Luke Chapter 9

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Jesus Send Di Twelve Disciples Komot

1. Wen Jesus don call di twelve disciples
togeda, he give dem pawa and authority to
drive all bad-spirits komot, and to cure

He con send dem komot to preach about Baba-God kingdom, and to heal sick pipo.

3. He tell dem sey: “Make una no carry
anytin for dis una journey—no staff, no bag,
no bread, no moni, and no extra cloth.

4. Any house wey una enta, stay for there
until una komot from dat town.

5. If pipo no welcome una, shake di dust
komot from your leg—wen you dey komot
from dia town, as warning against dem.”

6. So dem komot—dey preach di good
news from village to village, and dem heal
pipo for everi-where.

7. Now, Herod di govnor hear about
everitin wey dey happun. And he surprise,
becos some pipo dey tok sey John don raise from di dead,

8. Odas tok sey Elijah don show, and still
odas tok sey one prophet of before￾before—don come back to life.

9. But Herod tok sey, “I cut and everi-pesin
con sidon. John head komot. Who con be dis one wey I dey hear dis kain tin about?” He con dey try to see am.

Jesus Feed Five Thousand Pipo

10. Wen di disciples come back, dem gist
Jesus wetin dem don do. He con carry dem follow-body go one town wey dem dey call Bethsaida,

11. but di plenty-pipo hear about am, naso
dem follow am. He welcome dem, he tok wit dem about Baba-God kingdom, con heal those pipo wey dey sick.

12. Wen evening don dey reach, di twelve
disciples come meet am—con tok sey, “Send di plenty-pipo komot—make dem go di villages wey dey around, and di kontri-side—to fyne food, and place for dem to
sleep, becos dis place far well-well.”

13. He ansa dem, “Make una give dem
sometin to chop.” Naso dem ansa am, “We
get only five bread plus two fish—unless we go buy food for all dis plenty pipo.”

14. About five thousand men nahin dey for
there. But he con tell hin disciples sey, “Make di pipo sidon for groups of fifty-fifty.”

15. Di disciples do like dat, and everi-pesin con Sidon.

16. He carry di five bread plus di two fish,
naso he look up go heaven, he give tanks, con share am. He give hin disciples to give di pipo.

17. All of dem chop belleful, and di disciples gada twelve basket full of small-small pieces wey dem chop-remain.

Peter Recognize Christ

18. Once wen Jesus dey pray codedly, and
hin disciples dey wit am, he ask dem, “Who
di plenty-pipo tok sey I be?”

19. Dem con ansa am, “Some pipo tok sey
you be John di Baptist; odas tok sey you be
Elijah; and some odas tok sey you be one of di prophets wey bin dey before￾before—wey come back to life.”

20. Naso he ask dem, “But what about una,
who una tok sey I be?” Peter con ansa am, “Di Christ of Baba-God.”

21. Naso Jesus warn hin disciples well-well make dem no tell any-pesin.

22. And he con tok sey, “Man-pikin must
suffer plenty tins, and di senior-men, chief
priests, plus di teachers of di law—go bone
am, and dem must kill am, but he go raise up back to life for di third day.”

23. He con tell all of dem sey: “If any-pesin
wan follow me, he must forget hinsef, carry
hin cross everi day, con follow me.

24. Any-pesin wey wan save hin life—go
lose am, but any- pesin wey lose hin life
becos of me—go save hin life.

25. Wetin man go gain—if he get di whole
world, con lose hin soul, or spoil hin life?

26. If pesin dey shame becos of me and my words, Man-pikin sef go shame for
am—wen he go show wit hin levels, and wit
hin Papa levels, plus di holy angels.

27. I dey tell una di truth, some pipo wey dey stand for here—no go die before dem see Baba-God kingdom.”

Di Trans-changing

28. About eight days afta Jesus tok dis tin, he carry Peter, John plus James, and dem go on top of one mountain go pray.

29. As he dey pray, hin face con dey change, and hin cloth con dey shine like lightning wey dey flash.

30. Two men, Moses and Elijah,

31. show-face wit heavy levels, dem con dey follow Jesus tok. Dem tok about as he go soon komot from dis world, wey go soon happun for Jerusalem.

