Acts Chapter 7

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Stephen Tok Wit Di Council

1. Di high priest ask am, “Dis tin wey dem dey tok na true?”

2. So Stephen ansa: “My brodas and Fadas, make una hear me well! Di God wey get levels show-face to Abraham awa papa, wen he still dey for Mesopotamia, before he stay for Haran.

3. Baba-God tell am sey, ‘Komot from your kontri and your pipo, and make you go one land wey I go show you.’

4. “Naso Abraham komot from di land of di Chaldeans, con settle down for Haran. Afta hin papa die, Baba-God send am to dis land—where una dey stay so.

5. So he no give am any part of dis land, no be even one small piece of land. But Baba-God promise am sey, him and hin pikin-pikin-pikin go collect di land, even though Abraham no bin get pikin dat time.

6. Baba-God follow am tok like dis: ‘Your pikin-pikin- pikin go be jjc for kontri wey no be dia own, and dem go be slave. Dem go treat dem anyhow for four hundred years.

7. But I go punish di nation wey turn dem to slave, las-las dem go komot from dat kontri, and dem go worship me for dis place.’

8. So Baba-God give Abraham di agreement of circumcision. Abraham born Isaac, he circumcise am afta eight days wen dem born am. Isaac born Jacob, and Jacob con be di papa of di twelve palee of Israel pipo.

9. “Becos di oda palee dey jealous dia broda Joseph, dem sell am as slave go Egypt. But Baba-God dey wit am,

10. and he save Joseph from all hin palava. He give Joseph wisdom—wisdom wey epp am get favour from Pharaoh—King of Egypt; so Pharaoh make am ruler for everi-where for Egypt and hin palace.

11. Hungry con nack di full Egypt plus Canaan. Di hungry cos serious suffer-head, and all awa palee no see food chop.

12. Wen Jacob hear sey food dey for Egypt, he send awa palee make dem first go visit.

13. Wen dem go there again, Joseph tell hin brodas who he be, so Pharaoh con know Joseph family.

14. Afta dis, Joseph sey make dem carry hin papa and hin full family—come meet am. All of dem na seventy five.

15. Naso Jacob go Egypt—where him and dem awa palee die.

16. Dem carry dia body come back to Shechem, and dem bury dem for di grave wey Abraham buy from di sons of Hamor and Shechem for some kain amount of moni.

17. “As di time start to dey reach wen Baba-God suppose make hin promise come to pass for Abraham, awa pipo wey dey for Egypt don already dey burku.

18. Naso anoda king wey no know Joseph, con be di ruler of Egypt.

19. He treat awa pipo anyhow, he oppress awa papa- papa-papa as dem use gragra make dem throway dia small pikin wey dem just born—so dat dem go kpeme.

20. “Na dat time dem born Moses, and he be fine pikin for Baba-God eyes. He grow for hin papa house for three months, and hin mama take care of am well- well.

21. Wen dem put Moses outside, Pharaoh daughter con carry am, so she take care of am like her own pikin.

22. Dem teach Moses all di wisdom of Egypt, and he con sabi tok and do tins well-well.

23. “Wen Moses reach forty years, he reasonsey make he visit hin fellow Israelite.

24. He see as one Egyptian dey treat one Israelite anyhow, so he go defend am, naso he kill di Egyptian.

25. Moses tink sey, hin own pipo go reason sey na Baba-God dey use am to save dem, but dem no reason am like dat.

26. Di next day, Moses see two Israelite wey dey fight. He try to settle dem, he tell dem sey ‘Guys, una be brodas; why una wan wound unasef?’

27. “But di man wey dey fight di oda man push Moses komot, con tok sey, ‘Nawa oh, who turn you to awa ruler, or judge for awa mata?

28. Abi you wan kill me as you take kill di Egyptian yesterday?’

29. Wen Moses hear wetin he tok, he run go Midian, na for there he con dey stay like jjc, and he born two sons.

30. “Afta forty years don pass, angel show-face to Moses for inside faya wey dey burn for bush, for inside di desert—near Mount Sanai.

