Acts Chapter 5

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Ananias And Sapphira

1. E get one man wey dem dey call Ananias, him and hin wife Sapphira, sell dia property.

2. Him and hin wife hide some part of di moni, but he carry di rest moni go meet di disciples.

3. Naso Peter tok sey, “Ananias, how e be sey Satan don brekete for your heart, sote you con lie to di Holy Spirit, and you code some part of di moni wey you collect for di land?

4. Abi no be you get di property before you sell am? And afta you don sell am, no be still your own moni? Wetin make you reason datkain tin? You no lie to men, but na Baba-God you lie to.”

5. Wen Ananias hear wetin Peter tok, he fall for ground, con kpeme. And all di pipo wey hear wetin happun—con dey fear well- well.

6. Naso some young men wrap hin body, dem carry am komot—go bury am.

7. Afta about three hours, hin wife con enta, she no know wetin bin sup.

8. Naso Peter ask her sey, “Tell me, na di moni wey una collect for di land be dis?” So she ansa, “Yes, na di moni be dat.”

9. Peter con tell her sey, “Why you agree to test Baba-God Spirit? See! Na di step of di men wey go bury your husband—dey for door so, and dem go carry you sef komot.”

10. Naso she fall for ground con kpeme. Di young men enta, and as dem see her deadbody, dem carry her go outside—con bury her near her husband.

11. So big fear catch di whole church, plus everi-pesin wey hear wetin happun.

Di Disciples Heal Plenty-pipo

12. Di disciples do plenty miracle signs, plus wonders among di pipo. And all God-pipo con dey meet togeda for Solomon Veranda.

13. No oda pesin get mind join, dem even though di pipo respect dem well-well.

14. No-do-no-do, more and more men plus women believe Baba-God, and dem con plenty more-more.

15. Becos of dat, pipo carry plenty sick pipo come street, dem lie down for bed and mats, so dat Peter shadow go cover some of dem—as he dey waka pass.

16. Plenty-pipo gada sef from all di towns wey dey around Jerusalem, dem bring dia sick pipo, plus those pipo wey evil spirit dey show pepper, and all of dem heal.

Dem Show Di Disciples Pepper

17. Naso di high priest plus all di members of di group of Sadducees—wey dey wit am, con dey vex.

18. Dem arrest di disciples, and put dem for prison.

19. But for night, Baba-God angel open di gate of di prison, con carry dem komot.

20. He tok sey, “Go stand for di worship-place, make you tell di pipo di full message of dis new life.”

21. Wen morning reach, dem enta di worship-place as di angel bin tell dem sey make dem do, and dem start to teach di pipo.Wen di high priest and hin pipo reach there, dem call di Council togeda, and di full meeting of all di senior-men of Israel. And dem send pipo go di prison—to bring di disciples.

22. But wen dem reach di jail, di sojas no see di disciples for there. So dem go back go report di mata.

23. “We see sey di gate dey locked, and di guards stand for di door, but wen we open am, we no see di disciples for inside.”

24. As dem hear wetin happun, di captain of di guards of di worship-place, plus di chief priests surprise. Dem dey wonder wetin don happun.

25. Naso one pesin just show, con tok sey, “See! Di men wey una put for inside prison dey stand for di worship-place—dey preach to pipo.”

26. So di captain wit hin officers go carry di disciples come. Dem no use gragra, becos dem fear sey di pipo fit stone dem.

27. As dem bring di disciples come, dem go meet di Council—make di high priest ask dem question.

28. Dem tok sey, “We warn una well-well make una no teach wit dis name, but una don spread dis una teaching for di whole Jerusalem, and una don decide to put dis man blood for awa head.”

29. Peter plus di oda disciples con tok sey: “We must obey Baba-God instead of men!

30. Di God of awa Papa raise Jesus from di dead—wey una kill and hang for cross.

31. Baba-God give am levels for hin right hand, as Prince and Saviour—so dat he go make di pipo of isreal repent, and he go forgive dem.

32. We be witness of dis tin, and naso be di Holy Spirit wey Baba-God don give those pipo wey obey am.”

33. Wen dem hear dis one, dem con dey vex, and even wan kill di disciples.

34. Gamaliel na Pharisee wey all di pipo respect, and he be teacher of di law. He stand for di meeting, con tok sey—make di men go one corner first.

35. He tell dem sey: “Men of Israel, make una reason dis tin wey una wan do to dis men well- well.

36. E neva too tey, Theudas show-face, con dey claim sey he be somebody. About four hundred men stand wit am. Wen dem kill am, all hin men scata, and everitin end.

37. Afta am, Judas di Galilean show-face fordi days of di census. Many pipo follow am, but dem kill am sef, and all hin followers scata.

38. So for dis present mata, I dey advise una: Make una free dis men! Make dem dey go! If wetin dem come for—na from man, dem go fail.

39. But if na from Baba-God, una no go fit stop dis men; una go only see sey una dey fight Baba-God.”

40. Wetin he tok con make dem reason di mata. So dem call di disciples enta, con flog dem. Dem sey make dem no tok about di name of Jesus again, con free dem.

41. Di disciples komot from di Council, con dey happy sey dem don disgrace dem becos of di name of Jesus.

42. Day by day, for inside di worship-place, and from house to house, dem no stop to dey teach and tok di good news sey—Jesus na di Christ.


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