32. But sleep don carry Peter and di odas,
and wen dem wake up, dem see Jesus levels, and di two men wey dey stand wit am.

33. As di men wan komot leave Jesus, Peter con tell Jesus sey, “Oga, e good as we dey here so. Make we build three tents—one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.” (He no even know wetin he dey tok).

34. As Peter dey tok, naso one cloud appear, con cover dem, fear con dey catch dem as dem dey enta di cloud.

35. Naso one voice halla from di cloud, wey tok sey, “Dis na my Son wey I love; listen to am.”

36. Wen di voice don tok finish, dem con see sey Jesus dey alone. Di disciples keep wetin happun—to demsef, and dem no gist any-pesin wetin happun dat time.

Di Healing Of One Boy Wey Get Bad-spirit

37. Di next day, wen dem come down from
di mountain, plenty plenty pipo come meet

38. One man among di plenty pipo con dey
halla, “Teacher, abeg, see my son, na my
only pikin.

39. One spirit dey catch am, and he go just
dey shout; di bad- spirit go make warakpa
start to dey catch am—sote foam go dey
komot from hin mouth. Di tin dey always
hook am, and e dey wound am.

40. I beg your disciples to pursue di evil
spirit komot, but dem no fit.”

41. Jesus con tok sey, “Chai, corrupt
generation wey no get faith, how long I go
dey wit una, con dey manage una? Abeg
carry your pikin come here.”

42. Even as di boy dey waka come, di bad-spirit nack am for ground—warakpa con
hollam. But Jesus command di bad-spirit, he heal di boy, con carry am give hin papa.

43. And all of dem con surprise as Baba-God great reach.

Jesus Predict Hin Death Again

As everi-pesin dey wonder for wetin Jesus
do, naso he tell hin disciples sey,

44. “Listen well-well to wetin I wan tell una:
Dem go betray Man-pikin to men.”

45. But dem no understand wetin he mean. E dey coded to dem, so dem no fit understand, and dem con dey fear to ask am.

Who Great Pass?

46. Argument con start among di disciples
based-on which of dem go great pass.

47. Jesus wey know wetin dem dey tink, con carry one small pikin put for hin side.

48. Naso he tell dem sey, “Any-pesin wey
welcome dis small pikin wit my name—dey
welcome me; and any-pesin wey welcome
me—don welcome di pesin wey send me.
Any-pesin wey be di lowest among
una—nahin be di greatest.”

49. John con tok sey, “Oga, we see one man dey drive bad- spirit wit your name, and we try to stop am—becos he no be one of us.”

50. Jesus con tok sey, “No stop am, any-pesin wey no dey against us—dey wit us.”

Samaritan Pipo Wey No Gree

51. As time reach wey he go move up go
heaven, Jesus use hin full mind go

52. He send messengers go for front, wey
enta di Samaritan village to arrange tins for

53. but di pipo for there no welcome am,
becos he dey go Jerusalem.

54. Wen di disciples, James and John see dis tin, dem con ask Jesus sey, “Oga, you wan call faya down from heaven to scata dem just as Elijah do?”

55. But Jesus turn, he change-am-for dem,
con tok sey, ‘E be like sey una no know di
kain Spirit wey dey for inside una,

56. Man-pikin no come to scata human
being life, but to save dem. Naso dem go
anoda village.
Wetin E Cost To Follow Jesus

57. As dem dey waka go for road, one man
con tell Jesus sey, “I go follow you go
anywhere wey you dey go.”

58. Naso Jesus ansa am, “Foxes get holes,
and birds wey dey fly for air—get bird-house, but Man-pikin no get place to rest hin head.”

59. He tell anoda man sey, “Follow me.”
But di man ansa am, “Oga make I first go
bury my papa.”

60. Jesus con tell am sey, “Make di dead
bury dia own dead, but make una go preach about Baba-God kingdom.”

61. Anoda one still tok sey, “I go follow you,
Oga; but make I first go tell my family bye-bye.”

62. Naso Jesus ansa am, “No-pesin wey dig ground to plant, con fashi am—fit serve for Baba-God kingdom.”


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