Acts Chapter 15

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Di Meeting For Jerusalem

1. Some men come from Judea to Antioch con dey teach di brodas: “ Unless una dey circumcised based-on di custom wey Moses teach us, una no go get salvation.”

2. E con make Paul and Barnabas get kwanta wit dem. So dem choose Paul and Barnabas, along wit some oda believers, to go Jerusalem to see di apostles plus senior-men—about dis mata.

3. Di church send dem go Jerusalem. Dem branch Phoenicia and Samaria to visit God-pipo. Dem gist dem as dem take convert world-pipo (Gentiles). Dis gist con make dem happy.

4. Wen Paul and Barnabas reach Jerusalem, di church and di disciples, plus di senior-men welcome dem, dem tell dem everitin wey Baba-God don use dem do.

5. Naso some of di believers wey belong todi group of di Pharisees—stand up, con tok sey, “Dem must circumcise world- pipo (Gentiles), and dem must obey Moses law.”

6. So di apostles and di senior-men con do meeting to reason di mata.

7. Afta dem reason di mata well-well, Peter con stand up dey follow dem tok: “Brodas, una know sey before-before Baba-God choose me among una—sey world-pipo (Gentiles) go hear di message of di good news from my lips and dem go believe.

8. Baba-God wey know pipo heart, show sey he don accept dem as he give dem di Holy Spirit—just as he give us sef.

9. He no show any difference between dem and us, he use faith take make dia heart pure.

10. Why una con dey try to test Baba-God now—as una wan put load for di disciples neck—wey even we and awa papa-papa-papa no fit carry?

11. Lai-lai! We believe sey na tru di grace of awa Oga Jesus we take get salvation, just like dem.”

12. Di whole pipo wey gada con dey quiet as dem dey listen to Barnabas and Paul tok about di miracles plus wonders wey Baba-God don use dem do—among world-pipo [Gentiles].

13. Wen dem finish, James con start to dey tok: “Brodas, make una hear me well.

14. Simon don explain to us how Baba-God first show concern—by taking di world-pipo as hin own pipo.

15. Di words of di prophets rhyme wit dis, as dem write am sey:

16. “ ‘Afta dis, I go come back to build David tent again—wey don kpafuka. I go build am from scata-scata, I go stand am from ground,

17. so dat di pipo wey remain among human being, and all di world-pipo wey dey call my name—go fit fyne Baba-God. Na wetin Baba-God tok—wey dey do all dis tins.

18. I promise dis tins since olden days.

19. “I feel sey make we no make am hard for world-pipo wey wan follow Baba-God.

20. Instead, make we write to dem, con tell dem sey make dem komot hand from food wey pipo give to idols, from anyhow-sex, or di meat of animals wey dem choke, and from blood.

21. Dem preach about di law of Moses for everi city since di olden days, and dem still dey read am for di worship-place everi Sabbath.”

Di Senior-men Letter To World- pipo (Gentiles) Wey Believe

22. Naso di apostles, plus senior-men, wit di full church, decide to choose some of dia own men, to send dem go Antioch—wit Paul and Barnabas. Dem choose Judas [wey dem dey call Barsabbas], plus Silas—two men wey be leaders among di brodas.

23. Dem send dis letter follow dem: Dis letter na from di apostles and senior￾men, una brodas for Jerusalem. We dey write am to di Gentile believers for Antioch, Syria and Cilicia. Greetings!

24. We don hear sey some pipo wey we no send—komot from us, con dey give una wahala wit words, and dem dey use dia teaching disturb una mind.

25. So all of us agree to choose some men to send come meet una wit awa correct padi, Barnabas plus Paul.

26. Dem be men wey don risk dia life for di name of awa Oga Jesus Christ.

27. So we dey send Judas and Silas, make dem use dia mouth confam wetin we dey write.

28. E dey good for di Holy Spirit and for us—make we no stress una wit anytin apart from wetin we wan let una know so:

29. Make una komot hand from food wey dem sacrifice to idols, from blood, from di meat of animal wey dem choke, and from anyhow-sex. Una go do well if una no put hand for all dis tins. Bye-bye.

30. Dem send di men go, and dem go Antioch—where dem gada di church togeda con give dem di letter.

31. Di pipo read am, con dey happy for di message wey give dem moral.

32. Judas plus Silas wey be prophets—tok plenty tins to ginger dem, and give di brodas strength.

33. Afta dem don spend small time for there, di brodas send dem go—wit blessings of peace, make dem go back to meet di pipo wey send dem come.

34. But Silas still like to stay for there.

35. Paul and Barnabas stay for Antioch—where dem plus plenty oda pipo teach, and preach Baba-God word.

Paul And Barnabas No Gree For Demsef

36. Lata-lata, Paul con tell Barnabas sey, “Make we go back go visit di brodas for all di towns where we preach Baba-God word—toknow howfar wit dem.”

37. Barnabas wan carry John wey dem dey call Mark—follow-body,

38. but Paul no gree, becos John bin fashi dem for Pamphylia—and he no follow dem work again.

39. Dem no gree at all for di mata, sote dem con waka komot from each oda. Barnabas carry Mark, and dem follow boat go Cyprus,

40. but Paul choose Silas con komot, and di brodas pray for Baba-God grace to dey upon am. Asia dat time.

41. Dem pass tru Syria and Cilicia, as dem dey ginger di churches.


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