Acts Chapter 26

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Paul Defend Hinsef For Agrippa Front

1. Agrippa con tell Paul sey, “You get permission to tok for yoursef.” So Paul give dem sign wit hin hand, con start to dey defend hinsef:

2. “King Agrippa, na beta tin for me—sey I stand for your front today as I dey defend myself for di mata wey di Jews dey carry put for my head.

3. And naso, becos you know di Jews tradition well-well, and matas wey tie-wrapper. So I dey beg you make you hear me wit patience.

4. “Di Jews know di way I dey live—ever since wen I be small pikin, from di starting of my life for my own kontri, and even for Jerusalem.

5. E don tey wey dem don know me, and dem fit tok if dem want—sey based-on di most serious group of awa religion, I don live my life as Pharisee.

6. And now, na becos of my hope for wetin Baba-God don promise awa papa-papa-papa—nahin make me dey for court today.

7. Dis na di promise wey awa twelve tribes dey hope to see sey e come to pass—as dem dey serve Baba-God wit dia full-mind for day and night. Chai king, na becos of dis hope di Jew dey carry mata put for my head.

8. Why any of una dey fyne am hard to believe sey Baba-God raise di dead?

9. Mesef bin dey convinced sey I suppose do anytin possible to change-am-for di name of Jesus of Nazareth.

10. And nahin I do for Jerusalem. Wit di pawa wey di chief priests give me, I put many of God-pipo for inside prison, and wen dem kill dem, I support di pipo wey kill dem.

11. Many t imes, I go upandan from one worship-place to anoda—to punish dem, and I try to use gragra make dem curse Jesus. I carry di mata for head—to change-am-for dem, I even fyne dem go abroad—go show dem pepper. Paul

Preach To King Agrippa

12. “For one of dis journey, I dey go Damascus wit di authority of di chief priests wey send me.

13. Around afternoon, chai king, as I dey for road, I con see one light from heaven wey dey shine pass sun, di light dey shine round me and my padi.

14. All of us fall for ground, and naso I hear one voice wey tok sey, ‘Saul, Saul, why you dey show me pepper? E hard for you to kick sometin wey sharp’

15. I con ask, ‘Who be you, Oga?’ Oga Jesus con ansa me, “ ‘Na me be Jesus wey you dey show pepper.’

16. Now stand up. I don show-face to you, to turn you to my servant wey go tok wetin you don see about me, and wetin I go show you.

17. I go save you from your own pipo and from world-pipo. I dey send you go meet dem

18. to open dia eyes, and make you turn dem komot from darkness to light, and from di pawa of Satan to di pawa of Baba-God—so dat dem go receive forgiveness of sins, con be part of di holy-pipo by faith in me.’

19. “Naso e just be—King Agrippa, I no disobey di vision from heaven.

20. First to those pipo wey dey for Damascus, to those pipo for Jerusalem, for di whole Judea, and to di Gentiles sef (world-pipo). I dey preach so dat dem go fit repent, and make dem follow Baba-God, and confam sey dem don repent wit dia way of life.

21. Na wetin make di Jews hold me for di worship-place—con try to kill me.

22. But Baba-God don epp me till today, and so I dey stand for here dey tok to both small and great. I no dey tok anytin pass wetin di prophets and Moses tok sey go happun;

23. Christ go suffer, and as he be di first to raise up from di dead, he go tok about di light to hin own pipo, and to world-pipo.”

24. Naso Festus shuuk- mouth as he dey defend hinsef, he shout, “You don dey crase, Paul! Too much books don dey make you kolo.”

25. Paul con ansa am sey, “I no dey kolo, most excellent Festus. Wetin I dey tok na true and e make-sense.

26. Di king know about dis tins, and I fit follow am tok wit free mind. I dey sure sey he must know about dis mata, becos dem no do am for corner.

27. King Agrippa, you believe di prophets? I know sey you believe.”

28. Naso Agrippa tell Paul sey, “You tink sey you fit turn me to Christian now-now-now?”

29. Paul con tok sey, “Now- now-now or lata-lata—I pray to Baba-God sey make no be only you, but everi-pesin wey dey hear me dey tok today—turn to wetin I be, apart from dis chains.”

30. Di king, di govnor, and Bernice, plus those pipo wey dey sidon wit am—stand up.

31. Dem con komot from di room as dem dey tok wit demsef. Dem tok sey, “Dis man neva do anytin wey reach make dem kill am, or put am for prison.”

32. Agrippa con tell Festus sey, “I for free dis man if to sey he no appeal to Caesar.”


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