Acts Chapter 28

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Near Land For Malta

1. As we reach land safely, we notice sey
dem dey call di island Malta.

2. Di pipo wey dey stay di island show us
beta kindness. Dem build faya, and dem
welcome all of us, becos rain dey fall and
cold dey.

3. Paul gada some wood and as he dey put
am for faya, one viper snake wey di heat
pursue komot from di wood—con tie Paul

4. Wen di pipo wey dey stay for di island
see di snake dey hang for hin hand, dem con dey yarn demsef sey, “Dis man must be killer; even though he don escape from water, justice no wan gree make he dey alive.”

5. But Paul shake di snake komot enta inside di faya and notin do am.

6. Di pipo bin dey expect Paul to swell up, or just die, but afta dem wait well-well, con see sey notin strange happun to am, dem change dia mind con tok sey he be god.

7. One estate dey near—wey belong to Publius, di chief official of di island. He welcome us enta hin house, and he flex us wella for three days.

8. Hin papa dey sick for bed. He get fever, and hin belle dey purge am. Paul go see am for inside, and afta he pray, he lay hin hand on am, con heal am.

9. Wen dis one happun, di rest of di pipo wey dey sick for di island come meet Paul, and he heal dem.

10. Dem honour us wit different ways, and wen we don ready to move awa boat, dem give us wetin we need. We Reach Rome

11. Afta three months, we enta water wit one ship wey bin spend di cold season for di island. Na Alexandrian ship wit big wood carving of di ejima gods—Castor and Pollux.

12. We reach Syracuse, con stay there for three days.

13. From there, we move awa boat go reach Rhegium. Di next day, di south breeze show up, and di following day we reach Puteoli.

14. For there nahin we see some brodas wey invite us to spend one week wit dem. And so we con reach Rome.

15. Di brodas wey dey for there don hear sey we dey come, and dem travel far-far reach di Forum of Appius and di Three Taverns—to come meet us. As we see dis men, Paul tank Baba-God. He con get moral.

16. Wen we reach Rome, dem allow Paul stay alone wit one soja to guard am. Paul Preach For Rome As Dem Dey Guard Am

17. Three days later, he call di leaders of di Jews togeda. Wen dem gada togeda, Paul tell dem sey: “My bros, even though I neva do anytin against awa pipo, or against di tradition of awa ancestors, dem arrest me for Jerusalem con carry me give di Romans.

18. Dem observe me, and dem wan bin release me—becos I no do anytin bad, or commit any crime wey reach make dem kill me.

19. But wen di Jews no gree, I no get choice but to appeal to Caesar—no be sey I get anytin wey I wan sue my pipo for.

20. Na wetin make I tok sey I wan see una, to follow una tok. Na becos of di hope of Israel nahin dem chain me so.”

21. So dem ansa am, “We neva receive any letters from Judea about you, and none of di brodas wey come from there don tok anytin bad about you.

22. But we wan hear as you take dey reason, we know sey pipo for everi-where dey tok about dis group.”

23. Dem arrange to meet Paul one day, and plenty of dem come out—to di place wey Paul dey stay. From morning to evening, Paul dey explain and dey tok dem about Baba-God kingdom, and he try to convince dem about Jesus—from Moses law, and from di Prophets.

24. Some of dem dey convinced wit wetin he tok, but odas no gree believe.

25. Dem argue wit demsef, con start to dey komot afta Paul don tok hin last words: “Di Holy Spirit tok di truth to una papa- papa-papa wen he tok tru Isaiah di prophet:

26. “ ‘Go meet dis pipo make you tell dem sey, “Una go dey hear, but una no go ever understand; una go dey look, but una no go fit see deep.”

27. Dis pipo no-send for dia heart; e hard for dem to hear wit dia ears, and dem don close dia eyes. If not dem for see wit dia eyes, hear wit dia ears, understand wit dia heart—con repent, and I go heal dem.’

28. “So I wan make una know sey Baba-God don send hin salvation to world-pipo, and dem go listen!”

29. Afta Paul tok finish, di Jews waka komot, and dem con dey kwanta among demsef.

30. For two full years, Paul stay for there for hin own house wey he rent, and he welcome everi-pesin wey come see am.

31. He preach about Baba-God kingdom, con teach about Oga Jesus wit full-mind, and notin stop am.


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