Acts Chapter 19

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Paul For Ephesus

1. As Apollo dey for Corinth, Paul pass di road for di mainland, con reach Ephesus. For there, he meet some disciples.

2. He ask dem sey,“Una receive di Holy Spirit wen una believe?” Dem ansa am, “No,we neva even hear sey one Holy Spirit dey sef.”

3. So Paul ask dem, “So which kain baptism una receive?” Dem ansa sey, “Na John baptism.”

4. Naso Paul tok sey, “John baptism na baptism of repentance. He tell di pipo make dem believe di Pesin wey go come afta am—wey be Jesus.”

5. As dem hear dis one, dem baptize in di name of Oga Jesus.

6. Wen Paul lay hin hand on dem, di Holy Spirit enta dia body, dem con dey speak in tongues and prophesy.

7. All of dem be about twelve men.

8. Paul enta di worship-place, con dey tok wit full-mind for there—for three months, he dey argue and dey convince dem about Baba-God kingdom.

9. But some of dem con get coconut-head; dem no gree believe, dem con dey bad-mouth di way of Christ for publik. So Paul leave dem. He carry di disciples follow-body, con dey discuss everi day for di lecture hall of Tyrannus.

10. Dis tin happun for two years, sote all di Jews plus Greeks wey dey stay around Asia—hear Baba-God word.

11. Baba-God use Paul do ogbonge miracles,

12. sote dem carry even handkerchief plus apron wey touch Paul—go meet pipo wey dey sick, e heal dia sickness, and di evil spirit komot from dia body.

13. Some Jews wey dey waka around—dey pursue evil spirit, try to use Jesus name for those pipo wey get bad-spirit. Dem sey, “In di name of Jesus wey Paul dey preach, I sey make you komot.”

14. Seven brodas, wey be di sons of Sceva, one Jews chief priest—nahin dey do dis kain tin.

15. One day, di evil spirit ansa dem, “We know Jesus, and we know Paul, but who una be sef?”

16. Naso di man wey get di evil spirit jump for dia body, con over-pawa all of dem. He beat dem sote dem run komot from di house naked—wit wound.

17. Wen di Jews and di Greeks wey dey stay for Ephesus know wetin happun, fear catch all of dem. Dem con cut-cap well- well for Oga Jesus name.

18. Many of those pipo wey believe—korokoro confess dia evil ways.

19. Plenty of dem wey dey do otumokpor, carry dia books and dem burn di books for outside. Wen dem calculate di amount of di books e reach fifty thousand pieces of silver.

20. Naso Baba-God word con dey spread everi-where, and e con dey get pawa.

21. Afta all dis tin happun, Paul decide to go Jerusalem, he pass tru Macedonia and Achaia. He con tok sey, “Afta I reach there, I go visit Rome.”

22. He send two of di pipo wey dey epp am, Timothy and Erastus go Macedonia as he dey around Asia small.

Di Katakata For Ephesus

23. Around dat time, yawa con gas for di way of Christ.

24. One silversmith wey dem dey call Demetrius, wey dey make silver shrines of Artemis—dey give di artists beta business.

25. He call dem togeda, along wit di workers wey dem dey sell togeda, con tok sey: “Nnaa, una know sey we dey make beta moni from dis business.

26. And now una don see, con hear as dis guy—Paul, don convince and don make plenty pipo for Ephesus and everi-where for Asia—fashi us, and Artemis. He tok sey gods wey man make wit hin hand no make-sense at all.

27. Yawa don gas, no be only di good name of awa business we go lose, plus di worship-place of di ogbonge goddess Artemis no go get levels again, and di divine majesty of di goddess hersef wey pipo dey worship for everi-place for Asia and di world—go con fade.”

28. Wen dem hear am, dem vex, con dey halla: “Artemis of Ephesians na ogbonge!”

29. Sharp-sharp, naso kasala burst for di whole city. Di pipo catch Gaius plus Aristarchus—Paul padi wey follow am travel from Macedonia, all of dem con rush togeda enta di town hall.

30. Paul wan be go meet di plenty pipo, but di disciples no let am. 31. Even some of di chief of Asia wey be Paul padi, send am message, dem beg am sey make he no enta di hall.

32. Katakata con dey among di plenty pipo wey gada: Some of dem dey shout one tin, odas dey shout anoda tin. Most of dem no even know why dem dey for there.

33. Di Jews push Alexander go front—from among di plenty pipo. He con give dem sign make dem keep quiet—so dat he go fit defend hinsef for front of di pipo.

34. But wen dem notice sey he be Jew, all of dem start to dey shout togeda for about two hours, “ Artemis of Ephesians na ogbonge!”

35. Naso di city official sey make di plenty-pipo cool down, con tok sey: “Men of Ephesus, abi di whole world no know sey Ephesus nahin dey keep di worship-place of di ogbonge Artemis and her image wey fall come from heaven?

36. So, since no-pesin fit argue dis koko, una suppose dey quiet, and make una no do-anyhow.

37. Una don carry dis men come here, even though dem neva rob di worship-place or bad-mouth awa goddess.

38. If Demetrius and hin fellow artists dey vex for any- pesin, di court dey open—and we get govnors . Dem fit carry dem go court.

39. If anytin still dey for una mind, una fit settle am for official meeting.

40. As e be so, dem fit charge us sey we riot becos of wetin happun today. If e happun like dat, we no go fit explain awasef to di govment for dis kain katakata, since we no need am in di first place.”

41. Afta he tok finish, he discharge everi￾pesin.


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