Acts Chapter 27

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Paul Follow WaterGo Rome

1. Wen dem decide sey we go move wit boat go Italy, dem carry Paul and some oda prisoners give one Roman officer wey dem dey call Julius, he belong to di Royal Army.

2. We enta ship from Adramyttium, for di coast around Asia, and we suppose stop for different ports along di coast for di area. Aristarchus wey be Macedonian from Thessalonica dey wit us.

3. Di next day, we land for Sidon; and Julius show Paul kindness, he allow am go meet hin padi, so dat dem go fit provide for wetin he need.

4. From there, we enta water again, and we con meet one heavy-breeze wey make am hard for di ship to move, so we move di boat pass di north of Cyprus—between di island and di mainland.

5. Wen we don move awa boat pass di big-river wey open wide—off di coast of Cilicia and Pamphylia, we land for Myra for Lycia.

6. For there, di commander con see one Egyptian ship wey dey move go Italy, so he carry us enta.

7. Naso we con dey move di boat small-small for plenty days, and e con hard for us to reach Cnidus. Wen di heavy-breeze no let us carry-go, we move di boat go Crete, opposite Salmone—so dat we go dey safe from di heavy- breeze.

8. Di journey rough as we dey move di boat along di coast. We con reach one place wey dem dey call Fair Havens, wey near di town of Lasea.

9. We don waste plenty time, and e con dey risky for us to move awa boat, becos by now, di day of fasting don already pass. So Paul warn dem.

10. “Men, I don see sey awa journey go get k-leg, and e fit make us lose di ship and di market wey we carry, and we sef fit die.”

11. But instead of di officer to listen to wetin Paul dey tok, he follow di advise of di sailor and di captain of di ship.

12. Since di area no good to stay for cold season, many of dem tok sey make we move di ship dey go—wit di hope sey we go reach Phoenix—con spend di cold season for there. Phoenix na safe place for boat [harbor], and e dey for Crete, e face south-west and north-west.

Di Strong-breeze

13. Wen one soft south breeze start to dey blow, dem tink sey dem don get wetin dem want; so dem pull di anchor, con dey move di boat along di shore of Crete.

14. E no too tey, di weather just sharply change, and one strong breeze—wey dem dey call “Northeast,” con dey blow come from di island to di big-river.

15. Di ship con enta di strong-breeze, and we no fit move against am, so we let di strong-breeze carry di ship dey go.

16. As we move di ship pass di safe side of one small island wey dem dey call Cauda, e con hard for us to secure di lifeboat.

17. Wen di men draw am enta di boat, dem pass rope under di ship esef to hold am togeda, becos dem dey fear sey di boat fit go hang for sand wey don gada under di water of Syrtis, dem drop di anchor of di big-river, [to slow di ship], con allow di ship dey move go.

18. And becos di strong- breeze don nack us upandan, di next day—dem start to dey throway tins inside water, so dat di ship go dey light.

19. For di third day, dem komot some part of di ship (di gear), con throway for water wit dia own hand.

20. Wen sun or star no gree show-face for many days and di strong-breeze still dey nack us, we con give up all hope sey we no go fit dey safe las-las.

21. Afta di men don dey for plenty days wit no food, Paul con stand up for dia front con tok sey, “Omo, una for hear my advice and una for no move di boat komot from Crete; and we for no face all dis kasala and loss.

22. But now I dey beg una make una get￾mind, becos no- pesin go kpeme; na only di ship go kpafuka.

23. For night one angel of Baba-God wey I belong to, and wey I dey serve—stand for my side,

24. con tell me sey, ‘No let fear catch you, Paul. You must stand for Caesar front; and Baba-God grace for you go keep all di pipo wey dey wit you for dis boat.”

25. So guys, make una get- mind. I believe Baba-God sey e go happun just as he tell me.

26. But water must first wreck us for one island.”

Di Boat Kpafuka

27. For di fourteenth night, as di Adriatic big-river dey move us dey go, for midnight, di sailor notice sey di boat don dey move go land.

28. Dem measure as di water deep reach, con see sey di water na about hundred and twenty feet deep. Small time, dem check di measurement again, con see sey na ninety feet deep.

29. As we con dey fear sey we go-go jam rock, dem drop four anchor from di back of di ship con dey pray sey make morning quick reach.

30. As we start to dey plan to escape from di ship, di sailor drop di lifeboat for di water, as if dem wan put anchor inside water from front of di ship.

31. Paul con tell di commander and di sojas, “All of una go kpeme unless dis men stay wit dis ship.”

32. So di sojas cut di ropes of di lifeboat con let am fall go.

33. Before morning reach, Paul beg dem make dem chop. He tok sey, “For di last fourteen days una mind don dey for up, and una neva chop food.

34. So I dey abeg una to chop small food. Una need am so dat una go fit survive. No one of una go lose one single hair from hin head.”

35. Afta he tok finish, he carry some bread, con give tanks to Baba-God for all of dem front. He cut am, con start to dey chop.

36. All of dem con get moral, con dey chop small small.

37. All togeda, we be 276 of us wey dey for di ship.

38. Wen dem don chop finish, dem con throway some of di market wey dem carry inside di water so dat di ship go dey light.

39. Wen morning reach, dem no know di land, but dem see one beach, na there dem con decide to park di ship if dem fit.

40. As dem cut di anchors, dem leave dem for di big-river, and dem loose di ropes wey dey hold di steering control (rudder). Naso dem raise di main-ship-cloth for di heavy-breeze, con dey move go di beach.

41. But di bottom of di ship hook for sand-sand for where two big-rivers meet. Di front of di boat con hook and no fit move, and di back of di boat break to pieces as di wave dey nack am.

42. Di sojas plan to kill di prisoners so dat any one of dem no go swim go—con escape.

43. But di commander wan be save Paul life, and he stop dem make dem no do wetin dem plan. He sey make those pipo wey fit swim jump enta water first so dat dem fit reach land.

44. Di rest of dem hold plank or pieces of di boat. Naso all of dem take reach land safely.


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