31. Wen he see am, he surprise for wetin he dey see. As he go front go look am well, he hear Baba-God voice: ‘

32. ‘Na me be di God of your papa-papa-papa, di God of Abraham, Isaac plus Jacob.’ Fear con catch Moses and he no even try look am.

33. “Baba-God con tell am sey, ‘Komot your shoe from your leg; where you dey stand so—na

34. I don see as dem dey oppress my pipo for Egypt. I don hear dia cry, and I don come down to free dem. Now come, I wan send you go back to Egypt.’

35. “Dis na di same Moses wey dem pursue komot wit dia words, ‘Who make you ruler and judge?’ Di angel wey show-face to am for inside di bush, tell am sey Baba-God hinsef nahin send am to be dia ruler—and to save dem.

36. He carry dem komot from inside Egypt, he do wonders and miracle signs for Egypt, for di Red sea, and for forty years for inside di desert.

37. “Dis na dat Moses wey tell di Israelite sey, ‘Baba-God go send una one prophet like me, from una own pipo.’

38. He dey for desert wit Baba-God pipo—wey be awa papa-papa-papa, wen angel follow am tok for Mount Sinai. And he receive di word of life wey he pass give us.

39. “But dem awa papa- papa-papa no gree obey am. Instead, dem shenk am, con dey reason sey dem wan go back to Egypt.

40. Dem tell Aaron sey, ‘Make gods for us—wey go dey for awa front. As for dis guy Moses, wey carry us komot from Egypt—we no know wetin dey worry am!’

41. Na dat time dem con make idol wey be like malu-pikin. Di pipo carry sacrifice give am—con dey worship wetin dem use dia hand make.

42. But Baba-God waka komot, con allow dem dey worship stars, sun, moon, and all those kain tins. Dem write am for di book of di prophets: “ ‘Una bring sacrifice and offering con give me for forty years wen una dey for desert, chai, house of Israel?

43. Instead, una carry Molech shrine, and di star of una god Rephan. Dis na idols wey una make to worship. So I go pursue una komot from di land—go Babylon.

44. “Awa papa-papa-papa carry di worship-place wit dem for inside di desert. Dem build am based-on di plan wey Baba-God show Moses.

45. Awa papa sef receive am, and dem carry am follow- body wit Joshua—enta di land wey dem collect as Baba-God pursue di Gentiles(world-pipo) komot.And di worship-place dey there until David time reach.

46. David see Baba-God favour, con ask Baba-God make he build worship-place for di God of Jacob.

47. But Solomon nahin con build di worship-place.

48. “But, di Most High God no dey stay for worship-place wey men build. As di prophet tell am sey:

49. Baba-God tok sey, “ ‘Heaven na my king-chair, and di earth na my stool. Which kain house una wan build for me?— Or where I go rest put?

50. No be my hand nahin make everitin?’

51. “Una wey be strong- head pipo, una heart and ears no know truth! Una just be like una papa-papa-papa: Una always no wan gree for di Holy Spirit!

52. Abi e get one prophet wey una papa-papa-papa no show pepper? Dem even kill those pipo wey tok sey di Saviour go show. And now una don betray am, con kill am.

53. Baba-God send angels to give una di law, and una no gree obey am.”

54. Wen dem hear wetin Stephen tok, dem vex for am seriously.

55. But Stephen, wey brekete wit di Holy Spirit—look up go heaven, naso he see Baba-God levels, and Jesus wey stand for Baba-God right hand.

56. He con tok sey, “See, I see heaven open, and Man-pikin dey stand for Baba-God right hand.”

57. Naso dem close dia ears—dey halla, dem con rush am,

58. dem drag am komot from di city, con start to dey stone am. Dem drop dia clothes for front of one young man wey dem dey call Saul.

59. As dem dey stone am, Stephen con pray, “Oga Jesus, receive my spirit.”

60. He kneel down—con halla, “Oga, no use dis sin hold dem.” Wen he tok finish, he con die.


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