Acts Chapter 11

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Peter Explain Wetin He Do

1. Di disciples and di brodas wey dey around Judea—hear sey world-pipo sef don receive Baba-God word.

2. So wen Peter go Jerusalem, God-pipo wey dey circumcised con dey tok bad about am.

3. Dem tok sey, “You enta inside di house of pesin wey no dey circumcised con follow dem chop.”

4. Peter con start to dey explain everitin to dem exactly as e take happun:

5. “I bin dey for di city of Joppa, as I dey pray, I see vision. I see sometin like big cloth, wey roll come down from heaven for e four corners, e come down for where I dey.

6. I look am, con see everi animal for di earth wey get four legs, wild animals, animals wey dey crawl, plus birds wey dey fly for air.

7. Naso I hear one voice wey tell me sey, ‘Get up Peter. Kill and chop.’

8. “Naso I tok sey, ‘Lai-lai, Oga! Notin wey no-pure, or wey no-clean don ever enta my mouth before.’

9. Di voice from heaven con tell me di second time sey, ‘No tok sey sometin wey Baba-God don make clean—no dey pure.’

10. Dis tin happun three time, and naso di cloth roll back to heaven again.

11. “Three men wey dem send to me from Caesarea stop for di house wey I dey stay.

12. Di Spirit tell me sey make I just follow dem. Dis six brodas sef follow me, and we enta di man house.

13. He tell us as he take see angel wey show-face for hin house, con tok sey, ‘Send men go Joppa go meet Simon wey dem dey call Peter.

14. He go bring message con give you wey go make you, and your whole house— receive salvation.’

15. “As I start to dey tok, naso di Holy Spirit enta dia body—as e take enta awa body from di starting.

16. So I remember wetin Oga Jesus bin tok: ‘John baptize wit water, but una go baptize wit di Holy Spirit.’

17. So if Baba-God give dem di same gift wey he give us wey believe in Oga Jesus Christ, who I be to tink sey I fit stop Baba-God?”

18. Wen dem hear wetin he tok, dem no fit tok anytin again, dem con dey praise Baba-God, sey, “So Baba-God don make world-pipo sef repent and receive everlasting life.”

Di Church Wey Dey For Antioch

19. Now those pipo wey kasala bin scata as dem kill Stephen, con travel far-far reach Phoenicia, Cyprus and Antioch, dem con dey tok di message only to di Jews.

20. Some of dem be men from Cyprus and Cyrene, and dem go Antioch, con start to dey tok wit Greeks sef, dey tell dem di good news about Oga Jesus.

21. Baba-God hand con dey wit dem, and plenty pipo believe—and dem follow Baba-God.

22. Naso dis gist reach di ears of di church wey dey for Jerusalem, so dem send Barnabas go Antioch.

23. Wen Barnabas reach there, con see di evidence of Baba-God grace, he happy, con ginger all of dem make dem dey true to Baba-God wit all dia heart.

24. He be good man wey brekete wit di Holy Spirit and faith, and plenty pipo con start to dey follow Oga Jesus.

25. Barnabas con go Tarsus go fyne Saul,

26. wen he see Saul, he carry am go Antioch. For one full year, Barnabas and Saul dey meet di church, con dey teach plenty plenty pipo. Na for Antioch dem first call di disciples Christians.

27. Around dis time, some prophets come from Jerusalem go Antioch.

28. One of dem, wey hin name be Agabus, con stand up, and di Spirit use am predict sey—serious hunger go dey for di full Roman world. (Dis one happun wen Claudius dey reign.)

29. Based-on dia pocket, di disciples decide to epp di brodas wey dey stay for Judea.

30. Dem do am by sending dia gifts to di senior-men wit Barnabas and Saul.


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