Acts Chapter 22

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1. He tok wit Aramaic: “Brodas and Fadas, make una listen now to wetin I wan tok.”

2. Wen dem hear Paul dey follow dem tok wit Aramaic, dem con quiet well-well. Naso Paul tok sey,

3. “I be Jew wey dem born for Tarsus for Cilicia, but I grow up for di city. Dem train me under Gamaliel for di law of awa papa. And I over-serious for di law as una carry di mata for head today.

4. I show di pipo wey dey follow dis way of Christ—pepper, I kill dem, I arrest both men and women, and I lock dem inside prison.

5. Di high priest plus all di council know sey wetin I dey tok na true. I even collect letters from dem to di Jews brodas wey dey for Damascus, and I go there to bring dis pipo as prisoners come Jerusalem—to receive punishment.

6. “Around afternoon as I don dey reach Damascus, naso one bright light from heaven flash around me.

7. I fall for ground, con hear one voice wey tell me sey, ‘Saul! Saul! Why you dey show me pepper?’

8. “So I ask am, ‘Who you be Oga?’ He ansa me sey, “ ‘Na me be Jesus of Nazareth, wey you dey show pepper.’

9. My padi wey dey follow me see di light, but dem no understand di voice of di Pesin wey dey follow me tok.

10. I ask am sey, “ ‘Wetin I go do, Oga?’ “Naso he tok sey, ‘Stand up, dey go Damascus. Na for there dem go tell you everitin wey you suppose do.’

11. My padi con hold my hand enta Damascus, becos di way di light take shine—don make my eyes blind.

12. “So one man wey dem dey call Ananias come see me. He be man wey dey seriously keep di law, and all di Jews wey dey for there dey respect am well-well.

13. He stand for my side con tok sey, ‘Broda Saul, oya start to dey see!’ And from dat minute—I con start to dey see.

14. “He tok sey: ‘Di God of awa papa-papa-papa don choose you to know hin will, and to meet di Good One, and to hear yarnings from hin mouth.

15. You go tok about Christ to all men—for wetin you don see, and wetin you don hear.

16. And now wetin you dey wait for? Get up, make dem baptize you—so dat your sins go wash komot—by calling di name of di Oga.’

17. “Wen I come back to Jerusalem, con dey pray for di worship-place, naso I see vision,

18. and I see Jesus dey tok. He tell me sey, ‘Kpakpakpa, komot from Jerusalem kia-kia, becos dem no go accept wetin you dey tok about me.’

19. “I con ansa am sey, ‘Oga, dis men know sey I go upandan from one worship-place to anoda, dey beat those pipo wey believe you, and I put dem for prison.

20. And wen dem shed di blood of Stephen, wey dey preach about you, I stand for there dey give order—con hold di clothes of di pipo wey kill am.’

21. “Naso Jesus tell me sey, ‘Go; I go send you far-far go meet world-pipo [Gentiles].’ ”

Paul Wey Be Roman

22. Di plenty pipo listen to Paul until he tok dis tin. Naso dem con dey raise dia voice, dey shout, “Carry am go kill! He no suppose dey alive!”

23. As dem dey shout, dey tear dia cloth komot, and dey throw dust for air,

24. di commander con tok sey make dem carry Paul enta di barracks. He tok sey make dem flog Paul, and ask am question so dat dem go know why di pipo dey shout for am like dis.

25. As dem stretch am make dem flog am, Paul con tell di soja wey dey stand for there sey, “E dey right for una to flog Roman pesin—wey una neva confam sey he do bad tin?”

26. Wen di soja hear am, he go meet di commander, con tell am. “Dey careful for wetin you go do. Dis man na Roman.”

27. So di commander go meet Paul, con ask am, “Tell me, you be Roman?” Paul ansa am, “Yes, I be Roman.”

28. Di commander con tok sey, “I pay big price to be Roman.” So Paul ansa am, “But dem born me as Roman.”

29. Those pipo wey wan bin ask am question con kpanji. Di commander sef con dey fear, as he see sey he don chain Paul wey be Roman, and he don order dem to flog am.

For Front Of Di Council

30. Di next day, since di commander wan know wetin be di offence wey di Jews dey tok sey Paul commit, he release Paul, con tok sey make di chief priests, plus all di council gada. So dem bring Paul, con sey make he stand for dia front.


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