Acts Chapter 10

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Cornelius Sey Make Peter Show

1. For Caesarea, e get one man wey dem dey call Cornelius. He be captain for one group of sojas wey dem dey call “Italian Squad.”

2. He and all hin family carry Baba-God mata for head, and dem respect Baba-God well- well; he dey use open-mind take epp pipo, and he dey always pray to Baba-God.

3. One day around three o’clock for afternoon, he see vision. He see Baba-God angel come meet am, con tok sey, “Cornelius!”

4. Cornelius look am wit fear and he ask, “Wetin happun, Oga?” Di angel ansa am, “Your prayers and gifts to poor pipo don come up to Baba-God, and he don remember you.

5. Now send men go Joppa make dem go carry one man come- Simon, wey dem dey call Peter.

6. He dey stay wit Simon wey dey make leather, and he dey stay near di big-river.”

7. Wen di angel wey follow am tok komot, Cornelius call two of hin servants, and one soja wey dey worship Baba-God, from among those pipo wey dey always work wit am.

8. He tell dem everitin wey happun, con send dem go Joppa.

Peter Vision

9. Around afternoon for di next day, as Cornelius messengers dey reach di town, Peter go up to di roof—go pray.

10. Hungry catch am and he wan chop sometin, as dem dey cook di food, naso he start to see vision.

11. He see heaven open, and sometin like white cloth roll come down for earth—for e four corners.

12. Everi kain animal wey get four legs dey inside am, even animals wey dey crawl for earth, and birds wey dey fly for air.

13. Naso one voice tell am sey, “Stand up, Peter, kill make you chop.”

14. Peter con tok sey, “Lai- lai, Oga! I neva ever chop anytin wey no dey pure, or wey no- clean.”

15. Di voice con tell am again sey, “No tok sey anytin wey Baba-God don make pure—no dey pure.”

16. Di tin happun three times, and naso di cloth roll back to heaven.

17. As Peter dey reason di meaning of di vision, di men wey Cornelius send—reach where Simon house dey, so dem stop for di gate.

18. And dem ask if Simon wey dem dey call Peter dey stay for there.

19. As Peter still dey reason di vision, di Spirit tell am sey, “Simon, three men dey fyne you.

20. Stand up dey go downstairs. Just follow dem dey go, na me send dem.”

21. Peter go downstairs con tell di men sey, “Na me una dey fyne. Why una dey fyne me?”

22. Di men ansa am, “Cornelius—di oga for army, nahin send us. He be good man wey dey fear Baba-God, and all di Jews dey respect am. One holy angel tell am sey make he tell you to come hin house, so dat he go fit hear your message.”

23. So Peter invite di men enta hin house as hin visitors.

Peter For Cornelius House

Di next day, Peter and di men enta road, and some of di brodas for Joppa follow dem.

24. Di next day, dem reach Caesarea. Cornelius dey expect dem, and he don gada all hin family pipo plus hin padi.

25. As Peter enta di house, Cornelius meet am, con kneel down for hin front as respect.

26. But Peter tell am to stand up. He tok sey, “Stand up, me sef be man like you.”

27. As Peter dey tok wit am, he enta inside, con see di plenty pipo wey gada.

28. He con tell dem sey: “Una know sey for di law, e no dey right for Jews to dey wit world- pipo, or visit dem. But Baba-God don show me sey, make I no tok sey pesin no dey pure, or no-clean.

29. So wen una sey make I come, I come straight. Why una sey make I come?”

30. Cornelius ansa am: “Four days ago as I dey for house dey pray around three o’clock for afternoon. Naso one man wey hin cloth dey shine, stand for my front,

31. he tok sey, ‘Cornelius, Baba-God don hear your prayer, and he don remember your gifts wey you dey give poor pipo.

32. Send pipo go Joppa go meet Simon wey dem dey call Peter. He be visitor for di house of Simon wey dey make leather—and he dey stay near water-side.’

33. So I sey make dem sharply go call you come, and e good as you show. Now, all of us dey here for Baba-God front—to listen to everitin wey Baba-God don tell you to tell us.”

34. Naso Peter start to dey tok: “I don see how true e be sey—Baba-God no dey do partiality,

35. but he dey accept men from everi nation—wey dey fear am, and wey dey do wetin dey right.

36. You know di message wey Baba-God send to di pipo of Israel, about di good news of peace—tru Jesus Christ wey be Oga kpatakpata.

37. Una know wetin don happun for everi-where for Judea, starting from Galilee afta di baptism wey John preach—

38. how Baba-God take anoint Jesus of Nazareth wit di Holy Spirit plus pawa, and how he con dey waka upandan—dey do beta tins, he heal everi-pesin wey devil don press down, becos Baba-God dey wit am.

39. “We be witness of everitin wey he do among di Jews, and for Jerusalem. Dem hang am for cross, con kill am,

40. but Baba-God raise am up from di dead on di third day, con make pipo see am.

41. No be everi-pesin see am, but na di pipo wey Baba-God don already choose—we wey chop and drink wit am afta he raise up from di dead.

42. He command us make we preach to di pipo, and make we tok sey—nahin be di one wey Baba-God choose to judge pipo wey dey alive, and pipo wey don die.

43. All di prophets tok about am sey, any-pesin wey believe am go receive forgiveness of sins tru hin name.”

44. As Peter still dey tok, di Holy Spirit con pour on everi- pesin wey dey hear di message.

45. Di circumcise believers wey follow Peter come, con surprise sey di gift of di Holy Spirit don pour—on even world- pipo.

46. Dem hear dem dey speak in tongues, and dey praise Baba-God. Peter con tok sey,

47. “E get wetin fit stop dis pipo make dem no baptize wit water? Dem don receive di Holy Spirit, as we sef take receive am.”

48. So he sey make dem baptize dem wit di name of Jesus Christ. Dem con beg Peter make he stay wit dem for some days.


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