Acts Chapter 1

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Di Promise Of Di Holy Spirit

1. For my first book, I tell you Theophilus—about everitin wey Jesus start to dey do, and teach

2. until di day wen he go up to heaven, afta he give instructions to hin disciples wey he choose tru di Holy Spirit.

3. Afta he don suffer, he show-face to hin disciples to confam to dem sey he dey alive. He show-face to dem for forty days, con tok about Baba-God kingdom.

4. E get one time as he dey follow dem chop, he give dem commandment: “Make una no komot from Jerusalem, but make una wait for di gift wey my Papa promise una, and wey una don hear me tok about.

5. John baptize una wit water, but in some few days, una go baptize wit di Holy Spirit.”

Jesus Raise Go Heaven

6. So wen di disciples gada togeda, dem ask Jesus sey, “Oga, abi na dis time you go bring back di kingdom of Israel?”

7. Jesus con tell dem sey: “Una no fit know di time and date wey my Papa don set wit hin pawa. pawa wen di Holy Spirit enta una; and una go tok about me for Jerusalem, and for di whole Judea, plus Samaria, even reach di end of di earth.”


9. Afta he tok finish, naso he move go up for dia korokoro eyes, one cloud con block am make dem no fit see am.

10. Dem serious dey look di sky as he dey go up, naso two men wey baffup wit white just show- face, con stand for dia side.

11. Dem tok sey, “Men of Galilee, why una stand for here dey look sky? Dis same Jesus wey don komot from una dey go heaven so—go still come back as una take dey see am dey go heaven.”

Dem Choose Matthias To Replace Judas

12. Dem con go back to Jerusalem from di Mount of Olives, wey be just one Sabbath day waka from di city.

13. Wen dem reach there, dem go upstair to di room wey dem dey stay. Pipo wey dey for there na Peter, John, James plus Andrew; Philip and Thomas, Bartholomew plus Matthew; James wey be Aphaeus pikin, and Simon wey over-serious, plus Judas wey be James pikin.

14. All of dem dey a lways gada togeda—dey pray wit di women, and Mary wey be Jesus mama, plus Jesus brodas.

15. Those days, wen about one hundred and twenty of God- pipo gada, Peter stand up among dem, con follow dem tok.

16. He con tok sey, “Brodas, wetin dem don write must come to pass, wey di Holy Spirit tok about tey-tey-from David mouth, about Judas wey carry pipo con gbab Jesus

17. he be one of us before, and he bin dey for awa ministry.”

18. (Judas buy land wit di moni wey he bin collect wit badbelle, na for there he fall wit hin head, hin body burst open, and all hin intestine pour come out.

19. Everi-pesin wey dey for Jerusalem hear wetin happun, so dem call di land Akeldama for dia language, wey mean, Land of Blood.)

20. So Peter tok sey, “Dem write am for di book of Psalms sey, “ ‘Make everi-pesin fashi hin place; make no-pesin stay for there,’ and, “ ‘Make anoda pesin take hin position.’

21. So time don reach wey we must choose one of di men wey don dey wit us—since wen Oga Jesus come and go,

22. starting from wen John baptize am, reach di time wen Jesus move go up. One of dis men must be witness wit us—about as Jesus take raise up again.”

23. So dem pick two men: Joseph wey dem dey call Barsabbas (wey dem still dey call Justus), plus Matthias.

24. Dem con pray, “Oga, you know everi-pesin heart. Show us which of dis two pipo you choose—

25. to take over dis disciple ministry wey Judas leave go—where he belong to.”

26. So dem cast lot, and e fall on Matthias; naso demadd amjoin dioda eleven disciples.


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