Acts Chapter 21

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Movement To Jerusalem

1. Afta we don tell di Ephesians bye-bye, we enta water, con move awa boat straight go Cos. Di next day, we go Rhodes and from there we go Patara.

2. We see one boat wey dey cross go Phoenica, we enta am, con carry-go wit boat.

3. Afta we see Cyprus, con pass di south side, we move awa boat go reach Syria. We land for Tyre, where awa ship offload e market.

4. As we see di disciples for there, we stay for there for seven days. Dem prophesy to Paul tru di Spirit, con warn Paul make he no go Jerusalem.

5. But wen awa time don reach, we komot—con kontinu awa journey. All di disciples and dia wife plus dia pikin escort us komot from di city, and for di waterside, dem kneel down—con pray.

6. Afta dem sey bye-bye to each oda, we enta di ship, and dem go back go dia house.

7. We kontinu awa journey from Tyre, and we land for Ptolemais, where we greet di brodas- con stay wit dem for one day.

8. As we komot di next day, we reach Caesarea, and we stay for Philip house. Philip na preacher, and na one of di seven men wey dem bin choose to share food.

9. He get four daughters wey neva marry, and dem sabi prophesy.

10. Afta we don dey for there for some days, one prophet- Agabus, come from Judea.

11. As he come meet us, he carry Paul belt, he use am tie hin own leg and hand, con tok sey, “Di Holy Spirit tok sey, ‘Naso di Jews go take tie di owner of dis belt, con carry am give world- pipo [Gentiles].’ ”

12. Wen we hear dis one, we and di pipo wey dey for there—con dey beg Paul sey make he no go Jerusalem.

13. So Paul tok sey, “Why una dey cry, and dey break my heart? I dey ready if dem wan tie me, and if I go kpeme for Jerusalem becos of di name of Oga Jesus.”

14. As we no fit beg am make he change hin mind, we free am, con tok sey, “Make Baba-God do hin wish.”

15. Afta dis, we ready—con dey go Jerusalem.

16. Some of di disciples wey dey Caesarea follow us. Dem con carry us go Mnason house where we stay. Mnason na from Cyprus, and he be one of di first disciples.

Paul Reach Jerusalem

17. As we reach Jerusalem, di brodas welcome us well.

18. Di next day, Paul and di rest of us go see James, and all di senior-men dey for there.

19. Paul greet dem, con gist dem di full tori of wetin Baba-God don use hin work do—among world-pipo.

20. Wen dem hear am, naso dem praise Baba-God. Dem con tell Paul sey: “Bros, you see how many thousands of Jews wey don believe, and all of dem over- serious to follow di law.

21. But dem don tell di Jew believers wey dey here for Jerusalem sey—you teach all di Jews wey dey live among world- pipo, sey make dem turn komot from Moses law, and you tell dem sey make dem no circumcise dia pikin, or follow awa tradition.

22. So wetin we go do? Dem must surely hear sey you don come,

23. so you go do wetin we tell you to do. E get four men wey don make special promise to Baba-God.

24. Follow dis four men, and join dem for dia cleaning ceremony, and pay for dia bill so dat dem go fit barb dia hair. So everi-pesin go know sey wetin dem dey hear about you no be true, but sey you sef dey obey di law.

25. As for di world-pipo wey believe, we don write to dem wetin we decide: Make dem komot hand from food wey dem sacrifice to idols, from blood, from meat wey dem choke, and from anyhow-sex.”

Dem Gbab Paul

26. Di next day, Paul carry di men, con clean hinsef togeda wit dem. He go di worship-place to give notice of di date wen hin cleaning ceremony go end, and he go give sacrifice offering for everi single one of dem.

27. Wen di seven days don dey reach, some Jews from around Asia see Paul for di worship-place. Dem ginger di plenty-pipo, dem con hold Paul.

28. Naso dem start to dey shout, “Men of Israel, epp us! Dis na di man wey dey teach all men for everi-where—against awa pipo, awa law, and dis place. Evensef, he don carry Greeks enta di worship-place, and he don pollute dis holy place.”

29. (Dem don bin see Trophimus wey be Ephesian—for di city wit Paul, and dem reason sey Paul don carry am enta di worship-place.)

30. Di full city start to dey ginger, pipo run come from everi corner, dem hold Paul, dem drag am from di worship-place, and dem close di gates sharply.

31. As dem dey try to kill Paul, di commander of di Roman Army con hear gist sey kasala don burst for di whole city of Jerusalem.

32. Naso he carry some sojas and officers—con run go meet di plenty pipo. Wen di pipo wey dey cos katakata see di commander and di sojas, dem stop to dey beat Paul.

33. Di commander arrest Paul, con tok sey make dem tie am wit two chains. He ask who Paul be, and wetin he do.

34. Some of di pipo for di crowd dey shout one tin, some of dem dey shout anoda tin, and since di commander no fit get di koko of di mata becos of di katakata, he tok sey—make dem carry Paul enta di barracks.

35. Wen Paul reach di steps, di katakata too much, sote di sojas carry Paul for dia shoulder to protect am.

36. Di plenty pipo wey follow dem still dey halla, “Kill am, kill am!”

Paul Follow Di Plenty-pipo Yarn

37. As di sojas wan carry Paul enta di barracks, Paul tell di commander sey, “I fit tell you sometin?” He con ask am, “You sabi speak Greek?

38. No be you be d i Egyptian wey wan overthrow govment, wey carry four thousand terrorist enta di desert—wey neva too tey so?”

39. Paul con ansa am, “I be Jew, from Tarsus for Cilicia, I be citizen of city wey get levels. Biko make I follow di pipo tok.”

40. As di commander gree, naso Paul stand for di step con wave di plenty pipo. Wen all of dem don keep quiet, he follow dem tok.


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