Acts Chapter 24

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For Court Wit Felix

1. Five days later, di high priest—Ananias, con go Caesarea wit some of di senior-men, and one lawyer wey dem dey call Tertullus. Dem carry dia mata against Paul go meet di govnor.

2. Wen dem call Paul enta, Tertullus tell Felix di mata: “E don tey wey we don dey enjoy peace as you be govnor, and your reasoning don bring progress for dis nation.

3. For everi-where and for everi way, most excellent Felix, we cut-cap for you—wit awa deep tankful heart.

4. But so dat we no go disturb you more, I go ask you to cool down hear us small.

5. “We don see sey dis man na trouble maker, he dey cos katakata among di Jews for di whole world. Nahin be di numba one man of one Nazarene group.

6. He even try to corrupt di worship-place; so we hollam.

7. But di chief captain—Lysias, con use gragra carry am komot from awa hand.

8. If you torch-light am by yoursef, you go know di truth about all di mata wey we put for hin head.”

9. Di Jews con support di mata, dem tok sey everitin na true.

10. Wen di govnor give sign make Paul tok, Paul con ansa: “I know sey na you be judge for dis nation for plenty years now; so I go happy to defend myself.

11. You fit torch-light di mata; e no pass twelve days ago wey I go Jerusalem go worship.

12. Di pipo wey carry mata put for my head no see me dey argue wit any-pesin for di worship-place, or see sey I dey cos katakata among plenty pipo for di worship-place, or for any-place for di city.

13. And dem no fit prove di mata wey dem dey carry put for my head now.

14. But I gree sey, I dey worship di God of awa papa-papa- papa, I dey follow di law of di Jews, and everitin wey dey for di Holy-books. I believe everitin wey agree wit di law, and wey dem write for di books of di prophets,

15. and I get di same hope for Baba-God just like dis men, sey di dead go rise up again—both good pipo plus wicked pipo.

16. So I dey always try to keep my mind clean for Baba-God, and man front.

17. “Afta I komot for many years, I come Jerusalem to carry gifts come meet my pipo wey poor, and to give offerings.

18. I dey mind my own business wen di pipo wey dey carry dis mata put for my head see me for di worship-place, plenty-pipo no bin dey wit me, and I no cos any wahala.

19. But e get some Jews from around Asia, wey suppose dey for here—wey suppose carry dis mata come meet you—if dem get any mata wit me.

20. Or make all dis ones wey dey for here tok di bad tin wey dem see sey I do wen I stand for front of di Council—

21. unless na one tin wey I tok wen I dey for dia front: ‘About di dead wey go raise up again, nahin make I dey for your front today for dis mata.’ ”

22. Naso Felix wey know dia way, con shift di case go anoda day. He con tok sey, “Wen Lysias di commander come, I go decide una mata.”

23. He tok sey make one soja dey guard Paul, but make he let am free small, and make he allow Paul padi take care of wetin Paul need.

24. Some days later, Felix come wit hin wife Drusilla wey be Jew. He sey make dem call Paul, he listen to am as he tok about di faith for inside Christ Jesus.

25. As Paul tok about goodness, self-control plus di judgement wey dey come, fear con catch Felix, naso he tok sey, “E don do for now! You fit dey go! I go sey make you come again wen I get chance.”

26. Felix bin dey hope sey Paul go settle am, so he sey make dem always dey call Paul to tok wit am.

27. Wen two years pass, Porcius Festus con take over from Felix, but becos Felix wan favour di Jews, he leave Paul for prison.


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