Acts Chapter 14

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For Iconium

1. For Iconium, Paul and Barnabas go di Jews worship-place as dem dey always do. Dem tok well- well for there—sote plenty Jews plus Gentiles believe.

2. But di Jews wey no gree believe con ginger di Gentiles, dem poison dia mind against di brodas.

3. So Paul and Barnabas stay for there well-well, dem dey tok korokoro about Jesus—wey confam sey dia message na true, by giving dem pawa to do miracles plus wonders.

4. Di Jews con dey fight demsef, some dey for di Jews side, and some dey for di disciples side. get levels reach—to komot hin sandals from hin leg.’

5. Di Gentiles, di Jews, togeda wit dia leaders, con dey plan to do dem anyhow and stone dem.

6. But Barnabas and Paul con know about dia plan, so dem run go Lycaonian, city of Lystra and Derbe, and di kontri wey dey around.

7. And dem kontinu to preach di good news.

For Lystra And Derbe

8. For Lystra, e get one man wey be cripple. He sidon and he no fit waka since dem born am.

9. He listen to Paul as he dey tok. Paul look am straight, con see sey di man get faith wey fit heal am.

10. Naso Paul halla, “Stand up wit your leg!” And di man jump up, con start to dey waka.

11. Wen di plenty-pipo wey gada see wetin Paul don do, dem halla wit Lycaonian language,“Di gods don come down to meet us as human beings!”

12. Dem call Barnabas- Zeus, and dem call Paul—Hermes, becos nahin be di chief speaker.

13. Di priest of Zeus, wey hin worship-place dey outside di city, con carry malu plus flowers go di city gate, becos him and di plenty-pipo wan give sacrifice to Barnabas and Paul.

14. But wen di apostles—Barnabas and Paul hear am, dem tear dia cloth, con rush go outside to meet di plenty-pipo. Dem con dey halla:

15. “Omo, why una wan do dis kain tin? Kai, we be men like una. We carry good news come meet una—make una change from tins wey no make-sense, and turn to Baba-God wey dey alive—wey make heaven plus earth, and di big-river, plus everitin wey dey inside am.

16. Before-before, he allow all nations go dia own way.

17. But he no just dey wit- out pipo wey go tok about hin goodness: He don show sey he kind, as he give una rain from heaven, and plants for dia season. He give una plenty food, con make una heart brekete wit joy.”

18. Even wit wetin dem tok, dem no fit stop di plenty-pipo make dem no give sacrifice to dem.

19. Naso some Jews wey come from Antioch and Iconium confuse di plenty-pipo. Dem stone Paul, con drag am go outside di city—dem tink sey he don kpeme.

20. But afta di disciples gada round am, naso he just stand up, con go back to di city. Di next day, he and Barnabas komot go Derbe.

Dem Go Back Go Antioch For Syria

21. Dem preach di good news for dat city, con win plenty disciples. So dem go back to Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch.

22. Dem ginger di disciples hearts [soul], con give dem moral to kontinu inside di faith. Dem tok sey, “We must pass tru plenty suffer-head to enta Baba-God kingdom.”

23. Paul and Barnabas choose some senior￾men for dem—for everi church, and wit prayer plus fasting—dem commit di senior-men to Baba-God—wey dem don believe.

24. Afta dem pass tru Pisidia, dem enta Pamphylia,

25. And wen dem don preach Baba-God word for Perga, dem enta Attalia.

26. From Attalia, dem follow boat go back to Antioch, where dem bin dey hustle for di grace of Baba-God, for di work wey dem don complete so.

27. As dem reach there, dem gada di church togeda, con tell dem everitin wey Baba-God don use dem do. And how he take open di door of faith for world-pipo (Gentiles).

28. And dem stay for there well-well wit di disciples.


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