Acts Chapter 17

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For Thessalonica

1. Afta Paul and hin padi pass Amphipolis and Apollonia, dem reach Thessalonica where one Jews worship-place dey.

2. As Paul dey always do, he enta di worship-place, and for three Sabbath days, he reason wit dem from di Holy-books.

3. He explain and dey confam to dem—sey di Christ suppose suffer, con raise up from di dead. He tok sey, “Dis Jesus wey I dey tell una about—nahin be Christ.”

4. Some of di Jew con reason am, and dem join Paul and Silas, even plenty Greeks wey dey fear Baba-God, plus some women wey get level.

5. But di Jews con dey jealous; so dem gada some jaguda pipo from di market, con start katakata for di city. Dem rush go Jason house go fyne Paul and Silas, so dat dem go fit drag dem come out—to meet di plenty-pipo.

6. But as dem no see Paul and Silas, dem drag Jason and some oda brodas go meet di city officials, dem con dey halla: “Dis men wey don cos kasala for di whole world don come here,

7. and Jason don camp dem for hin house. All of dem dey break Caesar law, dem tok sey anoda king dey—wey dem dey call Jesus.”

8. Wen dem hear dis, kasala con burst among di plenty pipo, plus di city officials.

9. Dem con make Jason and di odas bail demsef, con allow dem dey go.

For Berea

10. As night just reach, di brodas send Paul and Silas go Berea. As dem reach there, dem enta di Jews worship-place.

11. Di pipo of Berea get beta character pass di Thessalonians, dem receive di message like sey dem bin dey expect am before-before, con study di Holy-books everi day to see if wetin Paul dey tok na true.

12. Plenty of di Jews believe, even plenty Greek women wey get levels, plus plenty Greek men sef.

13. Wen di Jews for Thessalonica hear sey Paul dey preach Baba-God word for Berea, dem go there to cos kasala among di pipo.

14. Naso di brodas sharply carry Paul komot go di big-river, but Silas and Timothy stay for Berea.

15. Di men wey escort Paul carry am go Athens, con leave message for Timothy and Silas make dem meet am kiakia.

Paul Preach For Athens

16. As Paul dey wait for dem for Athens, hin spirit con dey provoke sey di city burku wit idols.

17. So he reason wit di Jews for di worship-place, and di Greek pipo wey dey fear Baba-God, and for marketplace everi day, wit those pipo wey dey there.

18. One group of Epicurean and Stoic tinkers con dey argue wit am. So some of dem con ask, “Wetin dis tok-tok dey try to yarn?” Some tok sey, “E be like sey he dey try to preach about foreign gods.” Dem tok dis kain tin becos Paul dey preach di good news about Jesus, and as he take raise up from di dead.

19. Naso dem carry am go di council, con ask am, “We fit know about dis new teaching wey you carry come meet us?

20. You dey bring some strange idea come awa ears, and we wan know wetin e mean.”

21. (All di pipo of Athens, plus di foreigners wey dey stay for there—just dey spend dia time dey do notin, but gist and listen to di latest idea.)

22. Paul stand up for di meeting of di Areopagus, con tok sey: “Men of Athens! I see sey una dey religious for everi way.

23. As I waka round, I see una plenty shrine, I even see one altar wey dem write sey: TO GOD WEY PIPO NO KNOW. Now I go tok about dat God wey una dey worship—wey una no know.

24. “Di God wey make di world, plus everitin wey dey for inside am—nahin be di Oga of heaven plus earth, and he no dey stay inside house wey men use dia hand take build for Am.

25. Man hand no fit serve am, as if he need sometin, becos nahin dey give all men life and breath, plus everi oda tin.

26. Na from one man he take make everi nation of men, so dat dem go dey for di whole earth; and he choose di time wey he give dem to live, and di very place wey he wan make dem live.

27. Baba-God do dis tin so dat men go fyne am, and make dem try to look for am, even though he no far from everi one of us.

28. Na inside am we dey live, dey waka, con dey exist.’ As some of una own poets don toksey, ‘Na we be hin pikin.’

29. So as we be hin pikin, make we no reason sey Baba-God be like gold or silver or stone—and image wey man design wit hin skill.

30. Before-before Baba-God no bin reason dat kain tin, but now he don tell everi-pesin for everi-where make dem change.

31. He don set one day, wey he go use di man wey he don choose, to judge di whole world wit justice. He don confam dis tins to men as he raise Jesus from di dead.

32. Wen dem hear about di dead wey go take raise up again, some of dem con dey laff, but odas con tok sey, “We wan hear you again based-on dis mata.”

33. So Paul komot from di meeting.

34. Some men start to dey follow Paul, con believe. Dionysius wey be member of di council dey among, plus one woman wey her name na Damaris, and some oda pipo sef.


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