Acts Chapter 13

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Dem Send Barnabas And Saul

1. For di church of Antioch, prophets and teachers dey: Barnabas, Simeon wey dem dey call Niger, Lucius of Cyrene, Manaen (wey grow up wit Herod di govnor), plus Saul.

2. As dem dey worship Baba-God, and dey fast, naso di Holy Spirit tok sey, “Make una seperate Barnabas plus Saul for me, for di work wey I don call dem for.”

3. Afta dem don fast and pray, and lay dia hand on dem, dem con send Barnabas and Saul komot.

For Cyprus

4. Di two of dem wey di Holy Spirit send komot, con go Seleucia, naso dem follow boat from there go Cyprus.

5. Wen dem reach Salamis, dem tok about Baba-God word for di worship-place of di Jews. John sef dey there wit dem—dey epp dem.

6. Dem travel round di Island until dem reach Paphos. Na for there dem meet one Jew wey be jazzman. He be fake prophet wey dem dey call Bar-Jesus.

7. He dey work for di govnor, Sergius Paulus. Di govnor na man wey get-sense. He sey make dem go call Barnabas and Saul, becos he wan hear Baba-God word.

8. But Elymas, wey dey use evil pawa do otumokpor (na di meaning of hin name), change-am-for Barnabas and Saul, con try to turn di govnor komot from di faith.

9. Naso Saul wey dem still dey call Paul, wey full wit di Holy Spirit—look Elymas straight, con tok sey,

10. “You be devil pikin, and you be enemy of everitin wey dey right! All kain wayo and mago- mago nahin burku inside you. You go fit ever stop to dey spoil di right way of Baba-God?

11. Now Baba-God hand don change-am-for you. You go dey blind, and you no go fit see sunlight again for some time.” Naso darkness cover hin eyes and he con dey waka upandan—dey fyne pesin wey go hollam waka.

12. Wen di govnor see wetin happun, he believe, and di teaching about Baba-God surprise am well-well.

For Pisidian And Antioch

13. From Paphos, Paul and hin padi move dia boat go Perga for Pamphylia, where John leave dem go back to Jerusalem.

14. From Perga, dem go Antioch of Pisidian. On Sabbath day, dem enta di worship-place con sidon.

15. Afta dem read from di law and di prophets finish, di leaders of di worship-place send message to dem sey, “Brodas if una get message to ginger di pipo, abeg make you tok.”

16. Paul stand up, con tok sey, “Men of Israel and una wey dey fear Baba-God, hear me well!

17. Di God of Israel choose awa papa-papa-papa; he make dem prosper wen dem stay for Egypt, he use hin ogbonge pawa take carry Israel komot from dat kontri,

18. he endure dia way of life, for about forty years for inside di desert,

19. he overthrow seven nations for Canaan, con give dia

20. All dis tins happun for land to hin pipo as dia own, 450 years. Afta dis, Baba-God con give dem judges, until di time of Samuel di prophet.

21. Di pipo ask for king, and Baba-God give dem Saul—wey be di son of Kish, from di tribe of Benjamin. Saul rule for forty years.

22. Afta Baba-God komot Saul, he make David dia king. He tok dis tin about am: ‘I don see David wey be Jesse pikin, man wey I like for my heart; he go do anytin wey I wan make he do.’

23. “ From dis man generation—nahin Baba-God bring di Saviour Jesus, wey he promise.

24. Before Jesus show, John preach: he sey make all Israel pipo repent and baptize.

25. As John dey finish hin work, he tok sey: ‘Who una tink sey I be sef? No be me be di Saviour. But he go come afta me. I no evenget levels reach—to komot hin sandals from hin leg.’

26. “ Brodas, Abraham pikin, plus una wey dey fear Baba-God, na we dem send dis message of salvation come meet.

27. Di pipo of Jerusalem plus dia rulers no-send Jesus. But as dem condemn am, dem confam di words of di prophets wey dem dey read everi Sabbath.

28. Even though dem no see any reason to kill am, dem sey make Pilate kill am.

29. Wen dem don do everitin wey dem bin write about am, dem carry am come down from di cross, con bury am for grave.

30. But Baba-God raise am from di dead, 31. and for many days, those pipo wey travel wit am from Galilee to Jerusalem—see am. Na dem be witnesses to awa pipo.

32. “We dey tell una di good news: Wetin Baba-God bin promise awa papa-papa-papa

33. nahin he don do for us wey be dia pikin-pikin-pikin—as he raise Jesus up from di dead. As dem write am for di second psalm: “ ‘You be my pikin; today I don turn to your papa.’

34. True-true, Baba-God raise am up from di dead, make he no rotten again, dis words confam am: “ ‘I go give una di holy and sure blessings—wey I promise David.’

35. Anoda place for Psalm still tok sey: “ ‘You no go let your Holy One rotten.’

36. “Afta David don do Baba-God plan for hin own generation, he con sleep; dem bury am wit hin papa-papa-papa, and hin body rotten.

37. But di pesin wey Baba-God raise from di dead no gree rotten.

38. “So, my brodas, I wan make una know sey na tru Jesus we dey tok about forgiveness of sin to una.

39. Everi-pesin wey believe Jesus—dey free from everi sin, and na wetin di law of Moses no fit do.

40. Make una dey careful so dat wetin di prophets tok—no go happun to una:

41. “ ‘See, badbelle pipo, make una wonder, and make una kpeme. I go do sometin for una days—wey una no go ever believe, even if pesin tell una.’ ”

42. As Paul and Barnabas dey komot from di worship-place, di pipo invite dem make dem con tok about dis kain mata for di next Sabbath.

43. Wen di pipo komot, many of di Jews plus serious converts to Judaism—follow Paul and Barnabas—wey follow dem tok, con beg dem to kontinu for inside di grace of Baba-God.

44. For di next Sabbath almost di full city gada to hear Baba-God word. 45. Wen di Jews see di plenty pipo, dem con dey jealous, dem start to dey bad-mouth wetin Paul dey tok.

46. Naso Paul and Barnabas ansa dem korokoro: “We tell una Baba-God word first as e suppose be. But since una don fashi am, and una no reason unasef as pipo wey need everlasting life, now we don go meet world-pipo [Gentiles].

47. Na wetin Baba-God command us to do—nahin be dis: “ ‘I don turn una to light for world- pipo (Gentiles), so dat una go carry salvation go where di earth for end.’ ”

48. Wen di Gentiles hear dis one, dia belle sweet dem, dem respect Baba-God word; and everi-pesin wey Baba-God don choose for everlasting life—con believe.

49. Baba-God word start to dey spread round di whole area.

50. But di Jews con dey ginger di women wey dey fear Baba-God, and wey get levels, plus di senior-men for di city. Naso dem show Paul and Barnabas pepper, con pursue dem komot from di area.

51. Barnabas and Saul shake di dust from dia leg—dem change-am-for di pipo, con go Iconium.

52. And di disciples con brekete wit happiness, and wit di Holy Spirit.


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