Acts Chapter 16

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Timothy Join Paul

1. Paul first go Derbe, con reach Lystra, where one disciple wey dem dey call Timothy dey stay. Hin mama na Jews and she be believer, but hin papa na Greek.

2. Di brodas for Lystra and Iconium tok beta tins about am.

3. Paul wan carry am follow-body for di waka, so he circumcise am becos of di Jews wey dey stay for dat area, all of dem know sey Timothy papa na Greek.

4. And as dem travel from town to town, dem tell di pipo di decision wey di apostles and senior- men for Jerusalem make—for di pipo to obey.

5. So di churches stand gidigbam for di faith, and plenty pipo join dem everi day.

Paul Vision Of Di Man For Macedonia

6. Paul and hin padi travel everi-where for di area of Phrygia and Galatia, as di Holy Spirit no let dem preach di word for around

7. Wen dem reach di border of Mysia, dem try to enta Bithynia, but di Spirit of Jesus no let dem.

8. So dem pass near Mysia, con go Troas.

9. For night, Paul see vision about one man for Macedonia wey stand dey beg am, “Come Macedonia to epp us.”

10. Afta Paul see di vision, we sharply ready, con komot go Macedonia. We just know sey Baba-God don call us to preach di good news to dem.

Lydia Of Philippi Believe In Jesus

11. From Troas we enta water, con move awa boat straight go Samothrace. And di next day, we go Neapolis.

12. From there we travel go Philippi—wey dey under Roman govment, and na di main city wey dey dat area of Macedonia. We stay for there for some days.

13. On Sabbath, we go outside di city gate to di river where we expect to see place wey we fit pray. We sidon, con dey gist wit di women wey gada for there.

14. One woman wey dem dey call Lydia from di city of Thyatira, dey among di pipo wey dey listen. She dey sell expensive purple wrapper, and she be worshipper of Baba-God. Baba-God open her heart to reason Paul message.

15. Wen she and her family pipo baptize, she invite us go her house. She tok sey, “If you count me as part of God-pipo, oya make una con stay for my house.” Naso she beg us.

Paul And Silas For Inside Prison

16. Once, as we dey go pray, one house-girl come meet us. She get one spirit wey dey make her see di future. She dey make plenty moni for her owners—as she dey tell pipo tins wey go happun to dem.

17. Dis girl follow Paul and di rest of us, she con dey halla, “Dis men na servants of di Most High God, wey dey show una di way for Baba-God to save una.”

18. She do am for plenty days. Las-las, Paul con dey worry—sote he turn round, con tell di spirit sey, “In di name of Jesus, I command you to komot from her body!” Naso di spirit just komot from her body.

19. Wen di owners of di slave girl see sey dia hope of making moni don spoil, dem hold Paul and Silas con drag dem go marketplace, to go face govment.

20. Di pipo con carry dem go meet di judge, con tok sey, “Dis men be Jews, and dem dey cos kasala for awa city.

21. Dem wan give us tradition wey no dey right for Romans to accept or do.”

22. Di plenty pipo con join dem—dey change-am-for Paul and Silas, and naso di judge sey make dem naked dem, con flog dem.

23. Afta dem don flog Paul and Silas wella, dem throw dem inside prison, and dem tell di pesin wey dey guard di prison—sey make dem guard dem well-well.

24. As he receive di order, di guard put dem for cell wey dey inside-inside, con tie dia leg.

25. For midnight Paul and Silas con dey pray, dey sing hymn to Baba-God, and di oda prisoners dey listen to dem.

26. Naso one kain serious earthquake shake di foundation of di prison, all di doors of di prison open, and everi-pesin chain loose.

27. Di prison guard wake up, and wen he see sey di prison doors don open, he drag hin sword wan kill hinsef—becos he tink sey di prisoners don run.

28. But Paul con shout, “No wound yoursef! We dey here!”

29. Di prison guard sey make dem bring light for am, he rush enta—con fall, dey shake for Paul and Silas front.

30. He carry dem come out con ask, “Oga, wetin I go do to get salvation?”

31. Dem ansa am, “Believe in Oga Jesus, and you go save—you plus your house [family].

32. Naso dem preach Baba-God word to am, plus oda pipo wey dey hin house sef.

33. Dat time for night, di prison guard carry dem go wash dia wound; him and all hin family sharply baptize.

34. Di prison guard carry dem enta hin house, con give dem food; hin belle sweet am—becos him and hin whole family believe Baba-God.

35. Wen morning reach, di judge order di officers to go di prison, he sey, “Release those men.”

36. So di prison guard tell Paul sey, “Di judge don order make I release you and Silas. Una fit dey go now. Go in peace.”

37. So Paul tell di officer sey: “Dem beat us for publik wit- out taking us to court, even though we be Roman pipo, dem put us for prison. And now shebi dem wan codedly pursue us komot? No! make dem come by diasef con escort us komot.”

38. Di officers report wetin happun to di judge, and wen dem hear sey Paul and Silas na Roman pipo, dem con dey shake.

39. Dem beg Paul and Silas, con escort dem from di prison, and dem sey make Paul and Silas komot from di city.

40. Afta Paul and Silas komot from prison, dem go Lydia house, where dem meet di brodas, con ginger dem. And dem komot.


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