Acts Chapter 3

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Peter Heal Beggar Wey Be Cripple

1. One day—around three o’clock for afta-noon, Peter and John dey go di worship-place for time wey dem take dey pray.

2. E get one man wey be cripple since dem born am, dem dey carry di man come di worship-place gate, wey dem dey call Beautiful—na for there dem dey put am everi day to beg those pipo wey dey enta di worship-place.

3. Wen he see Peter and John as dem wan enta, he ask dem for moni.

4. Peter and John look am straight. Peter con tok sey, “Look us well!”

5. So di man con dey look dem as he dey expect to collect sometin from dem.

6. Naso Peter tell am sey, “I no get silver or gold, but I go give you wetin I get. In di name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, waka.”

7. He hold hin hand, he epp am stand up, and sharp-sharp di man leg and ankle con ginger.

8. Naso he jump up, con start to dey waka. He follow dem enta di worship-place—dey waka, dey jump and dey praise Baba-God. 9. Wen all di pipo see am dey waka, and as he dey praise Baba-God,

10. dem notice sey na di same man wey dey sidon—dey beg for di worship-place gate wey dem dey call Beautiful, naso dem surprise for wetin happun to am.

Peter Follow Luku-luku Pipo Tok

11. As di beggar dey wit Peter and John, all di pipo surprise—con run meet dem for one place wey dem dey call Solomon Balcony for di worship-place.

12. Wen Peter see wetin happun, he tell dem sey: “Men of Israel, wetin dey make una surprise? Why una dey look us as if na awa pawa or goodness nahin we take make dis man waka?

13. Di God of Abraham, Isaac plus Jacob, di God of awa papa don raise hin servant Jesus. Una carry am give pipo wey kill am, and una bone am for Pilate front, even wen Pilate don already decide to free am.

14. Una fashi di Holy and Good One, con sey make dem release killer for una.

15. Una kill di Prince of life, but Baba-God raise am from di dead, and we see am wit awa korokoro eyes.

16. Wit faith in di name of Jesus, dis man wey una dey see so, and wey una know—don heal. Jesus name, and di faith wey dey follow am—nahin don give dis man full healing, as all of una dey see so.

17. “Now, brodas, I know sey una no bin know wetin una dey do, as una leaders sef do.

18. But naso Baba-God take confam wetin he don first use di prophets tok sey—Jesus go suffer.

19. Now, make una repent, and follow Baba-God, so dat una sins fit flush out, and so dat beta days go come meet una from Baba-God;

20. And he go send Jesus Christ, wey dem don preach to una before,

21. He must still dey heaven until di time reach, wey Baba-God go make everitin new, as he promise tey-tey—tru hin holy prophets.

22. Moses tok sey, ‘Baba-God go raise up prophet like me among una own pipo; una must listen to everitin wey he go tell una. 23. Any-pesin wey no listen to am go cut komot kpatakpata from among hin pipo.’

24. “ True-true, a ll di prophets from Samuel, and those prophets wey come afta am—all of dem don tok about dis days.

25. Una be di pikin-pikin- pikin of di prophets and di agreement wey Baba-God make wit una papa-papa-papa. He tell Abraham sey, ‘Tru your generation nahin all di pipo for earth go take receive blessing.’

26. Wen Baba-God raise hin servant up, he send am first to come meet una, to bless una by changing una from wicked ways.”


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