Acts Chapter 4

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Peter And John For Front Of Di Council

1. Di priests, plus di captain of di worship-place guard, and di Sadducees come meet Peter and John, as dem dey follow di plenty pipo dey tok.

2. Body con dey bite dem, becos di apostles dey teach pipo sey—dead pipo go raise up again, tru Jesus.

3. Dem con gbab Peter and John. Evening don reach by dat time, so dem put Peter and John inside prison until di next day.

4. But many pipo wey hear di message–believe, and di numba of men grow reach five thousand.

5. Di next day, di rulers, senior-men, plus teacher of di law meet for Jerusalem.

6. Annas wey be di high priest—dey for there, plus Caiaphas, John, Alexander and oda men from di high priest family.

7. Dem sey make dem bring Peter and John come dia front—con start to dey ask dem question: “Which pawa, or which name una take do dis tin?”

8. Naso Peter wey brekete wit di Holy Spirit, tell dem sey: “Rulers, plus senior-men of di pipo!

9. Una dey call us make we come explain awasef today—for di beta tin wey we don do for dis cripple, and una dey ask us how we take heal am?

10. I wan make all of una and di pipo of Israel know sey: Dis man wey stand for una front so, don heal tru di name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth wey una nail for cross, but wey Baba-God raise from di dead.

11. Nahin be, “ ‘Di stone wey builders fashi, wey con turn to di foundation stone.’

12. No oda pesin fit save you, no oda name dey among men for under heaven—wey fit save pipo.”

13. Wen dem see as Peter and John take get mind reach, con notice sey dem no go school, and dem be ordinary men, naso di senior-men and di oda pipo surprise—dem notice sey dis men bin dey wit Jesus.

14. But as di man wey dem heal stand for there wit dem, dem no con know wetin to tok again.

15. So di senior-men and di odas—tok sey make Peter and John go stand for one side first. Di senior-men plus di odas con do meeting.

16. Dem ask demsef sey, “Wetin we go do to dis men? Everi-pesin for Jerusalem know sey dem don do ogbonge miracle, and we no fit deny am.

17. We must warn dis men make dem no tell any-pesin about dis name—to stop dis kain tin—make e no go spread reach everi-pesin.”

18. Dem call Peter and John enta again, con command dem make dem no tok, or preach at all—wit Jesus name.

19. But Peter and John ansa dem sey, “Make unasef judge whether e dey right for Baba-God eyes—to obey una, instead of to obey Baba-God.

20. We no fit stop to dey tok about wetin we don see and wetin we don hear.”

21. So wen dem threaten Peter and John finish, dem free Peter and John las-las, becos dem no know how to punish dem, and becos all di pipo dey praise Baba-God for wetin happun.

22. Di man wey heal wit miracle don pass forty years.

Di Prayers Of God-pipo

23. As dem release Peter and John, dem go back to dia own pipo, con gist dem everitin wey di chief priests plus senior-men tell dem.

24. Wen dia pipo hear am, dem start to raise dia voice togeda, dey pray to Baba-God. Dem tok sey, “Oga, na you be Baba-God, wey make di heaven and earth, plus di big-river, and everitin wey dey inside dem.

25. You tok wit Holy Spirit, tru di mouth of your servant—awa Papa David: “ ‘Why di nations dey para, and di pipo dey waste dia time dey plan?

26. Di kings of di earth don decide, and di rulers gada togeda to change-am-for Baba-God, and di pesin wey He anoint.’

27. True-true, Herod and Pontius Pilate meet, togeda wit di Gentiles, plus di pipo of Israel—for di city, to plan bad tin against your holy servant—Jesus wey you anoint.

28. Dem do wetin your pawa and your will don decide tey-tey—wey go happun.

29. And now, Baba-God, reason as dem dey threaten us, and allow your servant tok your word wit full-mind.

30. Stretch your hand to heal, and do miracle signs, plus wonders, wit di name of your Holy servant—Jesus.”

31. Afta dem pray, di place wey dem dey do meeting con dey shake, naso dem brekete wit di Holy Spirit, con dey tok about Baba-God wit dia full-mind.

God-pipo Share Dia Properties

32. All God-pipo dey wit one heart plus one mind. No-pesin claim sey nahin get any of hin own property, but dem share everitin wey dem get.

33. Di disciples kontinu to tok about how Oga Jesus take raise up from di dead—wit ogbonge pawa, and Baba-God blessings burku for dia life.

34. No-pesin dey among dem wey owu dey blow. Everi time, pipo sell dia land or house, and dem bring di moni of wetin dem sell

35. to di disciples. Di disciples share am give pipo wey need tins.

36. Joseph na Levite from Cyprus. Di disciples dey call am (e mean son wey get moral).

37. He sell hin land, and he bring di moni to di disciples.


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