Acts Chapter 23

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Paul Follow Di Council Tok

1. Paul look di council straight con tok sey, “My brodas, I don do Baba-God work wit beta mind reach today.”

2. Naso di high priest Ananias, tok sey make those pipo wey dey stand near Paul nack am for mouth.

3. Paul con tell dem sey, “Baba-God go nack you wey be dirty wall wey dem paint! You sidon for there dey judge me wit una law, but even yousef dey break di law as you tok sey make dem nack me!”

4. Those pipo wey dey stand near Paul con tok sey, “You get-mind to insult Baba-God high priest abi?”

5. Paul ansa dem, “Brodas, I no reason am sey nahin be high priest; dem write am sey: ‘No tok evil about di ruler of your pipo.’ ”

6. As Paul notice sey some of dem na Sadducees and odas na Pharisees, he con raise hin voice, “My brodas, I be Pharisee, and my papa sef na Pharisee. Dem dey judge me becos of my hope sey—di dead go raise up again.”

7. Wen he tok dis one, katakata con start between di Pharisees, plus Sadducees and di meeting con scata.

8. (Di Sadducees tok sey di dead no go raise up again, and sey angels plus spirit no dey, but di Pharisees tok sey all of dem dey.)

9. Serious kasala con burst, and some of di teachers of di law wey be Pharisees stand up, con dey argue well-well. Dem tok sey, “We no see anytin wrong wey dis man don do, what if spirit or angel true-true follow am tok?”

10. Di kwanta con too much sote di commander con dey fear sey dem go tear Paul to pieces. So he order di sojas make dem go down go use gragra carry am komot— enta di barracks.

11. Di next night, Christ show-face near Paul con tell am sey, “Big-up! As you don tok about me for Jerusalem, naso you must still tok about me for Rome.”

Di Plan To Kill Paul

12. Di next morning, di Jews plan codedly, con swear sey dem no go chop or drink anytin until dem kill Paul.

13. More dan forty men join dis plan.

14. Dem go meet di chief priests, plus di senior-men, con tok sey, “We don swear sey we no go chop anytin until we kill Paul.

15. Now make una and di Council beg di commander—sey make dem carry Paul come tomorrow—like sey una wan ask am more question about am. We don ready to kill Paul before he reach here.”

16. But wen Paul sista pikin hear wetin dem dey plan, he enta inside di barracks go tell Paul.

17. So Paul call one of di sojas con tok sey, “Carry dis young man go meet di commander; e get wetin di boy wan tell am.”

18. So di soja carry di boy go meet di commander, con tok sey, “Paul di prisoner, call me sey make I carry dis young man come meet you, becos he get sometin to tell you.”

19. Di commander hold di young man hand, he carry am go one corner—con ask am, “Wetin you wan tell me?”

20. Di boy con tok sey: “Di Jews don agree to ask you to carry Paul go meet di Council tomorrow—dem wan use style do like sey dem wan ask more questions about am.

21. No fall for dia plan, becos more dan forty of dem dey wait for road to kill Paul. Dem don swear sey dem no go chop or drink anytin until dem don kill am. Dem don ready now—dem dey wait make you gree to wetin dem go ask for.”

22. So di commander tok sey make di young man dey go, con warn am, “No tell any-pesin sey you don tell me dis tin oh.”

Dem Transfer Paul Go Caesarea

23. So he call two of hin sojas, con order dem, “Make una gada two hundred sojas, seventy horse-riders, plus two hundred men wit long-sharp-weapon—wey go go Caesarea dis night.

24. Arrange horse for Paul to climb, so dat dem go carry am go meet govnor Felix—safely.”

25. He con write dis letter to di govnor:

26. From Claudius Lysias, to hin Excellency, Govnor Felix: I throway-salute!

27. Di Jews hold dis man and dem wan kill am, but I carry my sojas go save am, I hear sey he be Roman.

28. I wan know why dem dey carry mata put for hin head, so I carry am go meet dia council.

29. I see sey di mata wey dem carry put for hin head—na mata about dia law, but he neva do any bad tin wey reach to kill am, or put am for prison.

30. Wen I get gist sey dem dey plan to kill di man, I sey make he come meet you sharp-sharp. I still sey make di pipo wey tok sey he don commit offence—carry dia mata come meet you.

31. So di sojas wey dey follow di orders, carry Paul for night reach Antipatris.

32. Di next day, some of di sojas wey dey ride horse carry am go Caesarea, while di odas go back to di barracks.

33. Wen di sojas wey dey ride horse reach Caesarea, dem give di govnor di letter, con carry Paul give am.

34. Di govnor read di letter, con ask am which area he come from. As he hear sey he come from Cilicia,

35. he tok sey, “I go hear your case wen di pipo wey tok sey you don commit offence—reach here.” He con tok sey make dem keep Paul wit di guards for Herod palace.


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