Acts Chapter 18

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For Corinth

1. Afta dis, Paul komot from Athens go Corinth.

2. For there, he meet one Jew wey dem dey call Aquila. Dem born am for Pontus. Aquila just come from Italy wit hin wife Priscilla, becos Claudius tok sey make all di Jews komot from Rome. Paul go see dem,

3. and becos he dey make tent like dem, he stay wit dem, con hustle wit dem.

4. Everi Sabbath, he dey reason for di worship-place, dey try to convince di Jews plus di Greeks.

5. Wen Silas and Timothy show from Macedonia, Paul no do any oda tin except to dey preach, he tell di Jews sey Jesus na Christ.

6. But wen di Jews change-am-for Paul con dey do am anyhow, he tear hin cloth—con vex for dem, he tell dem sey, “Una blood go dey una own head! I don do my work. From now on, I go-go meet world-pipo.”

7. Naso Paul komot from di worship-place, con go Titus Justus house, wey be worshipper of Baba-God.

8. Crispus, wey be di worship-place ruler, and hin whole family believe Baba-God. Plenty of di pipo of Corinth wey hear Paul—believe, con baptize.

9. One night, naso Baba-God tok wit Paul for hin vision: “No dey fear; make you dey tok dey go, no keep quiet.

10. I dey wit you, and no- pesin go attack or wound you, becos I get plenty pipo for di city.”

11. So Paul stay for one and half year, he teach dem Baba-God word.

12. Wen Gallio be di govnor of Achaia, di Jews con join hand togeda—dem attack Paul, con carry am go meet Gallio make he judge Paul.

13. Dem tok sey, “Dis man sey make pipo dey worship Baba-God wit different way from di law.”

14. As Paul wan tok, Gallio con tell di Jews sey, “If una, Jews—dey complain about some bad tins, or serious crime, e go make-sense if I listen to una.

15. But since na mata wey involve questions about words, plus names, and about una own law—make una settle di mata by unasef. I no go judge dis kain tin.”

16. Naso he pursue dem komot from di court.

17. All of dem con go meet Sosthenes wey be di worship-place ruler, dem beat Paul for front of di court. But Gallio do like sey e no concern am.

Paul Go Syria

18. Paul stay for Corinth for some time. He leave di brodas—con follow boat go Syria, Priscilla and Aquila follow am. Before he move wit di boat, he barb hin hair for Cenchrea, becos of one promise wey he make to Baba-God [as Nazirite to separate hinsef].

19. Dem reach Ephesus were Paul leave Priscilla and Aquila. As he dey for Ephesus, he enta di worship-place, con dey reason wit di Jews.

20. Wen dem ask am to spend more time wit dem, he no gree.

21. But as he komot, he promise dem sey, “I go come back if na Baba-God wish.” Naso he take komot from Ephesus.

22. Wen he land for Caesarea, he go greet di church for Jerusalem—con go Antioch.

23. Afta he spend some time for Antioch, Paul komot from there—con dey travel upandan for di whole area of Galatia plus Phrygia—con dey ginger all di disciples.

24. One Jews wey dem dey call Apollos wey dem born for Alexandria, come Ephesus. He be man wey go school, wey know di Holy-books well-well.

25. He dey follow Baba-God way, and he tok wit serious spirit, con dey teach about Jesus wella, even though he only know about di baptism of John.

26. He start to dey tok for di worship-place wit full-mind. Wen Priscilla and Aquila hear am, dem invite am come dia house, con explain Baba-God way to am fully.

27. Wen Apollos wan go Achaia, di brodas and sistas give am moral to go. Dem con write to di disciples for Achaia—sey make dem welcome am. As he reach there, he epp those pipo well- well—wey don believe wit grace.

28. He seriously convince di Jews for publik argument, con confam from di Holy-books sey Jesus na Christ.


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