Acts Chapter 6

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As Dem Take Choose Di Seven

1. For those days, wen di numba of disciples don dey burku, di Grecian Jews wey dey among dem complain about di Hebraic Jews, becos dem no dey look dia widows face—wen dem dey share food everi day.

2. So di twelve disciples gada all di plenty disciples togeda, con tok sey, “E no go dey right if we fashi di teaching of Baba-God word, con dey serve food.

3. Brodas, make una choose seven men among una, wey pipo respect, and wey full wit di Spirit, plus wisdom. We go carry dis work put for dia hand,

4. so dat we go fit put-mind for prayer and teaching of Baba-God word.”

5. Dis idea make di whole group happy. Dem choose Stephen, man wey brekete wit faith and Holy Spirit; plus Philip, Procorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, and Nicolas from Antioch wey be convert to Judaism.

6. Dem show dis men to di disciples, wey pray, and lay dia hands on dem.

7. Baba-God word con dey spread. Di numba of disciples for Jerusalem start to dey burku sharp- sharp, and naso plenty priests start to dey obey di faith.

Dem Gbab Stephen

8. Now Stephen, na man wey brekete wit Baba-God grace and pawa. He do ogbonge wonders, and miracles among di pipo.

9. Some pipo con change-am-for am—some members of di worship-place wey dem dey call ‘Freedmen’—Jews from Cyrene, Alexandria, and around Cilicia and Asia. Dis men start to dey follow Stephen argue,

10. but dem no fit reason reach di level of Stephen wisdom, or di Spirit wey he dey use tok.

11. Dem codedly beg some men make dem tok sey, “We don hear Stephen dey bad-mouth Moses and Baba-God.”

12. So di senior-men plus di teachers of di law ginger di pipo. Dem catch Stephen, con carry am go meet di Council.

13. Dem bring some pipo—wey con blow lie for hin head sey, “Dis man no wan gree stop to dey tok against dis holy place, and against di law.

14. We don hear am tok sey, dis Jesus of Nazareth go dabaru dis place, and change di custom of Moses wey awa papa-papa-papa give us.”

15. Everi-pesin wey sidon for di Council look Stephen well- well, con see sey hin face dey shine like angel face.


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