Acts Chapter 12

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Na Miracle Peter Take Escape From Prison

1. Na around dat time king Herod arrest some pipo wey belong to di church, he wan show dem pepper.

2. He sey make dem kill James, John broda— wit sword.

3. Wen he see sey belle sweet di Jews, he go catch Peter sef. Dis one happun around di Festival of Bread wit no Yeast.

4. Afta Herod arrest Peter, he put am inside prison, he sey make four squad of four sojas guard am. Herod wan bin carry am come out for publik court afta di Passover.

5. So dem put Peter inside prison, but di church con dey pray for am well-well.

6. Di night before Herod suppose carry am go court, Peter dey sleep for middle of two sojas, dem chain am wit two chains, and sojas stand dey guard di door.

7. Naso Baba-God angel show-face, and light con dey shine for inside di cell. He nack Peter for hin side, con wake am up. He tok sey, “Stand up sharp-sharp!” And di chains fall komot from Peter hand.

8. Di angel tell am sey, “Wear your clothes and your sandals.” Naso Peter wear am. Di angel con tok sey, “Wrap your cloth round your body—make you follow me.”

9. So Peter follow am komot from di prison, he no even fit reason if wetin di angel dey do na reality; he tink sey he dey dream.

10. Dem pass di first and second guard, and dem reach di iron gate wey lead to di city. Di gate open by esef, dem waka pass am, and as dem dey waka pass one street, di angel just leave am.

11. Peter con get-hinsef, he con tok sey, “Now, I know wit-out tinking twice, sey Baba-God send hin angel to save me from Herod hand, and from everitin wey di Jews bin plan to do me.”

12. Wen he reason am, he go Mary house—Mary wey be John mama, (wey hin papa name na Mark), na for there plenty pipo gada—dey pray.

13. Peter knock di door wey dey outside, and one house-girl wey dem dey call Rhoda go ansa di door.

14. Wen she hear Peter voice, she happy well-well, she no gree open di door, but she run go back—con shout, “Peter dey for door!”

15. Dem con tell her sey, “Your head no correct.” But as she still dey tok sey na true, dem con tok sey, “Na Peter angel.”

16. But Peter kontinu to knock, and wen dem open di door, con see am, dem surprise.

17. Peter use hin hand give dem sign make dem keep quiet. He gist dem how Baba-God take carry am komot from prison. He tok sey, “Gist James and di brodas about wetin happun,” naso he con go anoda place.

18. For morning, no-be- small wahala happun among di sojas about wetin happun to Peter.

19. Afta Herod sey make dem fyne Peter for everi-where, and dem no see am, he reason di mata, con tok sey make hin sojas kill di guards. As Herod Take Kpeme Herod komot from Judea go Caesarea, con stay for there small.

20. He bin dey quarrel wit di pipo of Tyre and Sidon—so dem join togeda to see how dem go take meet Herod. Afta dem secure di full support of Blastus—pesina assistant wey di king trust, dem ask for peace becos dem dey depend on di king kontri for food supply.

21. On dat day, Herod wear hin King cloth, he sidon for di king-chair con dey follow di pipo tok.

22. Di pipo con dey halla, “Dis na god voice, no be man.”

23. Sharply, naso angel just nack am fall, becos he no respect Baba-God. Worms con chop hin body, naso he kpeme.

24. Baba-God word con dey spread, and pipo wey believe—brekete.

25. Wen Barnabas and Saul finish dia runs, dem come back from Jerusalem, dem carry John wey dem dey call Mark—follow-body.


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