Acts Chapter 20

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Paul Go Macedonia And Greece

1. Wen di katakata finish, Paul sey make di disciples come, and afta he hug dem, he tell dem bye-bye, con go Macedonia.

2. He travel pass dat area—dey ginger di pipo wit hin words, las-las he con reach Greece,

3. where he stay for three months. Becos di Jews dey plan bad for am as he wan move go Syria, he change hin mind—con go back go pass tru Macedonia.

4. Sopater wey be son of Pyrrhus from Berea, Aristachus and Secundus from Thessalonica, Gaius from Derbe, Timothy sef, plus Tychicus and Trophimus from around Asia follow am go.

5. Dis men go for front—to wait for us for Troas.

6. But we move awa ship from Philippi afta di Festival of Bread wit no Yeast, and five days afta, we join di odas for Troas, where we stay for seven days. Dem Raise

Eutychus From Di Dead For Troas

7. For di first day of di week, we gada togeda to share bread. Paul tok wit di pipo, and becos he plan to komot di next day, he tok reach midnight.

8. Plenty lamps dey for di upstairs room were we dey do di meeting.

9. One guy wey dem dey call Eutychus sidon for window, he con dey sleep as Paul dey preach. Wen he don sleep go far, he fall from di three storey go down—he con kpeme.

10. So Paul rush go down, he bend down, con put hin hand round di guy. Naso he tok sey, “Make una mind no dey cut, he dey alive!”

11. He climb go upstairs again, con cut bread chop. Afta he preach reach morning, naso he komot.

12. Di pipo carry di guy go house alive, and dia mind con cool down.

Paul Tell Di Senior-men of Ephesian Bye-bye

13. Paul follow land go Assos, where we don arrange for am to join us, as we use ship travel go for front.

14. Wen he meet us for Assos, we carry am enta di ship con go Mitylene.

15. Di next day, we move awa ship from there con reach Kios. Di day afta dat day, we cross go Samos and di following day, we reach Miletus.

16. Paul don decide to follow boat pass Ephesus, so dat we no go spend time for around Asia, he dey rush go Jerusalem, if possible to reach there on Pentecost day.

17. From Miletus, Paul send message sey make di senior-men of di church for Ephesus show.

18. Wen dem reach there, he tell dem sey: “Una know how I dey live dat time wen I bin dey wit una, from di first day wen I come around Asia.

19. I serve Baba-God wit humbleness and plenty tears, even though di Jews plan bad for me, e be like big test for me.

20. Una know sey I neva slack to preach anytin wey go epp una, but I don teach una for publik , and from house to house.

21. I don tell both Jews plus Greeks—sey dem must turn to Baba-God, con repent. And get faith in awa Oga Jesus.

22. “And now as di Spirit dey move me, I dey go Jerusalem even though I no know wetin go happun to me for there.

23. I only know sey for everi city, di Holy Spirit don warn me sey I go face prison, plus suffer- head.

24. So, I reason my life as notin to me, if only I fit finish di race, con complete di work wey Oga Jesus don give me—di work of preaching di good news about Baba-God grace.

25. “Now I know sey none of una among di pipo wey I waka go preach to—about Baba-God kingdom—go ever see me again.

26. So, I dey tell una today sey I dey innocent of di blood of all men.

27. I no slack to tell una about Baba-God full wish.

28. Make una guard unasef, and take care of all di pipo—wey di Holy Spirit don make you as dia leader, to be shepherd of Baba-God church—wey he buy wit hin own blood.

29. I know sey afta I komot, animals in human skin go come join una, and dem go attack una.

30. Men go rise even from inside una—to spoil di truth, so dat dem go fit carry disciples follow-body.

31. So make una dey watch! Remember sey for three years I no stop to dey warn una for night and for day—wit tears.

32. “Now I commit una to Baba-God, and to di word of hin grace, wey fit make una grow, and give una share inside di blessings of Baba-God holy pipo.

33. I neva use ogboju collect any-pesin silver or gold or baffup.

34. Unasef know sey dis my hand don hustle to provide wetin me and my padi need.

35. For everitin wey I do, I show una sey wit dis kain hard work, we must epp di pipo wey no- strong, and we must remember di words of Oga Jesus hinsef wey tok sey: ‘You go get more blessing wen you give, dan wen you dey collect [receive].’

36. Wen he tok finish, he kneel down wit all of dem—con pray.

37. All of dem dey cry as dem dey hug and kiss am.

38. Wetin pain dem pass na wen he tok sey he no go see dem again. Naso dem escort am go di boat.


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