem chain di man for hand and leg, con dey guard am—he go cut di chain, and di bad-spirit go carry am enta desert.

30. So Jesus ask am sey, “Wetin be your
name?” He ansa, “Legion,” becos plenty bad-spirits don enta inside am.

31. Di bad-spirits con dey beg Jesus well-well make Jesus no command dem to go
inside deep pit.

32. Plenty pigs dey chop for di corner of di
hill. Di bad-spirits con beg Jesus—make he
allow dem enta di pigs body, so Jesus tok sey make dem carry-go.

33. Wen di bad-spirits komot from di man, dem go enta di pigs body. Naso di pigs rush enta di water from di sharp end of di river, and dem drink-water-die.

34. Wen di pipo wey dey take care of di pigs see wetin happun, dem run go spread di gist for di town, and kontri-side,

35. di pipo con go see wetin happun. Wen
dem meet Jesus, dem see di man wey di bad-spirits komot from hin body, dey sidon near Jesus leg, di man baffup, and he dey alright; fear con catch dem.

36. Those pipo wey see am—gist di pipo
how di man wey bin get bad-spirit don dey

37. Naso all di pipo for di area of Gerasenes con tell Jesus make he komot from dia area, becos fear don dey catch dem. So Jesus enta boat, con komot.

38. Di man wey bad-spirits komot from hin
body—beg Jesus make he follow am, but
Jesus sey make he dey go,

39. “Go your house, go gist dem di ogbonge tins wey Baba-God don do for you.” So di man go, con dey gist everi-pesin for di full town—about di plenty tins wey Jesus don do for am.

Di Girl Wey Die, Plus Di Woman Wey Dey

40. Now as Jesus come back, plenty pipo
welcome am, all of dem bin dey wait for am.

41. Naso one man wey dem dey call
Jairus—wey be leader for di worship-place,
con kneel down for Jesus front—con dey beg am to come hin house,

42. becos hin only daughter wey be twelve
years, wan kpeme. As Jesus dey waka go
there, di plenty pipo almost march am for

43. And one woman dey for there—wey
blood dey komot from her body for twelve
years, but no- pesin fit heal her.

44. She go Jesus back, con touch small part of hin cloth, naso di blood wey dey komot from her body con stop.

45. So Jesus ask, “Who touch me?” Afta
everi-pesin no gree tok, naso Peter tok sey,
“Oga, pipo plenty, and dem even dey push

46. But Jesus tok sey, “Pesin touch me; I
know sey pawa don komot from my body.”

47. Wen di woman see sey Jesus must notice her, she con use fear kneel down near Jesus. For everi-pesin front, she con tok why she touch Jesus, and how she con sharply heal.

48. Naso Jesus tell her sey, “My daughter,
your faith don heal you. Dey go in peace.”

49. As Jesus still dey tok, naso pesin just
show from Jairus house—di leader for di
worship-place. He con tok sey, “No disturb
di teacher again. Your daughter don kpeme.”

50. As Jesus hear dis one, he tell Jairus sey, “No let your mind cut; just believe, and she go heal.”

51. Wen Jesus reach Jairus house, he no let any-pesin enta wit am—except Peter, John plus James, and di pikin papa and mama.

52. Water full all di pipo eyes, and dem cry
for her well- well. Jesus con tok sey “Make
una stop to dey cry, she neva kpeme, but she dey sleep.”

53. Dem laff am becos dem know sey she
don die.

54. Naso Jesus hold her hand, con tok sey,
“My pikin, stand up!”

55. Her spirit come back to her body, and she stand up sharp-sharp. Jesus con tok sey make dem give her sometin to chop.

56. Her mama and papa surprise, but Jesus tell dem sey make dem no tell any-pesin wetin happun.


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