Acts Chapter 25

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Paul For Court Wit Festus

1. Three days afta he reach di area, Festus komot from Caesarea go Jerusalem,

2. Na for there di chief priests plus some of di leaders of di Jews come meet am, con tell am about di mata against Paul.

3. Dem sharp-sharp ask Festus for favour, sey make he transfer Paul come Jerusalem, becos dem dey plan to kill Paul as dem dey carry am come.

4. Festus con ansa dem, “Paul dey for Caesarea, e no go tey, me sef go go there.

5. Make some of una senior-men follow me. Make una carry di mata come there, if he don do any wrong tin.”

6. Afta Festus spend eight or about ten days wit dem, he go Caesarea, and di next day, he gada di court togeda, con tok sey make dem carry Paul come.

7. Wen Paul show, di Jews wey come from Jerusalem stand round am, con dey put plenty serious mata for hin head—mata wey dem no fit confam.

8. So Paul explain hin mata: “I neva do anytin wrong against di law of di Jews, or against di worship-place, or against Caesar.”

9. Festus wey like to do favour to di Jews, con tell Paul sey, “You ready to go Jerusalem—to go ansa your case for there wit me, for all dis mata wey dem put for your head?”

10. Paul con ansa am: “I dey for Caesar court like dis, where una suppose judge my mata. I neva do any wrong tin to di Jews as you sef know wella.

11. If I dey guilty, if I do anytin wey reach make dem kill me, I no go sey make dem no kill me. But if di case wey di Jews dey put for my head no be true, no-pesin get di right to carry me give dem. I appeal to Caesar!”

12. Afta Festus don reason wit hin council, he tok sey: “You don appeal to Caesar. You go go meet Caesar!”

Festus Consult King Agrippa

13. Some days later, King of Agrippa and Bernice con reach Caesarea to pay homage to Festus.

14. Since dem go spend plenty days for there, Festus reason Paul mata wit di king. He tok sey: “E get one man wey dey for here, wey Felix leave as prisoner.

15. Wen I go Jerusalem, di chief priests plus senior-men of di Jews carry mata put for hin head—con tok sey make I condemn am.

16. “I tell dem sey no be Roman custom to condemn pesin wey dem neva judge hin case, and he don get chance to defend hinsef.”

17. Wen dem follow me come here, I no delay di case, but I arrange di court di next day, con tok sey make dem carry di man enta.

18. Wen di pipo wey put mata for hin head stand up dey tok, dem no charge am wit any of di crime wey I dey expect.

19. Instead, dem get some argument wit am—about dia own religion, and about one man wey dem dey call Jesus—wey don die—and Paul claim sey he dey alive.

20. I no know how I wan take torchlight dat kain mata; so I ask am if he go like to go Jerusalem make dem judge di case for there.

21. Wen Paul make hin appeal sey he wan make di oba decide di mata, I tok sey make he dey for here until I go send am go meet Ceasar.”

22. So Agrippa tell Festus sey, “Me sef go like hear dis man.” Festus con ansa am sey, “Tomorrow you go hear am.” Paul

For Front Of Agrippa

23. Di next day Agrippa and Bernice come wit plenty levels, dem enta di court wit di senior officers, plus di bigmen for di city. Festus sey make dem carry Paul enta.

24. He con tok sey: “King Agrippa, plus everi-pesin wey dey for here wit us, una see dis man! Di whole Jews community don report hin mata to me, for Jerusalem and here for Caesarea, dem dey shout sey he no suppose dey alive.

25. I see sey he neva do anytin wey reach to kill am, but becos he make hin appeal to di Oba, I decide to send am go Rome.

26. But I no really get wetin I wan write to Hin Majesty about Paul. So I don carry am come meet all of una. And especially to meet you—King Agrippa, so dat afta you torchlight dis mata, I go get sometin wey I go fit write.

27. I tink sey e no make- sense to send prisoner wit-out any particular case for hin head.”


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