Acts Chapter 2

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Di Holy Spirit Show For Pentecost

1. Wen di day of Pentecost reach, all of dem dey togeda for one place.

2. Naso one noise like heavy breeze come from heaven, con full di whole house where dem dey sidon.

3. Dem see small faya wey be like tongue, e con dey for everi-pesin head.

4. Naso all of dem brekete wit di Holy Spirit, con start to dey tok different languages as di Spirit those pipo don jogodo.” dey ginger dem.

5. Now, dem dey for Jerusalem—Jews from everi nation under heaven—wey dey respect Baba-God.

6. Plenty pipo con gada wit surprise, wen dem hear dia own language from di disciples mouth.

7. Dem surprise well-well, con dey ask: “How e take dey possible? Dis men na from Galilee,

8. but how come everi single one of us dey hear wetin dem dey tok for awa own native language?

9. Parthians, Medes and Elamites; pipo wey dey stay for Mesopotamia, Judea p l us Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia,

10. Phrygia, plus Pamphylia, Egypt, and di part of Lybia wey dey near Cyrene; visitors from Rome, Jews, and proselytes,

11. Cretans plus Arabs—we dey hear dem dey tok about di wonders of Baba-God for awa own language!”

12. So all of dem surprise, and dem shock, con dey ask demsef sey, “Wetin dis tin mean?”

13. Some of di pipo con dey laff—con tok sey, “E be like sey those pipo don jogodo.”

Peter Follow Di Plenty-pipo Yarn

14. So Peter stand up wit di oda eleven disciples, he raise hin voice, con follow di plenty-pipo tok: “Awa fellow Jews and all of una wey dey stay for Jerusalem, make I explain wetin dey sup; make una put ears for ground.

15. Dis men neva high as una dey tink. Na just nine o’clock for morning!

16. But dis na wetin di prophet Joel bin tok about:

17. “And e go happun for di last days, Baba-God tok sey: I go pour my Spirit on all pipo. Una sons and daughters go prophesy, una young men go see visions, una old men go dream dreams.

18. Those days, I go pour my Spirit on my servants—both men plus women, and dem go prophesy.

19. I go show dem ogbonge tins for heaven wey dey up, and I go show dem signs for earth wey dey down, blood and faya plus clouds of smoke.

20. Di sun go turn to darkness, and di moon go turn to blood for di great and glorious day wen di Oga go show.

21. And everi-pesin wey call Baba-God name go save.’

22. “Men of Israel, make una hear dis words; Jesus of Nazareth na man wey Baba-God confam among una wit miracles, and wonders, plus miracle signs—wey Baba-God use am do among una, as unasef know.

23. Baba-God give una dis man based-on hin plan, and wetin he don reason down; and una join wicked men kill am wit nail for cross.

24. But Baba-God raise am up from di dead, he free am from di pains of death, becos death no fit hollam down.

25. David tok about am: “ ‘I see di Oga wey always dey for my front. No-shaking for me, becos he dey for my right hand.

26. So my heart dey jolly, and my tongue dey happy; my body sef go live wit hope,

27. becos you no go fashi my soul for grave, or let your Holy One rotten.

28. You don show me di way of life; you go make my happiness brekete for your front.’

29. “Brodas, I fit tell una korokoro sey di palee—David, die and dem bury am, and hin grave still dey here till today.

30. But he be prophet and he know sey Baba￾God don promise am wit oath sey, he go put one of hin pikin-pikin-pikin for hin king-chair.

31. As he see wetin dey for front, he tok about Christ wey go raise up from grave, and sey Baba-God no fashi am for grave, or sey hin body rotten.

32. Baba-God don raise dis Jesus to life, and all of us na witness of wetin happun.

33. Baba-God give am levels for hin right hand, and di Fada don give am di promise of di Holy Spirit, and he don tok everitin wey una dey see and hear.

34. David no go-up to heaven, and hinsef tok sey, “ ‘My Oga tell my Oga sey: “Sidon for my right hand,

35. until I turn your enemies to stool under your leg.” ‘

36. “So make all Israel dey sure of dis tin: Baba-God don make dis Jesus, wey una kill—both Oga and Christ.”

37. Wen di pipo hear wetin he tok, dia heart cut, so dem tell Peter plus di oda apostles sey, “Brodas so wetin we go con do?”

38. Naso Peter tell dem sey, “Make all of una repent, and make una baptize in di name of Jesus Christ—becos of di forgiveness of una sins. And una go receive di gift of di Holy Spirit.

39. Di promise na for una, and una pikin, and for everi-pesin wey dey far-far—and for everi- pesin wey Baba-God awa Oga go call.”

40. He warn dem wit plenty words; he con beg dem sey, “Save unasef from dis corrupt generation.”

41. He baptize those pipo wey accept hin message. And three thousand pipo join dem dat day.

Di Meeting Of God-pipo

42. Dem give dia time to wetin di apostles dey teach, plus di meetings, and di sharing of food, plus prayer.

43. All of dem fear, and di apostle do plenty wonders, plus miracle signs.

44. All God- pipo dey togeda and dem share everitin wey dem get togeda.

45. Dem sell dia properties and market, con give di pipo wey need sometin.

46. Everi day, dem dey meet for di worship-place. Dem share dia bread and chop togeda from house to house—wit happiness plus open-heart,

47. as dem dey praise Baba-God, and as dem dey flex di favour from everi-pesin. Everi day Baba-God con dey add pipo wey dey saved—join dem.


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